My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 31 - Great God, Please Advise

Chapter 31: Great God, Please Advise

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From just that one strike by Mu Xuan, even the elders were left reeling. With a hint of pride and another indescribable emotion, the crowd followed him into the Majestic Palace.

Yao Si deliberately slowed down, tugging at Yao Qian. “Err… Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Did Mu Xuan really split the planet in half?”

“He did,” Yao Qian replied nonchalantly. After a moment, he added, “But the Thunder Sylvani clan has always had a vigorous vitality, even if their planet was split in half, the root system would still be alive.”

But she wasn’t asking about that…

“Mu Xuan… is he really a fourth generation bloodling?!” With just a casual strike, he was able to split a planet into two, something even first and second generation bloodlings weren’t able to do. Back then, a young second generation bloodling could only cause a minor crack at best.


“…” Were all the fourth generation bloodlings this amazing? She really needed to learn all the common knowledge of bloodlings.

“But…” Yao Qian seemed to have recalled something. “His Majesty is a little special.”

“Special?” In what way?

“His Majesty is the only one in our clan that managed to awaken the ancestral bloodline, so technically he isn’t considered to be the fourth generation.”

“Ancestral bloodline?!” What’s that? “Then is he…”

“The first generation!”


Did she unknowingly ask the most clueless person..?

“Come here.”

Mu Xuan led the crowd into the house with no intentions of making them feel welcome. He just waved towards Yao Si, signaling her in. When he saw her seated by the table, he brought a bowl of noodles over. “Eat while it’s hot.”

“Oh.” Yao Si reached for the bowl, but she couldn’t eat like this…

In front of her was a group of people standing in an orderly fashion, facing in the direction of Mu Xuan. The one at the very front was the ruler of the Thunder Sylvani.

Honestly, his human form was quite dashing. He had a head full of long green hair, which seemed as soft as a green grass, while his face was young and clean, just like that of a pretty boy from a cartoon strip. His appearance was nourishing to the eye.


Mu Xuan seemed to have forgotten about their existence, not giving them even a glance. Because of this, no one dared to speak, standing with their backs as straight as a rod and their heads lowered as though they had done something wrong and were awaiting punishment. For a moment, Yao Si felt as though she had accidentally entered the discipline master’s office.


Mu Xuan caressed her hair, reminding her, “Hurry and drink it.”

Yao Si felt embarrassed, yet if she didn’t finish the soup, she was sure that Mu Xuan would continue to disregard everyone else, hence she lowered her head to down the bowl. During it, no one said a word, and the sound of her drinking echoed in the silent room.

Gulp… Gulp… Gulp…

The whole thing was exceptionally embarrassing.

Is it necessary for there to be such a big audience when I’m just drinking soup?


Yao Si finished the bowl in just three gulps and placed it back down. Before waiting for Mu Xuan to ask, she said, “I’m full.”

Mu Xuan took a glance at her. Satisfied, he reached for the table, and the next moment the meal… No, the bowl and utensils disappeared. He seemed to think for a moment, and then the out of place vintage furniture transformed into the galactic state of the art equipment, and even the stool Yao Si had been sitting on became a velvety and lush crystal chair.

Mu Xuan turned to look at the group that was standing around. He frowned deeply and spat out, “Solve it yourself.”

Then, without offering them another glance, he opened his optical computer and sent Yao Si a few documents regarding the history of bloodlings. It was as though he had returned back to the parenting mode.

Yao Si stilled, glancing at the man in front of her. Was he not willing to solve his own problems yet found it too noisy and so offered them a space to talk things out instead of fighting?

Uh… Alright, it’s fatherly indeed!

“Your Majesty, Mu… Mu Xuan?” Thunder Sylvani ruler was trembling, but when he saw Mu Xuan’s disinterest, he sighed in relief. He’d better face anyone than Mu Xuan’s silent pressure. Thinking this, he turned sideways and looked towards the other elders, then took a deep breath and started to explain himself.

“Actually… I didn’t intend to start a war with the bloodlings.” If he’d known that the ruler of the bloodlings had awakened, no amount of courage would have brought him back to the Red Planet. “I only came with my clan because one of yours stole my ‘Royal Seed’. ”

“Rubbish!” the second elder snapped. “What ‘Royal Seed’, who doesn’t know that my clan has no interest in other kinds of food, why would we steal your Seed?”

“How would I know?” the ruler of Thunder Sylvani snapped back. “I personally saw the bloodling Qu Ze bringing it out. After chasing him through four galaxies, I landed here. Just a moment ago, I sensed that the ‘Royal Seed’ was seriously damaged.”

Visibly agitated, he added, “Everyone in the galaxy knows that my clan is born from the royal tree and each of us only have one descendant, ‘Royal Seed’.” Thunder Sylvani ruler tone deepened, tears streaming down his face uncontrollably. His face darkened, looking grieved and upset. “Your clan ruined my only ‘Royal Seed’, isn’t that equivalent to ruining my entire clan?”

“Qu Ze…” The elders froze, glancing at each other nervously. If it was anyone else, they could stand firm, but if it was him, the possibility of him being a thief was quite high.

“I know that the bloodlings are strong and I don’t intend to push the blame.” Thunder Sylvani ruler choked on his last words as he wiped his tears. “Now, I beg your clan to return my ‘Royal Seed’. Even if the shell is damaged, I won’t blame anyone and I’ll leave immediately. I’ll even be willing to repay ten times the worth of damage caused to the Red Planet.”

Shell is damaged?  Yao Si’s heart sank, and she reached for the broken purple little ball. “Are you… referring to this?”

Thunder Sylvani ruler turned. His eyes went wide, and his miserable shriek pierced the air. “My son!”

He pounced over to snatch the ball in her hands, totally disregarding Mu Xuan’s presence. He held the ball in his palms, staring at it as though witnessing a tragedy, tears pouring out of his eyes. “My son… My son… How did you get so hurt?” Abruptly, he lifted his head to glare at Yao Si. “It’s you!”

Yao Si jumped, startled by his murderous gaze. Subconsciously, she stumbled backwards, and the next moment she felt something touch her hand. Mu Xuan pulled her behind himself before turning to look at Thunder Sylvani ruler. “My cub… what’s wrong?” He spoke slowly, his tone so cold it seemed to drip icicles, freezing the air around him.

The entire room fell silent.

Thunder Sylvani ruler trembled, his legs softening. He almost fell to the ground, forgetting the tears he was shedding. The ruler of the bloodlings had a child, how could he have not known about it!

“Er… I just received that Seed,” Yao Si clarified. “I didn’t harm it. It just cracked randomly.”

“That’s impossible.” Thunder Sylvani ruler shook his head, his rebuttal as soft as that of a mouse. ” Not even a person with 3S ability can harm the shell of the Royal Seed, how could it… crack by itself?”

“I’m not sure exactly.” Yao Si frowned. “It was given to me by Qu Ze. Initially I wasn’t aware that it was your Royal Seed, so you’ll have to ask him for the specifics.”

Urgh, all in all, this was an incident caused by some crazy dude. Yao Si hadn’t expected that Qu Ze would harm her like that.

“My… My poor son.” Thunder Sylvani ruler hugged the Seed, bursting into tears once more. His dashing superior aura was already gone, and his entire soul was on the verge of a breakdown.

“Where’s the Great Elder?” Second Elder turned away, no longer able to watch the scene.

“He left the Red Planet early this morning.”

“It’s less than half a day ago, I’m sure he hasn’t yet left the R galactic radius, inform the customs to send the ship back.”

“Yes.” Third elder opened his optical computer to investigate. The next moment, his face paled. “The ship escorting the Great Elder has already left our galaxy.”

“What! Confirm his location and chase him back.”

“The ship disappeared once it left the galaxy.”


Second Elder felt a coming headache, yet he couldn’t determine whether it was because of anger or because of the endless sobbing of Thunder Sylvani ruler. He took a deep breath before saying gravely, “Thunder Sylvani ruler, if it’s true, then our clan will take full responsibility. We’ll get in contact with the Great Elder to investigate this issue.”

“No!” Before Thunder Sylvani ruler could even reply, Mu Xuan interrupted, glancing lightly at the crowd. “It’s too troublesome!”

With a wave of his hand, the air seemed to converge, turning into a vortex, and a black hole appeared out of a sudden. Within it, a figure soon took shape.

“Space summoning!” the Second Elder shouted out, his eyes wide in awe.

Mu Xuan lowered his hand, and the figure fell out from the black hole.

“Aah!” it shrieked painfully, and a certain culprit that was said to have disappeared a few million light years away landed on the floor.

The crowd stared in silence.



“Could you teach me that move?”


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