My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 30 - Inter-species Melee

Chapter 30: Inter-species Melee

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As soon as the voice ceased talking, the ground trembled again as if experiencing a magnitude 10.0 earthquake. The sky that was initially sunny slowly darkened like something was shrouding it.

“The Emperor of the Thunder Sylvani!” Fourth Elder exclaimed as he paced in the courtyard. With a face filled with confusion, he looked up at the sky. “Why is he here?”

Who the hell is the Emperor of the Thunder Sylvani?  Yao Si couldn’t stop her curious self from walking to the side as well and raising her head to follow his line of sight.

Such… Such a monstrous tree! (⊙ o ⊙ )

An enormous planet from god-knows where was now looming over them. It was extremely close and was almost covering the entire sky, blocking the sunshine and leaving behind pitch black darkness. It seemed like at any moment now it was going to collide with the Red Planet.

However, the strangest thing was that this come-from-god-alone-knows-where planet was mostly a towering tree. Its coarse roots enveloped the entire planet, and its luxuriant foliage seemed to coat the planet in a shell of green.

Was the Emperor of Thunder Sylvani referring… to the entire planet?!

“Qu Ze, show your face!”

Thunderous roars came again, echoing like they were coming from the interior of the planet itself. The speaker’s voice was deep and strong, bringing with it a wave of raging gale that blew over the entire Red Planet, making the surrounding buildings squeak under the force.

“Emperor of the Thunder Sylvani!”

Fourth Elder knotted his brows, and his face that was sullenly pale moments ago was instantaneously ignited with color. His body was soon encircled by some sort of air movement, and then his entire person was lifted off the ground. As he flew towards the oncoming planet, he cried out, “Was your race given permission to invade our Red Planet’s territory? Are you seeking war with our kind?”

“Humph!” The tree-shaped planet moved and the voice rang out again. “Other people may fear you Bloodlings, but we Thunder Sylvani don’t. If you don’t hand Qu Ze over to me, I will bury your Red Planet along with my son.”

Oh shoot, Qu Ze!  Why was it him again? What trouble did he bring this time for someone’s entire planet to seek vengeance at their door?

“Such a boastful tone,” Fourth Elder sneered. “You’re only a race with a Tripple-S capability, you think our Red Planet is afraid of you?”

“Four.” Just as Fourth Elder finished talking, there was the voice of Second Elder correcting him.

Yao Si took a closer look. Since when had all the elders who were supposed to be in the Elders’ Committee flown to the sky. Not only that, the sky was actually filling up with numerous people of her kind. The sky was soon so thickly dotted with them that it became impossible to count them.

Ummm… Is flying one of Blodlings’ skills? If so, the why doesn’t she know how to fly! (╥﹏╥)

“Stop wasting your breath.” Second Elder rolled his eyes at the planet above. “If he had the guts to invade our Red Planet, then we should teach him why the Red Planet is so red!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sky filled with incessant cheers.

“No matter how far away they are, those who offend my kind will pay!”

“Hit him! Coming to our door asking for a beating, we will certainly fulfill you wish!”

“Indeed, who even are those Thunder Sylvani, daring to come and boast before our Red Planet.”

“You Thunder Sylvani are the first ones brave enough to challenge our Red Planet in thousands of millions of years. It would be an injustice to you if we didn’t leave you with some memorabilia!”

Everyone had a word or two, making the already intense situation even more serious. Suddenly, it seemed like war was inevitable.

Yao Si watched on with confusion. Hey, hey, hey, is this going to be a war? No way! Don’t you need to clarify things first? Or formulate a battle plan before we get started? This is war you’re talking about!

And what on earth is this spirit of joy that’s among everyone as if it’s the Lunar New Year celebrations? Isn’t this war? Why are you guys making it feel like a gang fight! Solemn up, hey!

“I haven’t exercised like this for centuries, I must beat him so he can’t even find a single root attached to him anymore.”

“Fight! Beat the sh*t out of him.”

“I will get started, you are all free to follow.”

“What, how dare you steal my first!”

Right… As long as you’re all happy!


“You-You have pushed me too far!”

The gigantic tree became even more enraged. Its branches shook, and numerous giant green spheres flew out. Once they got closer, growing larger in size, they appeared to be warships with indistinct figures crowded on them.

“Avenge my son!” the tree commanded.

Immediately, tens of thousands of light rays shot out from the spherical battleships, aiming right at the crowd of bloodlings. Wherever the rays passed, the rumbling of collapsing building followed. At that moment, the entire city filled with flying dust.

Oh shoot, they really started to fight!

Bloodlings didn’t hold back either. One could even say that they were a little… no, very excited. All kinds of special abilities entered the field of battle in turns, all being thrown at the spherical battleships. Suddenly, the scene before Yao Si’s eyes turned in to pure chaos.

Yao Si couldn’t feel any sadness for what was happening. She even wanted to taunt the opponents. This was a completely undisciplined, disorganized, “rush in and fight” kind of battle. With such a set up, Bloodlings… couldn’t really suffer any losses.

○| ̄|_

Thunder Sylvani’s green spherical battleships were armed with weapons of mass destruction, but Bloodlings who relied solely on their bodies still tied up the game. Neither side gained any advantages in the exchange, but all the buildings in the city were getting destroyed at a rapid pace. Some were even being smashed by the battleships that Bloodlings knocked out from the sky.

Yao Si couldn’t tell if it was just an illusion, but no matter how heated the battle above her became, all the attacks seemed to purposefully avoid the Majestic Palace. Not even a single plant was touched.

“Bloodlings!” The giant tree suddenly howled, and from between the tree’s roots emerged a battleship that was twice as big as the ones before it. “As long as we Thunder Sylvani exist, we will not let any of your kind walk in this Galaxy!”

The speaker seemed to be even angrier, their voice many times louder than before. Its sharpness threatened to pierce Yao Si’ eardrum, so she raised her hands in reflex to cover her ears, but someone else was on it before her. He blocked the raging roar for her.

“Mu Xuan?” Why did he come out as well?

He didn’t respond, but his brows knotted and his already cold face cooled down by a few more degrees.

He suddenly released one hand and waved it at the sky. Immediately, a flash of white light flew out of his palm. It grew at the touch of wind, extending across to the sky toward the tree planet which was in mid-air.

All Yao Si heard was the sound of something tearing, followed by a series of thunderous clamors, and the planet which was bigger than the Red Planet and could cover its sky, blocking out the sun, was instantly split into two, along with the tree atop it.

Only then did Mu Xuan coldly spit out a word, “Noisy.”

Yao Si, “…”

Bloodlings, “…”

Thunder Sylvani, “…”

The battle that was in full swing a few moments ago immediately fell into an eerie silence.

Mu Xuan casually retraced his hand and took the opportunity to caress the top of Yao Si’s head. His expression softened. “Are you full?” he asked. Why are there always some simpletons that come and interrupt his offspring when she’s eating her breakfast, don’t they know she’s only just a cub?

“Huh? Fu-Full… I am!”

“Okay.” He nodded. “Go back and drink some soup, it helps with digestion.” After Mu Xuan finished speaking, he turned and walked back into the house.

“… Right.”

When he was at the door, it seemed like he remembered something. His footsteps stopped, and he looked up at the tree planet that had been split in two and said, “If you’re not dead, then come down, I have something to ask you.”

The sliced-in-two tree froze and stopped breaking apart. Its two halves trembled, showering the whole city with leaves. “Ye-ye-yes! The lord of Blo-bloo-bloodlings… Your Majesty…”

Compared to the confident war-cry, this response was more like something that a timid wife would say. The next moment, the planet glowed with an intense green light, and the tree that was covering it disappeared, replaced by a man dressed in green.

The inter-racial war thus ended in this kind of a bizarre way. It was as if the flame within everyone was suddenly extinguished, and no dared to move anymore.

A confused Yao Si stood with her mouth open. What had just happened here?

Who am I, where am I?

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