My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 29 - Your Majesty Please Come to Your Senses

Chapter 29: Your Majesty Please Come to Your Senses

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What kind of experience was suddenly having another father? Yao Si believed it was an experience that you would literally die for.

“Ummm Dad… Father! I’m in good health, no problems like sleepwalking.”


“I was an orphan since I was young, I’m used to being alone and I’m not afraid of the dark.”


“Although I’m a Bloodling newborn, I’m a Blue Planet adult.”


“Then…” She inhaled deeply. “Can you not constantly stand near the bedside and stare at me while I’m sleeping?”

It was terrifying to wake up every single time to find someone staring at you from your bedside, okay? And one stare could last for an entire night. It didn’t matter how politely she asked him to leave, either, he would come back the next moment.

“Aren’t you tired?”

He shook his head.

You’re not tired, but I am!

“I have just hibernated for two hundred years,” he answered slowly. He was simply scared that he would lose this newborn cub of his that he’d taken him so long to find.

Yao Si’s facial muscles twitched. And I’ve slept until a planet died!


He extended his hand and caressed her head, diverting the topic. Although there were no obvious expression on his face, yet he looked extremely gentle, as if treating some fragile object.

The rage that had filled Yao Si’s entire body suddenly extinguished. She took a glance at the sky outside—it was completely brighten by now. Alright, eating is more urgent.

After quickly washing up, she followed Mu Xuan downstairs to eat. She took a seat on one of the chairs. They had returned really late last night, so she hadn’t paid much notice to her surroundings. This was then the perfect opportunity to survey the house of this daddy of hers that had come out of nowhere.

Whether it was the room that Yan Qian had arranged for her to live in or the place that she had lived afterwards, compared to those high-tech houses that could be seen everywhere, this place seemed surprisingly – retro.

No matter if it was the tables and chairs, or the couch, end table, and TV cabinet, everything looked normal to her eyes, so normal that she thought she had returned to the Blue Planet from before. Every furnishing was a common item she could have seen in her era.

“This place…” Yao Si paused, not certain how to continue.

“I thought these… They would be more familiar to you,” Mu Xuan said while passing a bowl of blood curd over. He omitted the part about him spending the entire last night reading up on the life of the Blue Planet.

“Thank you.”

So these were specially for her. Yao Si had been an orphan since she was really young, so no one had ever done something like this for her. She suddenly felt something warm flowing into her heart. Her nose began to grow sore and thoughts about a random father not being that bad of an idea began to appear, but…

“Can you not use a tea pot to hold blood curd?”

“…” Mu Xuan’s hand stiffened. Tea pot? Did he remember incorrectly?

“And that’s an end table, not a statement piece. Why is it standing in the middle?”


“If I’m seeing it correctly, then that’s a shoe cabinet, so why are there so many books in there? Besides, don’t you think it’s a little tilted?”


“And the table we dine on is a computer desk? There’s even a drawer for a keyboard!”


One certain individual who really wanted to bond with his descendant endured ten thousand points of damage. It had been too long, he had already forgotten the correct usage of all the antiques, so what should he do? Urgent, waiting online for reply!

The dining room became eerily quiet.

Until the door bell rang…

Only then did that certain individual started breathing again. He calmly set down the tea pot in his hand and walked towards the door. His pace was brisk, as if he was escaping something.

The fourth elder, who had lost in the drawing lot after sending Qu Ze away from the Red Planet early in the morning, rushed over to admonish His Majesty so he would come to his senses. When the door opened and he raised his head, he saw that His Majesty’s face clearly revealed that he was not in a good mood.


His Majesty actually opened the door for himself… It couldn’t be because he had found out about his intentions and was warning him in advance, could it? His ankles immediately weakened and he found himself almost turning around and rushing back to the Elders’ Committee.

“Your…Your…Your Majesty!”

“Something wrong?” Mu Xuan adjusted his expression and instantly returned to his usual unchanging iceberg face, while cold air began to radiate off him without his conscious thought.

The fourth elder’s legs began to shake even more violently. “No… No, it’s nothing major.” So he had really been found out, certainly so!

“Hum, why have you come then?” Yao Si, carrying a bowl in her hands, came to peep through the door. While walking over, she pondered for a long time but still couldn’t remember the other’s name. “I remember you’re the second… third… fourth elder, or was it…” The fifth?

“Your Highness…” Before she could finish her sentence, the fourth elder had already turned on the ‘groupie mode’—his face filled with excitement and his eyes began to sparkle. “Although we only had the fortune of meeting once, you still remember that I am the fourth elder, I am so moved!”


Yao Si awkwardly set down the bowl in her hands. She really didn’t remember, and she didn’t think she could be blamed for it, there were just way too many elders! The short couple days were not enough for her to put them all in her memory. “Why have you come so early in the morning then, it can’t be because… Has the house already been repaired?” Her first thought was that he had come for the house.

“House?” The fourth elder was stupefied, and his face filled with confusion. After some time, he finally thought of something, were the eyes that looked at him filled with a silent plea? Was Her Highness hinting that… she wanted to leave the Majestic Palace? He knew it, Her Highness was indeed being forced. She was now seeking his help.

As a qualified elder, he couldn’t fall short of Her Highness’ expectations and had an even greater obligation to warn His Majesty not to fall even deeper.

He took a deep breath in and stepped forward, planning out his rescue mission. “Your Highness, I am indeed here to notify…”

Before he could finish, he suddenly felt his body growing light, until he was almost hanging in the air. When he raised his head, he collided with a pair of eyes that were so cold that it looked as if they were two ice crystals. Every word His Majesty said was like a knife that stabbed the fourth elder right in to the heart. “If you have something to say, say it here!” That’s my cub, why are you moving so close to her?

The fourth elder’s legs trembled, and the courage he had just built up was drained clean with a hiss.

When he one person lacking self-consciousness lifted someone up, he didn’t forget to turn around and remind his cub, “Finish your breakfast, don’t waste food.”

“Oh.” Yao Si, on reflex, walked back to the table and swiftly finished the bowl in a few gulps. Then she walked back. “Fourth elder, what did you want to notify me about?”

“No… No… Notify…” His Majesty’s eyes are so scary! He’s angry! He must be angry!“No… Notify you that Qu Zhe left the Red Planet two hours ago.” Sorry Your Highness Yao Si , the fourth elder apologized in his mind. He really didn’t dare to expose His Majesty right now!

“Right.” She had thought that he had came for the repairing costs!


Yao Si would have never thought that the Elders’ Commitee would be so efficient in doing things. Just yesterday Yao Qian had told her of the ways to deal with Qu Zhe, and today the person had already left. She took a look at the fourth elder who was before her and saw that he seemed about to pass out. He must have had headaches about Qu Zhe as well.

“Thank you for coming all this way to notify me.”

“You’re… You’re welcome!” She didn’t even blame him for not helping her escape her situation. What a kind highness she was—and how upsetting and dreadful the situation!

“Anything else?” Mu Xuan suddenly added indifferently. Interrupting my cub dining, what happens if she gets indigestion? →_→

“No no no… Nothing else!” The fourth elder trembled, wanting to disappear right at this moment. He turned around and wanted to dash away madly, but suddenly he remembered something. He took out a purpose orb and passed it over to her. “Right, Your Highness, Qu Zhe said that this was something you gave him to take care of, so I brought it along for you.”

Yao Si was dumbstruck. “I didn’t give him anything to take care of?” When she took a closer look,  Huh! Isn’t it the orb that was surrounded by the Gluttonys in that forest?  Why was Qu Zhe giving it to her ?

When she casually took it into her hands, the purple orb suddenly made a brittle sound, cracking right through the middle.

“…” Yao Si immediately had a bad feeling.

Just as she expected, the next moment a thunderous roar rang out. The ground trembled, and a voice filled with rage came from the sky, reaching every single corner of the Red Planet.

“Qu Zhe, I will make you pay for my son’s life!”


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