My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 35 - Boss, Pamper Me

Chapter 35: Boss, Pamper Me

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Mu Xuan wasn’t pleased, seemingly because of the advertisement. Even though his expression remained impassive, Yao Si could feel a suppressed pressure surrounding her.

Ever since he woke up from his hundred years hibernation he had been trying to educate her, so he had never once left the Red Planet. And so he was oblivious to how the advertisements outside had been using his name. Growth vaccination, beauty cream, space button aside, there was even a marriage agency now! And the worst part? He wasn’t being paid!


Yao Si felt an impulse to claim back her rights.

“Do you like this?” When Mu Xuan noticed Yao Si being motionless, he bent down to glance at the flower advertisement that was about to disappear. He suggested, “Let’s take a look then.”

“Ah?” She was just shocked into a daze by the abruptness of the advertisement!

Mu Xuan held onto her hand, leading her towards the right side of the street. It was different from the shopping streets in Blue Planet, for there wasn’t any architecture along the streets, instead it was filled with neat rows of lit up screens. The screen that they were heading towards had the words – Virtual Space, two simple big big words.

Space? Were they to referring to the space button? Honestly, she was indeed curious and wanted to clear her doubts.

Just as Yao Si was still contemplating which store it was, Mu Xuan led her into one. The floor below them started to gleam, and cubes, which covered the space of around half a square meter, lit up and started to raise, sending them upwards at a high speed.

Wa! Was this the galaxy’s elevator? Yao Si glanced around with interest. There were indeed a few others ascending just like them. In less than a minute, they entered the clouds, which were particularly dense around there, and she could feel the thick layer of fog brush past her. This lasted for about a whole minute, and once they left it the sight was blinding.

Blocks and blocks of buildings Yao Si had never seen before appeared before her eyes—some of them were tall and had crystals on them, while others were weirdly shaped. Compared to the bloodling architecture which was influenced by the ancient Blue Planet, this one was much more diverse and unconventional. The designs here were such that she’d never seen before, and there didn’t seem that here existed a building that one couldn’t build. Instantly, Yao Si felt as though she’d entered a fairy tale land.

The glow below her feet brought her to a towering palace. In contrast with the novel architecture surrounding it, this building seemed more majestic and vintage looking, emitting a vibe of luxury.

Mu Xuan held onto her hand, leading her into the building. The moment they entered, the scenery changed once more, and they were surrounded by a field of flowers and greenery. It was as though they had entered a botanical garden and not a shop; all around them were unfamiliar looking flowers at full bloom. Their senses were attacked by their competing aromas.

Yao Si’s first thought was…  Mmh, the shops here must have splurged on their renovations.

“Welcome,” a young lady at their right greeted. She had a human form and was wearing a green uniform, but behind her were nine huge snowy tails, and two pointy ears were on her head. She reminded Yao Si of a nine-tailed fox. “I’m your shop assistant Xiao Lin, happy to be at your service. What are you looking for? Is it storage components, machine equipment, or biological space?”

What was she saying? Yao Si looked towards Mu Xuan in confusion.

“Storage components,” he replied on her behalf.

“Sure.” The shop assistant nodded with a faint smile, then pointed towards a flower bush at the side. “Please come this way.”

Mu Xuan held onto Yao Si’s hand, trailing behind the shop assistant. The flowers squeezed to the side as though they had received an order, forming a walkway toward the white street ahead. What was surprising was that there wasn’t any trace of soil when they left.

Yao Si was particularly intrigued by the fact that even the flowers had a mind of their own. But she wasn’t sure if they were real, so, mimicking Qu Ze’s past actions, she couldn’t resist reaching to caress a red flower, pulling lightly on it.

A sudden cry pierced the air, startling Yao Si.

“Aiya, it hurts!”

The blossoming flowers suddenly turned in unison towards the direction of the cry, akin to a crowd seeking out a scandal

Yao Si just stared at them.

And Mu Xuan stared speechlessly at her.

The most horrifying awkward silence followed.

○| ̄|_

The flowers can talk? Are they shop assistants and not ornaments? But she had never read about such a race…

“Miss, I see you like the whispering flower, too,” The professional shop assistant hurriedly spoke up, resolving the tension in the air. “The whispering flowers have low pain tolerance, and they’ll cry out the moment someone touches them. Miss, if you really like them, we’ll give you one.”

“Hehehe… Thank- thank you, but it’s fine.” So the flowers were the shop’s alarm system… This was so embarrassing, but luckily she had just touched the flower… Lack of knowledge could really kill her.

Yao Si kept her hands to herself from then on, holding onto Mu Xuan as they ventured deeper into the store. The shop assistant brought them to a lake, where she lightly caressed the waters, seemingly activating something. Moments after, the water in the lake suddenly lifted, forming a screen in front of them, which bubbled for a while before clearing out. There an image then appeared.

The shop assistant started to introduce the objects on the screen, explaining the uses and benefits in detail. When she was done, she asked, “There are many storage components in the store, both biological and non-biological ones. Which would you prefer?”

Yao Si turned to look at Mu Xuan. She had no clue about storage components, for the only thing she knew about them was what she’d seen in the kindergarten. One of her classmates, the fat one, had had a space button.

“Biological space,” Mu Xuan replied on her behalf once more.

“Sure.” The shop assistant broke into a brighter smile as though pleased with the response. “Sir, would you prefer an individual add-on or an additional part for the optical computer or for it to enter your human form directly?”

Mu Xuan hesitated. Instead of replying, he turned to look at Yao Si. “Which would you prefer?”

“Ah?” Yao Si stilled.

“Do you prefer a piece to carry around or for it to be entered into the optical computer?” Knowing that she lacked common knowledge, Mu Xuan provided a little explanation.

So you could use it as an upgrade for the optical computer?

“Optical computer.” It would be easier to keep track of it that way. 

“Mmh,” Mu Xuan replied before turning back to the shop assistant. “Add it to the optical computer, the one with the classic design.”

“Sure!” The shop assistant broke into a bright smile as though it was the first time she had met such a chic customer. She tapped onto the screen and a transparent box floated out. She reached for it, bowing. “Sir, you have greet taste, this is the most highly regarded design for a storage component. It’s small and convenient, highly suited for female customers.” She tapped onto the box, and the next moment, a screen appeared before them with a row of numbers, supposedly the price. “Sir, what currency would you prefer?”

“Galactic currency.”


Before Yao Si could get a good look at the price, Mu Xuan had already waved his optical computer in the direction of the piece, paying for it as though it didn’t cost much.

Yao Si paused, momentarily feeling as though she had been bought over by a rich tycoon. Having a rich backup was indeed great, you didn’t have to…

There was a buzzing sound, and a pop up appeared.

[Your account has been frozen!]

The three people froze, staring at the message.

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