My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 20 - The Common Language of the Galaxy

Chapter 20: The Common Language of the Galaxy

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In truth, Yao Si was a girl without much temper who didn’t bear grudges. That is unless she was pushed, and in that case it would incite an outbreak of rage. The fact that she didn’t seek trouble didn’t mean that she was afraid of it . For example: When someone was stealing her boss.

She saw that the person who she had just killed and sent back to the revival point now led a whole group of people marching into the village in a formidable array.

At that, her first reaction was: Yo, so they grouped up and want to take charge of the scene.

Clenching the sword tight in her hand, she made herself at home too. With a stride, she thrust herself into the crowd, lifting her sword and making one kill after another.

Let’s disperse the first wave. What’s there to be terrified about, just do it!

You think you’re really something because you have so many people, what made you think reason stands on your side when you steal my boss!

At that instant, the bloodlings were now all lying on the ground feeling bitter. “…”

What was happening? Everyone was caught off-guard. She started killing without uttering a single word, what was wrong with their ancestor?

And they didn’t dare to strike back. Obviously! If they were courageous enough to be disrespectful to the ancestor, did they want to be drowned by the spits of the entire bloodling species?

Hence, to figure out the cause of this problem they could only tirelessly run from the revival point again and again, trying to explain the situation. But with no exception they were all killed with a single slash before they could open their mouths. And even if they did speak a word, she would not take heed and kill them just the same.

Every bloodling who was initially in high spirits to invite her back, had their fragile heart shattered like glass all over the floor. They had no choice but to stare confused at their ancestor’s one blow one kill attacks. Her aim was so accurate it was as if she was cutting through immobile cabbages. Such figure with the vigor and vitality of the tiger, it was so…

So stunningly beautiful! (Fangirl and fanboy logic.)

They took five minutes trying to figure out why this scenario was happening, then spent the next half an hour admiring the heroic posture of her highness chopping people.

Just as expected, not a single angle in three-hundred sixty degrees that wasn’t beautiful! (?﹃?)

Then they began to recover themselves…

Yes, their ancestor must be blaming them for spoiling her gaming mood?

They were guilty as charged!

This bit of punishment was justified.

Lie down lie down, we must let the ancestor hack at us until she becomes happy and satisfied. Hey hey hey, you there standing like a fool, what are you doing! You’re an old monster that lived for over tens and thousands of years, what’s there to be scared of about playing dead! Lie down lie down, that way it makes it more convenient for her highness to chop us.

Everyone came together. There was no way that some would allow anyone else to fulfill their desire to enjoy the limelight in front of her highness alone, so no one stood up to revive themselves.

#Talking about the professional qualities of a bunch of fangirls and fanboys#

Harvesting loads of headcounts and not losing a single drop of blood, Yao Si who originally suspected that she was using a cheat finally realized that there was something wrong. Why didn’t these people fight back, even though newbie accounts were weak, that didn’t mean she would remain unharmed when they attacked her.

Surely it didn’t mean…

They were here not to fight but to apologize?

Glancing at the ring of bodies, she had to say that this was very sincere! The galactic citizens are so civilized!

(⊙ o ⊙)

This made her a little shy, so she tucked the sword away and decided that it would be all.

She thought about her backpack and that it was already full; there was no meaning to continue doing the quests. She turned and sat down directly onto the lawn where she first entered the game and decided to concentrate on waiting to go offline.

Looking at the empty lawn, Yao Si suddenly felt melancholy. She could remember that in the beginning this birth point was filled with seas of people, and now she was the only one left. As a professional gaming geek, she had a feeling that her level was dragging the whole server behind. After all this was the first online game that she played in the future, yet she couldn’t even leave the newbie village. She had fallen behind from the start line, and just the thought of it gave her heartache.

The people in the world channel were experiencing a more severe heartache. And they no longer had anything to say.

Yao Si let out a long sigh and decided to continue being absent-minded, but from a short distance away a large wave of figures headed her way. They were the group that had just been beat up. Yao Si frowned, but these people only looked at her with joyful expressions then trotted over. They knelt obediently beside her in a uniform formation then stared at her with numerous pairs of sparkling eyes.

The ancestor wasn’t mad anymore, it had to be due to their excellent attitude while acknowledging their mistakes.

Yao Si felt somewhat uneasy from their stares, and started guessing their purpose in following her. Maybe they enjoyed being slaughtered by her and felt that no discord meant no concord, so now they wanted her to join their gang? Although a language barrier existed, but those glimmering starry eyes were obviously full of adoration!

She waited a while and saw that the person who first came to steal her boss coughed, then opened his mouth and said a whole heap of words.

Here it is, here it is, they’re inviting her into the gang! 

The person’s tone was slow, his attitude rather sincere, and his voice was gentle, so even Yao Si could feel the overwhelming good faith in his words.

Although… she still couldn’t understand.

Nevertheless, it was the intentions that mattered. If she overlooked the incident of boss stealing, he was a person who was just like her, still low level compared to other players and still wandering around in the newbie village. Yao Si immediately felt that they were in the same boat. Thus, she quickly accepted the man’s sincerity. If they played together, maybe they could even explore outside the newbie village.

It was decided, she was now part of them!

Hence, Yan Xuan who was talking non-stop, gushing about his hundred and twenty percent apology, politely expressing the strong desire of the species to meet the ancestor and hinting at her to go offline…

…received only their ancestor’s complicated smile in return, as well as a shining item that was stuffed into his hands.

—A token of Yao Si’s good faith.

Courtesy calls for reciprocation! From now on we are best mates who kill beasts together. Shoulder pat!  (^o^)/~

Yan Xuan “…”

What was the meaning of this? Why did the ancestor give him an item, the kind that was a relic, without saying a single word.

Before he could comprehend the situation, Yao Si suddenly stood up and walked towards the crowd. She handed an item to each person, and each one of them were relics.

Here here, newbie gear is worthless, but it can show my good will. We’re all brothers from the same family, no need to be so polite. Yao Si handed the items out one by one, and soon half of the bag was handed out.

Hmm, future games are so intelligent, gear cannot be discarded but can be gifted, what a humane design.

Everybody “…”

Did her highness want to take them along, let them show-off and play cool with her?


Even the things that she handed out were relics, so…so heartwarming!

The bloodlings boiled with excitement. Having the feeling of being about to break into tears, they rushed up and circled her. They expressed their feelings that were like the never ending river water that surged forth.

But no matter what they said, she kept maintaining that mysterious smile and remained silent.

After a long time, she finally answered with one or two sentences of the ancient blue planet language, one which they couldn’t understand.

“Don’t be shy, we’re all brothers. Let’s go massa… Pah, let’s play together!”

At that instant, the entire newbie village was filled with words that didn’t reach their designed recipient.

Sometimes when there were too many questions, Yao Si would just start pulling out relics for them again. If one didn’t cut it, then two…

That was until Yan Xuan mentioned euphemistically for her to go offline and she shoved another item his way that they began to realize there was something wrong.

They looked at each other in speechless despair, while Yan Xuan took a direct step forward.


“Hello hello…” Smile, keep smiling. 

“I’m Yan Xuan!”

“Do you have enough items? I still have more.” Give him more items, more items.

“You’re her highness Yao Si right?”

“I will have to depend on you all in the future, my brothers.” Play together, together.

“Your highness, can… Can you understand my words?”

“Looks like I have given out enough, let’s go hunt some rabbits…”

Everyone “…”

A frightening thought suddenly emerged in the minds of every single bloodling.

Their royal fifth-generation highness, might…maybe…probably…most likely…

Not understand the common language of the galaxy?!

Then for the past month, what…Have. They. Been. Doing?


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