My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 19 - Ask My Sword

Chapter 19: Ask My Sword

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Meanwhile in the headquarters of the “Legend of Commanding Celestials” gaming company.

“What’s happening? This new server only opened two weeks ago, how could a relic appear. Isn’t it the top level gear which only appears when the anticipated late storyline progresses to ‘The Battle between the Celestial and Demonic’?”

“Producer!” The technician weakly raised three fingers. “To be exact, three had already been given out!”

“What!” The producer of the game immediately exploded. “How could this happen, did the system have problems? Quick, find out why it’s happening!”

“I’ve already investigated.” The corner of the technician’s eyes twitched. “The same player received all those relics.”

“Same person?” The producer was enraged. “What cheats did he use that he actually broke through our system’s defense?”

“She’s just a level zero newbie, and she didn’t use cheats either.” The technician then proceeded to bitterly tell him all the things he had found out.

When the producer finished listening, his expression could only be described as “holy shit”! How could he not know that there was such loophole in the game?


“Then why do the NPCs in the newbie village have relics as rewards?” Aren’t those elementary NPCs?

“Producer, you forgot,” the technician said, “In the future storyline, all the NPCs from the newbie village are reclusive ‘celestial beings’.” Wouldn’t it be very normal for them to have some relics?

“…” Shit, so it’s a grave he dug himself.

Producer felt somewhat distressed, walking back and forth in the office multiple times before clenching his teeth and making a decision. “Look up where this player with an unreadable code ID logged on, and empty all her game data. Enforce data rollback, just say she had violated the game’s regulations. Then send another system announcement, stating that all those broadcasts just then were tests for a new version.” He took a deep breath, then firmly said, “For the balance of this game, we have to wrong this player.”

The technician immediately began searching for data, but soon his body stiffened, he turned with a face that was on the brink of bursting into tears. “Producer, I’m afraid that this person…can’t be wronged!”

“Why? Is there something wrong with her data?”

“There’s nothing wrong with the data, but the location of log in has a little problem.”

“Where did she log on?”

“The Red Planet!”


Suddenly, the entire planning department fell into an eerie silence.

Oh f*ck! Did he fell out of favor with the gods this year? Of all the species of players, it must be those narrow-minded psychotic bloodlings! If he dared to ban her account today, then tomorrow they would come and kill all of them.

A good while passed…

“Send an acoustic message to his immortality Li Yue, he always knew that species well, let’s see if he can help us contact Minister Yan and sort this out.” The producer felt like weeping but had no tears. “We’re willing to compensate for all the losses the player experienced.”

The technician immediately went to contact him, but soon he returned with a bitter face again.

“His immortality Li Yue said that the Red Planet has enforced total security since two weeks ago and cut off all communications, even their own kind isn’t allowed to exit or enter. He can’t reach them either.”

“…” The gods have made up their mind to end me! 

Right now, Yao Si was happily dragging along the n-th giant rabbit boss around like a kite.

Yes, this game is indeed quite fun! Even bosses are made so numerous. But I wonder when will the kindergarten finish?

While on the world channel, for a few weeks now, the chat had been filled with one after another crazy system broadcasts.

[Ting! Player “*#38” received “relic: Phoenix Feather Boots” x 1 !]

[Ting! Player “*#38” received “relic: Phoenix Feather Headdress” x 1 !]

[Ting! Player “*#38” received “relic: Phoenix Feather Armor” x 1 !]

[Ting! Player “*#38” received …]

All the players in the world channel expressed: Haha! As long as you’re happy, jumbled code!

Inside the kindergarten, the fangirls and fanboys who had been waiting tirelessly for almost a month finally began to realize that there was something wrong.

Shocking! The old ancestor who had been sleeping for over tens of millions of years was now addicted to games and didn’t eat or drink for an entire month!

No matter how one looked at it, there was still something strange to it.

All those that waited here were all some of the best leadership figures among the bloodlings. Although most political affairs could be handled through the galactic network, there were still some things that had to be done in person. Besides, without the permission of her highness, who would dare to spread this news, yet it wasn’t appropriate for the Red Planet to be constantly under total security either.

“Marshal Nie…” Yan Xuan asked with a worried tone. “Did her highness encounter some problems in there?”

Nie Zihang was dumbstruck, he turned and looked at everyone else present, his face beginning to cloud over with hesitation. “After all this time, she still hasn’t come out. Indeed… How about we wake her highness up?”

“No! Definitely not!” Yan Xuan didn’t have the opportunity to agree before the thirty-fifth generation elder objected again. “Her highness had been hibernating for so long, maybe she’s just temporarily curious about the future world, that’s why she hasn’t quit the game after so long.”

“But it has been such a lengthy period of time,” Nie Zihang retorted. “What if her highness is being deceived by a person from another species due to her unfamiliarity with this world? There are all sorts of people out there.”

The elder’s face turned dark. It was a possibility. The ancestor of their own species being deceived by foreigners with evil designs, he couldn’t even bear the thought of it!

“But if we disturb her highness like that…”

“We don’t need to wake her highness by force,” Yan Xuan suggested. “If her highness doesn’t come out, we can go in! We just have to request for some special identities from the gaming company and redirect right next to her highness, then we can ask any questions we have right in front of her.”

Hearing these words, everyone’s eyes suddenly gleamed. Why had they not thought of this before!

They quickly turned on their optical computers and began to contact the gaming company.

The producer who had received these messages almost cried out like a wolf.

Take it! Take all the accounts you want!

What? There isn’t enough backup accounts, currently can only allow one to enter? Then add some more, add them now!

What? Because the executives of the bloodlings all want an account!

Haha, as long as they could talk to the one who found the bug, even if the bloodlings wanted to conquer the entire galaxy he wouldn’t mind!


Outside the newbie village, after slaughtering the rabbit bosses for three weeks, Yao Si realized that her backpack was now full!

Her entire bag was filled with gear that shone with golden light. However, these items couldn’t be thrown away either, if she threw one away one, then it would automatically return back into her bag! Yao Si predicted that all these items were probably bound to the account.

It looked like she couldn’t hunt rabbits anymore. She raised her hand and flung a dart at a giant rabbit who was running towards her from not too far away.

She then turned and continued to dash for a short distance. There were some advantages to being a bloodling, at least when she kited 1  the beast, she didn’t need to worry about it catching up to her. The boss was tortured down to the last bit of blood by her.

Just as she was about to deliver the final blow, a white light suddenly flashed beside her, and Yan Xuan who was on a backup account was now finally online. Almost at first sight, he recognized the ancestor before him who had conducted no facial adjustments.

He felt a surge of excitement in his heart. No wonder she was their highness, so confident.

He raised his nose and strode over with excitement. “Your highness, I finally meet…”

Before he could finish, Yao Si raised the sword in her hand without any warning, turned, and slashed down at him.

Hell, want to steal my boss? Ask the sword in my hands first!

Yan Xuan who had just returned to the revival point was left speechless.

What…just happened?

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