My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 18 - What a Scoundrel

Chapter 18: What a Scoundrel

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Yao Si had stayed in the game for a week and hunted rabbits for the whole time. She went from in the beginning only being active near the village to now exploring the entire forest inside out. However, the number of rabbits grew smaller and smaller, they went from visible near the outskirts of the village to now being absent even in the depths of the forest. It would be rare for her to find one or two.

She thought that it must be the fault of the game designer. As the beginner creature of the newbie village, shouldn’t it respawn 1 in seconds? She had already went into the forest to hunt rabbits, but the rabbits near the village still hadn’t respawned; this speed was way too slow.

Yao Si thought about how she would provide feedback on this issue to the customer services when she exited the game while placing the five thousandth rabbit into the backpack. As she prepared to return to the village, she suddenly heard a “ting” noise from the sky and a solemn voice boomed through every single corner of the world.

[Ting! The Celestial Realm’s Swordwielding Bulletin: The human life contains genuine feeling, the human life has true loves. The cultivator “*#38” has extended her helpful hands and successfully managed the rabbit plague issue that had been bothering the Village of Mystic Rabbits for thousands of years. The villagers will no longer be tormented by this rabbit plague. To honor this cultivator’s selfless actions, the celestial realm decided to grant this cultivator the title of the “Healing and Helpful Force”, and aggravation point will remain -10% forever as a reward! From now on the Village of Mystic Hares will be renamed “*#” Village.]

Yao Si had a fright from the voice that rang out of nowhere, but then she reasoned that this must be something normal. This was probably the game’s public announcement, or probably a local tycoon who had spent money and bought a speaker or something like that. She quickly poised herself and continued on her way back to the village to finish the mission.

She had no clue that the world channel had exploded.

[World (Green Dress in the Misty Rain): Even the newbie village had such an unbelievable hidden accomplishment, how come I didn’t know? ]

[World (The Last Zerg): Didn’t know either, feels like I missed out on a hundred million galactic currency! ]

[World (Galactic Conqueror): The main point is that reward, aggro 2 -10% forever. Every time from now on that she kills she will only get 1% of aggro. With her properties, even if she got pissed and slaughtered the entire city, she would probably not experience the Divine Wrath? ]

[World (Umekawa Kulei): Upstairs, your focus point is wrong. According to the reverse overlay of the system’s own property effects, if anyone dares to blindly touch her in the wild, their aggro will immediately go to 11%. I feel like the Divine Wrath can chop you right back to the revival point. ]

[World (Galactic Conqueror): Oh shit!]

[World (Brainless Fangirl of Prince Charming Mu): Oh shit! +1]

[World (Red Red Red Red Red): Oh shit! +2]

[World (Forever Dandy): Am I the only one who’s curious why that ID is in gibberish? What about the special characters being forbidden? I feel very pissed about someone being cooler than me.]

[World (Pour-pour): The system’s biological child, authentication complete!]

Yao Si didn’t know how to open the world channel, and even if it was opened, she still wouldn’t understand what was being said. So she was completely unaware that she had any extraordinary properties. Instead she was orderly placing the hundred rabbits which she had finally collected at the butcher stall owner’s stall front.

What will the reward be this time? 


Qin who had already broken the bank didn’t have anything to say.

○| ̄|__

Yao Si realized that compared to the decisiveness of previous missions, this time the owner dawdled for a long time. His facial expression was also particularly strange, transitioning from green to red to black and eventually fading to white. Finally, with a look of his own flesh being cut, he took out a small booklet with a trembling hand and passed it to her.

Yao Si extended her hand to receive it, but strangely the owner latched onto the booklet with all his might. She pulled at it for a long time but still had no success.

Was it because the mission objective number was short?

She took another two hundred rabbits out of her bag straight away.

Don’t know about others, but I have plenty of rabbits!  ╮(╯_╰)╭

The owner’s hands quivered, the booklet in his hands fell to the ground with a thud.

Luckily, she still had some stock!

Yao Si picked up the booklet from the ground, patted the dust away, and headed out the village again. On her way, she turned to look at the rabbits piled into a tall mountain in the village square. With a sigh, she wondered when these creatures would respawn.

Looking down at the booklet in her hands, Yao Si speculated that this must be a beginner’s skill book or something like that. She opened it up, and as expected, she couldn’t understand a single word, so she didn’t dwell on it and threw it straight inside the backpack.

Naturally, she didn’t notice that the system’s public announcement had rang again in the sky.

[Ting! The Celestial Realm’s Swordwielding Bulletin: cultivator “*#38” of an unknown map has an enormous celestial virtue, thus it is no coincidence she received a copy of “The Celestial Training Scroll”. The path of higher achievement has been outlined, ascendance to an immortal will happen in no time!]

As soon as this announcement was released, it ignited the world channel again.

[Wold (The Grassland): Holy shit! What did I just see? The Heavenly and Earthly training scrolls from each level… Even the top ranked god of the entire server has only obtained the earthly training scrolls! What in the world is the celestial training scroll?]

[World (The Girl-picking Mushroom): Who is this “messy code 38”? Could it be an internal worker of the game!]

[World (Otherworldly Beauty): Just received an accomplishment and now a “Celestial Training Scroll”. There’s definitely something fishy behind it!]

[World (Umekawa Kulei): Does anyone know this scrambled code? Can you let me ride on her coattails, even a walkthrough 3 would be enough!)

[World (Baby of the Mu Family): PM her already, the other end turned off communication.]

[World (Umekawa Kulei): Is anyone in the newbie village, see if the “scrambled code 38” is still there or not?]

[World (Seed Seed Seed Seed Seed): Been leveling up too quickly, let the newbie village within ten minutes after entering the server.]

[World (Bean Bean Bean Bean Bean): Left there in eight minutes!]

[World (I Have Already Gotten The Fruits): Five minutes!]

[World (Little 8): Three minutes!]

[World (Celestial Realm Conqueror): The server has been open for so many days, how could there still be any noobs, that messy code probably already left long ago.]

[World (Umekawa Kulei): …]

While the world actively discussed the possible plans of riding coattails, the NPCs in the newbie village were also discussing the matter of life and death of the newbie village.

“Village chief, she has already killed all the rabbits in the entire village. Our village was indeed plagued by them, but if she doesn’t leave now, all the rabbits will probably go extinct.”

“Did you give the talismans for leveling-up?” People of Level 10 of Qi Refining could be teleported right out of the newbie village.

“I did, but she didn’t use them!” Qin was about to cry. “I really didn’t know what to do, I don’t have any other rewards from my shabby little stall. I almost took off the roof beam to give it to her.” However, due to game rules, he had to give even something precious. “I even gave her the Celestial Training Scroll. If this continues, I will have no choice but to give her relics.”

The old village chief who had a white beard realized the seriousness of the situation. Moving his head and looking at the mountain-like pile of rabbits in the village, he felt distressed. “Isn’t there any other way to make her leave here?” Go torture some other city’s NPCs.

“Chief, I have an idea,” Aunt Li from the tailor stall suggested. “If she doesn’t leave herself, why don’t we kick her out.”

“You mean… summoning the demonic beast.” As a high intelligence NPC, the village chief immediately understood what she meant. He pondered it over then shook his head. “No no, we have boundaries in our village, demonic beasts above the level of Qi Refining cannot enter, let along be summoned.” (Newbie protection zone)

“Summoning a level 10 Qi Refining demonic beast is better than nothing,” Aunt Li continued to suggest. “Since she hasn’t even reached Qi Refining, she’s just a beginner with her basic physical qualities. Unless her physical conditions are better than those of normal people, level 10 of Qi Refining will suffice.”

The village chief took a look at Qin who appeared to have nothing to live for, then at the other villagers who were without any ideas, and ground his teeth. “Okay! Let’s try it.”

Therefore, Yao Si who had long been looking for rabbits had a white light flash before her eyes.


A 55 inch wide super bunny appeared before her, it’s roar making the surrounding plants shake.

“Ha, you cruel-natured villain. How dare you do such a thing to the descendants of the rabbit race, I will avenge all my rabbit children and grandchildren today!” it said, then raised a huge carrot in its hands and smashed it.

Yao Si who understood nothing had a gleam in her eyes.

It’s the boss!

(⊙ o ⊙)


Half an hour later, she dragged a mutant bunny back.

Qin “…”

Village chief “…”

Aunt Li “…”

Fellow villagers “…”

System “…”

[Ting! Player “*#38” has outstanding talents and extraordinary perception. She is hereby gifted a relic: Celestial Robe with Phoenix Feather Decorations. The road of cultivation is a long road, but those who travel its length shall ascend.]

Fellow villagers were thinking only one thing.  Take it, take it, take it all, was that not enough? 


From then on, Yao Si’s mission content had progressed from killing rabbits to killing a rabbit boss.

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