My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 21 - The Old Butler

Chapter 21: The Old Butler

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Ever since Yao Si was rescued from the game, all the high-ranking figures of the bloodling race were living in deep self-detest.

None of them had had the slightest thought that her highness having hibernated for over hundreds of millions of years might not understand the common dialect of the galaxy. They all felt like crying!

They had left her highness in an unfamiliar game, alone! They all felt like crying!

Their highness was lonely and helpless in the game, passing time and finding amusement by killing rabbits. They all felt like wailing loudly!

They didn’t even know how much her highness had to suffer to be able to collect that many relics. They felt like bawling their eyes out!

They only realized that there was such a problem after a month had passed. They felt like dying!

Hence, when Yao Si finally escaped from the game, what welcomed her were faces filled with heartache, bitterness, and sorrow. Watery eyes stared at her as if they were about to burst into tears the next moment.

Having been baptised by these sights before, Yao Si felt that after being stared and glared at… You eventually get used to it!


“Your highness, this is the fresh blood of the light globe beast that I just conveyed from the animal-taming planet, it is quite flavorful.” A middle-aged man held a bowl of bright red blood curd before her, and said with great respect, “If you don’t detest it, try have a taste.”

The corner of Yao Si’s mouth twitched. “Eh… Not so much detest.”

“That’s excellent. I heard from my little girl that this was voted out as the most popular item by the bloodlings.”

“Yes… It does smell nice.”

“This blood even has the effect of replenishing energy, exactly what your highness needs right now.”

“I have a small problem.”

“Do say, your highness.”

“Is gifting blood-curd a common visiting gift in the galaxy?” She tapped a table top and immediately a ray of white light flashed, then a whole table sfull of the same blood curd suddenly appeared. “Because, I have already received forty today.” In addition to the other blood curd she’d already drank, she was stuffed.

“…” The man’s mouth twitched. Holy shit!  Those old bastards were even faster than him.

“Your highness… As long as you have eaten it’s fine!” The old man set the bowl in his hand down and looked at Yao Si. Suddenly, a sour feeling rose from the bottom of his heart. “Every time I think of you being trapped inside the game for a whole month without eating or drinking anything, that feeling in my heart… It’s the incompetence of us youngsters, making you our ancestor suffer through such a thing.”

His eyes turned red, and he sniffled as he said, “How about you scold me, your highness, or giving me a beating is fine too! That way my heart can feel better.” He looked like he was about to burst into tears on the spot.

Yao Si picked the bowl from the table with great awkwardness. “I’ll drink, I’ll drink as you wish!”

Who said the bloodlings were all like reserved nobility? Then why did all those she met over the past few days were baby-sitter like. It’s just being trapped in the game for a month, to be honest, she didn’t even take it seriously. She even wanted to try it again. One month was nothing, she was a person who had “slept” through the humans on Earth. No! She was a ghost now!

She gritted her teeth and forced a bowl of blood curd down, then to prevent the man from taking another one out without warning, she changed the topic straightaway. “How should I address you, uncle!”

Those that came to feed her usually left after they gave her the blood curd, or at most dawdled for a bit and then left. However, this uncle had sat down straightaway, and had an air about him as if he wanted to have a long heart-to-heart talk with her.

“Your highness, you are killing me, I can’t endure this “uncle” from you.” He quickly stood up, and with a more respectful attitude said, “I am of the thirty-seventh generation, currently the thirteenth elder of our race. My last name is also Yao. Your highness, you can just call me Yao.”


Yao Si’s facial muscles jerked. If she referred to a person who looked decades older than her like that, she had the feeling that she would be struck by thunder the next moment. She collected herself, then asked, “Elder Yao, is there any particular problem you want to ask me about?”

Ever since they learned that she was a fifth-generation, Yan Xuan and other bloodlings did everything and were only a short step away from worshiping her. Despite guessing from the very beginning that after they learned of her bloodline they would have a change in attitude toward her, this change… was quite frightening.

That day, they moved her into this manor that was a size beyond her comprehension without any hesitation. She had lost count of those that came to meet her and gift her blood curd everyday. It gave her a indistinct feeling that she had moved out of the kindergarten, only to be moved into a zoo.

“Your highness, the matter is.” Elder Yao straightened his body like he was about to report at work. “In consideration of our previous negligence at work which resulted in some unforgivable mistakes, to prevent such an incident from occurring ever again, and to help your highness get to know this world better. Through discussions with the state council and the elders’ committee, it was decided that from today onwards, I will personally protect you during the whole day, all twenty-four hours, as well as manage your daily life. In other words, starting from today, I am your butler.”

“Oh…” So to be her butler, this sort of thing required the state council’s decision? “Then thank you!” She did need someone to help her understand this society, after all.

“Your highness, you’re too polite.”

“You… Can you not call me your highness.” Where did they get this name from, it sounded quite strange. “Yao Si will be fine.”

“Your highness has such a regal status, how can us youngsters casually refer to you by your name!” The man’s face had the words ‘Your highness’s is honorable and divine, and cannot be violated’ written all over it, and he swiftly turned down her suggestion. “This, all of the bloodling race will not agree .”

“…” Alright, as long as you’re happy.  “What you meant is that, if I have any needs in the future, I can look for you, right?”

“Yes, just like that.” The old man nodded solemnly, bowing his body and completely entering the butler mode. “Where would your highness like to start?”

“Can you teach me your language?” She took the translating device from her ear and waved it at him. “Although this is convenient, it doesn’t seem to work in the galactic network.” Communication was the greatest issue she needed to resolve right now.

“Of course.” He nodded. “Regarding this, I have already arranged for it the day that your highness exited the game. The woman is a bloodling who’s proficient in the ancient Earth language. Soon, she will come report here and teach you the common language of the galaxy.”

So they had already arranged a private tutor. Yao Si let out a sigh of relief.

“Then I will have to trouble you in the future!” She patted his shoulder. “Oh, by the way, I forgot to ask your full name, elder?”

“Your highness, my last name is Yao, and my first name is a single character Qian.”

Yao Qian…

Need money 1 ! (⊙ o ⊙)

“If it’s convenient for you to tell me, how much do you earn each month?”

“… Your highness, my salary is given out by the Elders’ Committee.”

“Oh, that’s assuring.” So he earns allowances from the bloodling race!

She had begun to worry for a moment if she could afford him or not.

Elder Yao was about to inform her about something else when suddenly a long note of notifications began to ring from his hand.

Outside the gate, the doorbell also rang.

“There’s a visitor coming.”

“Who’s coming?” Yao Si asked casually.

Elder Yao clicked open his optical computer, and a small holographic screen appeared immediately before him. As he clicked on the optical computer, he explained to her, “It’s probably the person who’s here to teach your highness the galactic common… Oh shit!” He stopped in the middle of the sentence and with a slap closed the optical computer in a flash. It was so fast, his hand turned red. “How could it be him!”


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