My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 195 - Return of the Victor

Chapter 195: Return of the Victor

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“What do you mean?” Lin Long asked in disbelief. “You intend to break the promise?”

It wasn’t just him either. The other bloodlings who had made it through the portal were also full of confusion as they stared at him. Bloodlings weren’t a dishonest bunch.

“Initially, it was just a suspicion…” The boy called Yuan Jian spoke with a heavy tone. His eyes were bright, seemingly suppressing an immense excitement. “But the moment I laid eyes on you guys, I was sure!

“The environment here isn’t much different from ours, and there has been two contractors. Moreover, it has a race as strong as ours. It isn’t possible for such a coincidence to occur unless… this is our twin universe!”

His eyes blazed as he turned to address the crowd. “I’m sure you guys are aware of what the twin universe means! Our contractors are definitely here! Then how could we give up on such a universe?”

The entire crowd fell into silence.

The next second, joyous cheers erupted, and everyone’s eyes went ablaze. They were shining like those of the elder grand prince, with the light… of singlehood.

What glory, promise, battle, race honor, everything went down the drain in an instant.

Yao Si’s heart sank. It was all over!

Their act was built on the assumption that the pure breeds weren’t familiar with this universe and that the report submitted by Lin Long wasn’t specific enough. Even though they had their suspicions, they couldn’t confirm that it was their twin universe.

Most importantly, Lin Long hadn’t mentioned that the bloodlings in this universe originated from Wang Erma. Hence, their act was to build a false appearance of their strength so that the pure breeds would be deterred from an invasion.

But they had never expected for the elder grand prince to be so sure of the twin universe assumption. With contractors and a similar race inhabiting the world, wasn’t its twin characteristics too obvious? It felt as though their efforts had backfired and instead caused more harm than good!

F*ck, it was turning sour!

Kids are the worst!

“This universe has to be ours and no one will stop us,” the elder grand prince declared loudly before turning to look at them. His gaze had changed, the caution from before having morphed into an obsessive desire for victory. “For the sake of our contractors, capture them!”

The next moment, millions of pure breeds directed their abilities at them. The sky lit up with all sorts of different powers, turning the darkness into a blinding light ocean.

“Hurry, let’s go!” Mu Xuan hadn’t fully recovered before having to unleash everything he had within him to form a gigantic light barrier. With another wave, he opened up a portal in which he pushed Yao Si.

“Mu Xuan!”

“Return to the Red Planet.”

He only had time for one sentence before flying toward the sky full of abilities. A diverse choice of powers exploded on him all at once.

“Let’s go, or it’ll be too late.” Lin Long turned toward the space portal and tugged her in.

The pure breeds’ obsession over their contractor was apparent; it was the only reason behind their existence, and no one could stop them. The problem was way out of anyone’s hands, and the war was inevitable.

“He won’t die as long as you live.”

Yao Si clenched her fists and turned to the portal. He was right! Besides her mental strength, she was just a weakling. Staying around would only serve to divert Mu Xuan’s attention.

Pure breeds couldn’t kill their own kind, but they could kill her. As long as she was alive, Mu Xuan wouldn’t die.

She couldn’t just waste the precious opportunity he created for them to escape. She had to leave and protect herself, to calm down, calm down…


The light barrier Mu Xuan had formed with all his power started to crack, allowing millions of light rays to head straight at him. The scene seemed to play in slow motion, and Yao Si could distinctly see each ability graze past him, glaring red blood drenching his shirt so much it turned black. The light rays started to multiply, gushing in like an aggressive wave, swallowing everything. Some of the rays pierced his limbs and chest while others scraped past him…

Calm down… my foot!


I’m going to kill all of you!

A loud noise exploded within her, flushing out all the rationality and logic. When her senses came back, she was already at Mu Xuan’s side. In that instant, anger drowned out her senses, and a crack sounded in her heart as shattered images came into her mind. Instinctively, she released all the energy and mental strength that existed within her.

Everything seemed to slow, and she could see everything unveiling in front of her with clarity. Light rays of abilities carrying the murderous scent of death were headed straight for Mu Xuan’s chest.

Yao Si reacted on instinct, reaching out to grab them as if they were a single long string.


She caught it… She actually caught it!


The light formed by the abilities seemed to take form, crowding in her palm. Without a second’s thought, she threw it aside with all her might.

A string of mini explosions went off. It was an extremely soft sound that resembled something being pulled out.

The light rays in her palm disappeared instantly.


Everyone was startled by the sight, and silence engulfed the entire place. Even Lin Long and the others had forgotten to leave through the portal.


After the first person vomited blood, an entire blood fountain seemed to have blown up as more than half of the bloodlings started to vomit simultaneously. They collapsed pale faced as though on the verge of death.

In just a short while, more than half of the thousands were on the ground.

Yao Si’s intense fury cooled down almost instantly.

What… had just happened?

“My ability, what happened?”

“I can’t feel my ability, what’s happening?”

“She… really is able to take away our abilities!”

“What was that ability just now? It-it’s so scary, it’s making my legs shake.”


Yao Si glanced at her own paws. The light rays that she had grabbed… they seemed to have been their abilities!


What just happened? Isn’t this going a little too far?!

“The energy just now…” the child-like elder grand prince murmured. He didn’t seem as fearful as the others, but like he’d come to a realization. His eyes lit up, and his voice filled with excitement and agitation. “That’s right, this energy can’t be wrong. The ability to control our clan’s abilities can only mean…”

With a flash, he was suddenly in front of Yao Si.

She jumped back in fear, taking hold of Mu Xuan’s hand instinctively.

You horrid child, what are you up to now? 

Unexpectedly, he went down on one knee, one hand covering his chest as he glanced up at her with bright eyes. “We have finally found you, our queen!”

“…” Yao Si.

“…” Mu Xuan.

What the f*ck? Is this… another way of begging for mercy?

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