My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 196 - The Growth of the Queen

Chapter 196: The Growth of the Queen

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Yao Si was sure something was wrong. How could she be their queen? With her absurd ability that could go wrong at any second… If she really was their queen, wouldn’t the entire race be in jeopardy?!

No, no, no, it was definitely not real. She would rather believe the throne belonged to Mu Xuan.

As it was, all the pure breeds became extremely emotional, glancing up at her with a burning gaze that seemed on the verge of bursting into flames. Hence, their battle for survival ended on a strange note.

All her resistance was useless. The pure breeds were convinced that she was their queen and had instantly converted into loyal fans. Regardless of whether they were scolded or if their abilities were obliterated, they were willing to accept everything.

They were completely at her mercy, prepared to fulfill her any wish. Other than their unwillingness to return to their world and persistence on addressing her by the gloried name: Your Majesty. They had to go wherever the queen went!

The bloodlings followed her everywhere, and all the way back to the Red Planet. Yao Si could probably remember forever the stunned faces of the Elders Council when they caught sight of thousands following behind her.

Who are they? The defeated troops? Captives?

(⊙ o ⊙)

“This is a conspiracy, it definitely is a conspiracy.” Yao Si glanced out of the Majestic Palace. There were thousands of troops dressed in black armor scattered everywhere obediently. If there wasn’t a sign stating ‘Single dogs not allowed!’, they would have definitely taken over her whole house.

Those rascals, acting obedient wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

“Would they conspire something internally after taking me as their queen?” Previously, the elder grand prince broke his promise, so based on his intelligence, there was a high chance of a hidden conspiracy.

That was certainly evil!

“It isn’t like that, queen… Uhm , Your Majesty.” Lin Long stood up anxiously while glancing at her nervously. “I don’t think they are mistaken.”

“Ergou, you too?” Yao Si swept a glance at Lin Long who wore the same agitated expression as the thousands outside. “Whose side are you on? Why are you changing your alliance? F*ck, why are you trembling?”

“I-I-I can’t control it!” He didn’t want to, but when he glanced at Yao Si now, his legs couldn’t help but soften, forcing him to his knees. He couldn’t seem to foster any resistance within himself. Everything seemed inevitable and right.

It was a strange feeling that started ever since Yao Si exerted the power to obliterate the pure breeds’ abilities. It wasn’t easy for him to even be standing at such a close proximity to her. “Your Majesty, the power you are emitting is way too strong; you are definitely our queen. There isn’t a doubt about it.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty,” Qu Zhe confirmed firmly. “Our race is the only ones who can sense this suppressing force, and the only one who can exert it on us is the queen.”

“What suppressing force?” Yao Si stilled. She took a moment to sense within her and realized that she seemed to have forgotten to pull back the power she had released during the battle. It was still releasing waves till this moment.

She stopped it, and almost instantly both Lin Long and Qu Zhe heaved a sigh of relief. Lin Long stopped trembling as well.

ao Si turned towards the exit, and as predicted, the others seemed much more at ease as well. A few of them started walking around to release the tension in their legs, but none of them left.

F*ck, they hadn’t been kneeling to prove their submission but rather because of her suppressing force.

This scene was…

“Bloodling suppression!” she blurted out, but it wasn’t the same as the bloodline suppression from before, right? The previous suppression was exerted on the bloodlings of the Red Planet and not the pure breeds.

“That’s right.” Lin Long nodded vigorously. “That’s why elder grand prince Yuan Jian isn’t wrong.”


“But I was clearly converted by Mu Xuan!” This information was too much for her to handle, and she gripped onto Mu Xuan for support. “Isn’t that right? Mu Xuan has already recalled how I was converted by him.”

He tightened his grip around her palm, but before he could speak, Lin Long spoke up. “Your Majesty, since you are our queen, who do you think is the converter?”

“What?” Yao Si was confused.

Oh right, if she really was the queen of the bloodlings and could even convert Li Zheng the second time, then the only time she donated blood…



“Your Majesty, you must have sealed your memory and abilities before hibernating in this universe, which resulted in this memory loss. The seal can only be unraveled with time, which is normal for pure breeds,” Lin Long added. It was a technique all the pure breeds had used before.

This meant that Yao Si had accidentally converted Mu Xuan when she donated blood? But since she had sealed up her memory and abilities, she wasn’t able to awaken him, resulting in his hibernation.

Afterwards, even though her bloodline gradually awakened, it was sealed back up by accident while Mu Xuan’s ability awakened. Since he was in hibernation for a longer period of time, he was detected to be a fourth generation which was a rank higher than her. His ability was then fully exposed during the Blue Planet’s doomsday.

It did seem to explain how Mu Xuan was much stronger than the ancestors and even the elder grand prince. All of it was because of… her?

“That’s not right!” Yao Si traced back to the most fundamental problem. “I can distinctly remember the events from my childhood. I was the same as the other earthlings, growing from a tiny self.” She could even remember herself being sent to the orphanage by a police officer who was drenched after falling into a pit.

If she had sealed her memory before hibernation, shouldn’t she have awakened as an adult? Her physique should have been the same! Those memory couldn’t be fake too.

Lin Long exchanged glances with Yu Zhe who took a step forward to explain. “Your Majesty, bloodlings who are of grand prince rank and above posses a special ability called camouflage!”

“…” What the f*ck?

“In order for a bloodling to better adjust to the world after hibernation, we enter a state of camouflage before falling asleep. This ability allows us to turn into any form we want.” His body suddenly lit up, turning into different beings at the speed of light. In less than two minutes, he morphed into countless different beings: shorter, slimmer, and… curvaceous. He changed from an artistic youth into an artistic young lady.

F*ck, he camouflaged!

(⊙ o ⊙)

This left all of them stunned, but Li Zheng in particular. He stared at the stunning beauty with his mouth agape.

“But of course that’s just mimicry and my actual gender would remain the same,” Qu Zhe explained in a completely different voice, one that was soft and feminine. “Before we sink into hibernation, we seal our abilities and before it awakens, the camouflage takes a long time to disappear. For instance, elder grand prince Yuan Jian’s current form is a camouflage as well.” He then changed back into his original form.

Yuan Jian? You mean that little rascal? His child form isn’t his true form?

“Your Majesty, you must have camouflaged into a baby before entering hibernation.”


Was that why she could still distinctly recall her childhood memories, even those from when she was a baby?

Was she really the queen of the pure breeds?!


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