My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 194 - The War Begins

Chapter 194: The War Begins

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As Yu Zhe had mentioned, the pure breeds were extremely passionate about battles and agreed to the duel instantly. The child-like elder grand prince took a step forward with an eager expression as he stared straight at her. His intentions were clear—he wanted to fight.

A chill went through Yao Si, but she mimicked Yu Zhe’s arrogance, treating the entire world as beneath her. With a sideways glance, she scoffed. “I don’t hit children!”

According to their plan, she turned to her companions. “My Mu Xuan will take care of you.”

What a joke! Even though he had a child-like appearance, he was actually the strongest elder grand prince. She woulnd’t risk her life in a fight she couldn’t win!

Yuan Jian’s face darkened instantly, his tiny body quivering in anger. He appeared greatly offended, dark steam on the verge of emerging from his ears. However, he unexpectedly suppressed his fury and glared at her coldly. “Heh, whatever! I would like to see what kind of abilities you have for you to challenge my people.”

Without another word, he disappeared. A strong gush of wind whisked past Yao Si, and the next moment, Mu Xuan disappeared as well. Amid the whirl of a storm, a resounding strike could be heard before everything went silent.

“It started,” Lin Long announced with his fists clenched tightly at his sides as he focused on the darkness ahead. “Such rapid use of abilities… These two are indeed perverts. Fortunately we’re in the abyss or the surrounding planets would all be doomed.”

He hurriedly formed a light barrier around them before reminding in a whisper, “Everyone, be careful and stay here or you might get hurt from the impact.”

Eh? What impact? What speed? They started? Hey, why can’t I see anything?


Were high-end battles all so profound?!

Mu Xuan and Yuan Jian moved with god-like speed. Even though nothing could be seen, the knocks and pushes from the battles could be heard. Everyone present, including Li Zheng, was glued to the battle, with flashes of admiration, anxiety, shock, and contemplation flying cross their faces. It was as though they were an audience to an exciting battle.

Only Yao Si being the exception…

F*ck . With her level of ability, she couldn’t see anything!


Keep calm, keep calm ! She inhaled deeply, holding onto the chair for support before continuing her act—pretending to understand the battle. She had to have faith in Mu Xuan and just keep up with the act.

It would be a lie to say she wasn’t worried. Even though Mu Xuan was strong, he was going against the strongest elder grand prince! Her heart was in a mess and her nerves strung tight, but everyone believes that she was the strongest person, so she couldn’t expose even the tiniest inappropriate emotion.

And so she had to keep it in! She praised Mu Xuan silently a hundred times, cheering him on. Once he won the match, she would unleash her perverted mental strength!

The match between Mu Xuan and the elder grand prince took half an hour. The next time Yao Si could make out Mu Xuan’s figure, he was filled with bruises, his originally immaculate clothes soaked with blood. After he came back, he wavered slightly before spitting a mouthful of blood. Its jarring color pierced her vision.

She clutched onto the chair tightly, on the edge of dashing over.

I can’t. I can’t move. If I move, all our efforts will be wasted. 

She inhaled deeply, lifting her head toward the opposite side. Thankfully, the damned kid was in a worse state and had collapsed into the crowd. He was missing an arm and had a huge hole in his chest that was pouring out blood relentlessly. He was thoroughly drenched in crimson and left without any strength to stand.

The result of the battle was obvious.

Yao Si resisted the urge to dash forward and instead scanned the surroundings. The gigantic blue planet was gone. In the past half an hour, she had witnessed the reconstructed planet being severed into multiple pieces of every shape and size… just like a watermelon.

After it was all over, it turned into ashes. With that, Yao Si finally understood what Lin Long had meant about it being good that they were in the abyss. If they had been in the middle of the Galaxy, how many watermelons… planets would they have ruined?

“I guess we win this round.” She flashed an arrogant smile deliberately.

The child-like elder grand prince panted, but stayed silent otherwise. He seemed to be a loss for words.

Yao Si ignored him and turned to the last elder grand prince as planned. The last elder grand prince was an enchantingly beautiful woman whose looks were comparable to those of Lian Yu.

With even more arrogance, Yao Si said, “I’m bored from just watching the match, so I’ll go up the next round. Who’s interested?”

Probably due to Mu Xuan’s performance or maybe due to the success of her act, everyone’s face darkened. Their gazes were cautious when they glanced at her.

When they had first arrived, Yao Si was the only one seated, and her words had been sharp and unforgiving, casting the illusion that she had the highest rank and ability. Mu Xuan’s victory over their elder grand prince further intensified the enigmatic aura, making it seem as though the others were just her slaves. Now that she was going to take them on personally, they were on the verge of panic, and it was exactly what Yao Si wanted.

“How about this!” she said, continuing with the act smoothly. “Since you guys can’t even defeat my Mu Xuan, using abilities would make it seem like I’m a bully. Why don’t we compete in mental strength instead?”

Anxiety shot through her as she silently prayed for their acceptance. This was the last step, but all she could do now was hope that they would accept! Once they did, she would first go with the same suit as last time before adding two sets of flowers or something, but she would definitely win!

Shortly after…

“Alright!” The bloodling woman gritted her teeth and took a step forward while looking at her cautiously. “We’ll compete using mental strength! I’ll go against you!”

Yao Si finally loosened up!

“Wait a minute!” a voice interrupted them.

It belonged to the elder grand prince defeated by Mu Xuan who was struggling to stand up. He walked forward and grabbed onto the female elder grand prince; the incredible healing powers of the pure breeds had already taken care of the big hole in his chest.

“Yuan Jian?” The woman stilled.

“You won’t stand a chance.”

“But…” She frowned. Even if she didn’t stand a chance, the courage to fight was always part of the bloodling pride.

“The situation is clear, so there isn’t a need.” Instead of clearing her doubts, he turned to Yao Si and started to chuckle.

The laughter seemed normal and casual, but it sent cold sweat down Yao Si’s back. She had an ominous feeling that the little kid was going to cause trouble!

“Bloodlings? You mean you guys are the bloodlings of this universe?”

Before she could reply, Li Zheng interceded. “So what if we are?”

“Good, great!” He suddenly burst into laughter, as though he had just heard great news. “Then… regardless of the competition’s result, we won’t ever give up on this universe.”


F*ck, this wasn’t what they had planned! Weren’t they supposed to get out after losing? Didn’t they keep their word? What did he mean by not giving up?

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