My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 47 - Without a Will to Live

Chapter 47: Without a Will to Live

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After he cast the Core Ravaging Thunder down, it exploded not far from their feet. However, its terrifying strength did not spread to them and was restricted to a small area by Duan Yue.

After the smoke dissipated, Qiao Mu led Duan Yue by the rope wrapped around his wrists and peered at the ground.

The heaps of stones had turned into several piles of powder by the Core Ravaging Thunder.

A pitch dark tunnel entrance was revealed beneath them, its end could not be seen.

“Let’s go.” Duan Yue urged behind her. “This entrance will move and when the time is up, it will automatically seal again.”

Qiao Mu turned around to look at him, a meaningful look flitting through her eyes.

This guy was truly resourceful! He could use the strength of a concealed weapon to directly rip open one of the entrances to the mystic realm.

Noticing Qiao Mu’s expression, Duan Yue explained, “Although we can use strength to rip this place open, the other entrances aren’t as easy.”

Qiao Mu looked away and took a few steps toward him before shaking the rope in her hand. “Go down and scout the path first.”

Duan Yue inwardly gritted his teeth!

This imp was so young but already had such a devious and ruthless personality. Duan Yue wondered who she inherited it from. He walked forward in resignation, a glint suddenly flickering through his eyes as he suddenly jumped down without any warning.

An icy smile spread across Qiao Mu’s face, and she released the rope, allowing him to fall freely. Not only that, but she also took a step forward and extended her hand to pull a few giant round rocks from nearby to her feet. Then, with a hard kick, the rocks dropped down one by one.

“Ahh…” Duan Yue’s tragic cries echoed from deep inside the giant hole.

The youth suddenly felt like he had dug a hole and then buried himself inside! He originally wanted to just suddenly jump and drag the girl down with him to scare her so that he could gain the upper hand for the rest of the journey.

He had thought that at her young age, the child would not be able to decisively react in time when faced with a sudden situation like that.

Yet… the child actually released! The! Rope! Without any hesitation!

Qiao Mu glanced at the pitch dark hole from the corner of her eyes with a smirk before lightly remarking, “Idiot.”

Then, she walked to the side of the hole and looked down.

There was a set of straight and narrow stone stairs that were carved to the side of the hole. It was completely hidden in the dark, so if a person did not look carefully, they would certainly not see it.

Qiao Mu languidly walked down the straight and narrow stairs, silently counting the number of steps.

When she counted to 100, a faint green light rushed into her sight.

“Hm?” The sound of quiet trickling water drifted to her ears.

It appeared this was the bottom. As she placed both feet on the ground, she sensed warm and moist water soaking the bottom of her shoes.

The underground water flowed to here? Qiao Mu slightly furrowed her eyebrows and walked forward a few more steps. She found Duan Yue sprawled out on his back, looking like he lost the will to live as he silently watched her.

With a wave, Qiao Mu summoned the ferule from her conscious and walked to Duan Yue.

She had just raised her fisted right hand when Duan Yue shouted with contracted pupils, “Hold on! The shoulder bone in my left arm is broken already, so I can’t attack for the time being. If you keep me, I can teach you how to refine the energy inside the mystic realm and use it as your own.”

Qiao Mu raised her eyebrows and withdrew her ferule, taciturnly agreeing to his suggestion. However, viciousness permeated her subsequent actions, and there was not a single hint of friendliness.

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