My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 46 - Really Tragic

Chapter 46: Really Tragic

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Qiao Mu pointed at the pile of rocks in front of them with her eyebrows slightly raised, her meaning clear as day.

“Less babbling, more working!”

Duan Yue secretly rolled his eyes at this. This little girl not only viciously ordered people around but also did not allow them to speak needlessly. He wondered where she got this bad habit.

Duan Yue inwardly sighed. “I have a map in my inner world, but my hands are currently tied behind my back, so I can’t look at it.”

The child looked at his tied hands and took a step forward.

Duan Yue suddenly took a step backward. He certainly did not think this vicious child would untie him this kindly.

As expected, the vicious imp actually flipped him over several times, forcibly dislocating his tied arms and twisting them toward the front.

Shoot!! This f*cking hurts… Duan Yue really wanted to wail and curse at someone! However, in the next second, the withered tree that was yanked to his front knocked into his forehead.

Sniff sniff sniff… My life is so bitter!

With a forlorn expression, Duan Yue resignedly took a wrinkly sheep-skin map from the cloth folding in front of his chest.

However, that irksome log!!! It kept swaying in front of his eyes! He angrily turned to glare at her. “Can’t you help chop off this annoying log?? How am I supposed to read the map?”

Qiao Mu glanced at his hands but did not intend to snatch it to take a look herself. She merely glanced up before swiftly looking away and crushing the log while she was at it.

Creak! The log lost a chunk, but the remaining majority was still bound to his hand. However, it did not interfere with his sight now.

This caused Duan Yue to turn more forlorn. He felt like he could not communicate with this imp at all…

Qiao Mu ignored him though and was lost in thought. She did not know why it was like this, but evidently, the secret paradise that did not emerge until three years later in her previous life had already been discovered by someone else ahead of her.


Qiao Mu lightly frowned and speculated in her mind, “Perhaps something similar also happened when she was seven years old in her previous life, and someone did come to the village to investigate the entrance of the paradise. However, she was still ignorant and completely clueless back then.”

Since the youth had a map in his possession, it naturally indicated that he had someone come and scout around before this.

Qiao Mu discovered that this rope was extremely useful. It allowed her to control the youth in her hands, and it also prevented him from escaping in the middle and ditching her inside this deserted place.

Qiao Mu was in a pleasant mood, but the youth was extremely discontent.

He felt like this little brat was treating him like some sort of large dog and leading him by a leash.

Ever since he ran into that old witch from Coitus Sect in the middle of his journey, Duan Yue had felt like this period of time had been utterly dissatisfying.

He stopped, causing Qiao Mu to stop as well, using her eyes to look at Duan Yue in question.


Duan Yue was sullen with anger congesting his chest. “Why must this imp be so lazy? Just where did she learn this bad habit? Did she think someone will understand her meaning instantly through her little eye gestures?”

“Yes, here.” Duan Yue took a deep breath.


Duan Yue had already completely accepted his fate and stuffed the map back into the front part of his jacket. However, in reality, he tossed it back into his inner world, and a black bead the size of a dove egg appeared in his hands.

Qiao Mu recognized this bead as the bead that had previously sent half of Hulan Mountain shaking earlier.

She hurriedly tightened her hold on the rope with an “If you dare to be reckless, I will kill you this instant” expression on her face.

The corner of Duan Yue’s mouth twitched and he exasperatedly said, “The pathway is beneath us, so I need to blow it up. Don’t worry. I am here, so the Core Ravaging Thunder won’t harm us in the slightest.”

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