My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 45 - Children Have Mutated

Chapter 45: Children Have Mutated

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“Ex… excuse me, could you stop pressing against my vertebrae? It is seriously uncomfortable!”

Duan Yue turned his head, moisture filling his alluring eyes. He really did give off a pathetic and pitiful feeling.

Unfortunately, he was facing young Qiao Mu. This child did not feel anything at all, so even if his expressive eyes kept trying to entice her, it was completely useless.

Whether a person had good looks or bad looks, it was all the same to her.

She stood up and tugged on the rope, pulling him up while she was at it before dragging him two steps forward.

Duan Yue wanted to rip his hair out inside his mind. His hands were bound to the tree, so he reluctantly followed for a few steps before forcefully pulling the rope backward. “Hey hey, Little Miss, can’t we make a deal?”

Anger rose in Qiao Mu’s eyes, and she promptly held up the ferule in her hand. “You want to resist?”

“No no no no!” Duan Yue hastily raised his hands in defense, his eyes pitifully looking at the girl from behind his hands. “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me. Let’s talk it out nicely.”

Qiao Mu fiercely yanked the rope. The rope might look like an ordinary brown-yellow hemp rope, but it could bind his hands, and he could not disentangle himself from it no matter what he did.

Hence, it must not be an ordinary hemp rope.

“This is a mystic weapon?” Qiao Mu peered at him from the corner of her eyes.

Duan Yue’s eyes flashed. Inwardly, he wondered, “Just who is this little girl? She was clearly a village girl, but how come she has heard of mystic weapons?”

Bang! Duan Yue stumbled forward and nearly stuffed his mouth with dirt.

It was not until his whole body laid flat on the ground that he realized he had been kicked by this vicious little girl!

“Couldn’t you have a tiny bit of patience? It’s not as if I wasn’t going to answer, I just wanted to gather my words!! Waaah!”

Duan Yue wanted to cry. He considered himself an arrogant and overbearing person already, but who knew he would meet someone even more overbearing today?

“What a load of drivel! Search for it!”

Duan Yue: …Goodness, when did he speak any drivel? He had not spoken more than five words from start to end!

“Search?” What? Duan Yue donned an “I don’t understand you” expression and was immediately served a round of beating.

This little guy truly did not hold back. Her fists headed straight for his resentfully handsome face.

Duan Yue nearly fainted from his anger.

“Stop! Stop it, stop! Ouch ouch!” My goodness, were all children so unreasonable these days?

Duan Yue’s eyes met the child’s. He was taken aback by the bone-chilling iciness in the bottom of her eyes, but he immediately shot up and walked forward with a grumble.

This child was simply an oddball who was brimming with violence from head to toe. She would turn berserk on the spot without a reason and attack his beautiful face! How terrifying!

“Cough, you should know where we are.” Duan Yue had a feeling that if he continued playing dumb, perhaps this child would seriously beat him into an actual dummy.

The child glared at him with a “You don’t say!” look. She waved her hand, not even bothering to speak.

“Let me tell you, this bad habit of you not speaking more than half a sentence but already thinking you have spoken way too much and are too lazy to continue is truly awful! You must fix it! You have to know that people must communicate continuously in order to fully express their meaning to each other… No no no! Search, I will search, alright! Don’t hit me again!”

“Cough, there is an estimate of five entrances to this mystic realm. Every entrance opens differently at different times.” Duan Yue paused briefly before purposefully looking back at this child. However, her face remained expressionless, and her eyes were devoid of shock and any emotion, completely placid like stagnant waters, as though she had already known about this.

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