My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 44 - Vicious Children Aren’t to Be Trifled With

Chapter 44: Vicious Children Aren’t to Be Trifled With

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“Help me untie the rope,” the youth carrying a ‘flagpole’ on his back said as he looked back with defeat on his face.

Qiao Mu turned a deaf ear and madly ran left and right, following his footsteps. This caused astonishment and shock to overtake the youth’s face again.

How was this odd child so clever? His footsteps were so unpredictable, and there was no rhythm to his steps, yet this child could terrifyingly catch up at such a young age.

Now, he did not have the time to use other methods to throw her off. The Core Ravaging Thunder earlier merely obstructed that harpy from Coitus Sect momentarily. Currently, his sole solution to elude the Coitus Sect’s encirclement and ambush was to swiftly enter the secret land.

Qiao Mu’s brows furrowed as she followed the youth.

It was not that she had no choice but to follow this person, but the commotion just now attracted quite a few footsteps and pursuit from all sides. From the looks of it, there were quite a number of people chasing this youth.

Of course, she could leave behind this unreliable youth and escape on her own; however, currently, everyone appeared to be encircling them to seize them, so if she wanted to run away, she would be extremely conspicuous.

Most importantly, she had a feeling that perhaps… Did these people come for the secret paradise?



Qiao Mu stared at the youth’s back, shocked. He had gone through two rows of withered trees that intersected to look like the entrance of a cave, and then he disappeared before her eyes.

A flash went through her eyes, and she hastily shot up. When she went through the withered trees, her body felt like it touched a layer of shaggy film of water as it passed through in the blink of an eye.

What entered her sight was row after row of assorted stones—tall ones, short ones, big ones, little ones. There was no pattern to their placements, and they were heaped everywhere. It was akin to entering a stone forest. All that filled the vision were stones from top to bottom without an end in sight.

Qiao Mu’s gaze landed on the youth in front of her.

He suddenly turned around, his silky long black hair undulating with his movement, and he stared at her with his wickedly upturned and alluring eyes.


Qiao Mu was currently examining her surroundings when she heard his low voice. She merely peered at him for a moment before turning her gaze elsewhere.

“Hey, imp.” The youth raised his volume and strode toward her. He gently shook his hands which were tied to the withered tree trunk. “We are considered friends now at least. Help release me.”

Qiao Mu slowly walked toward him. Then, suddenly, without any forewarning, she summoned her ferule, Inky, from her conscious and used it to fiercely slap him without leaving any room for protest.

Slap. A crisp slap rang as the black ferule mercilessly landed on his back and caught the youth off guard, causing him to stumble forward and nearly crash head first onto the ground.

The youth felt like he wanted to cough up blood! He had truly never seen a child as vicious as this imp. A soft little sis with a heart blackened into iron—it was describing this little imp before him, right?

“Ouch, ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!!” The youth was suddenly pressed under Qiao Mu who had lunged toward him. Her knees were jammed into his waist, and her left hand was tightly pulling on the rope tied around him while the black ferule in her right hand was pushed against the back of his head.

“No moving!”

The youth pitifully froze. Please, he did not move a single centimeter, alright!

“What’s your name!” Young Qiao Mu shouted. Their current position was a bit odd. If it were not for his difficult situation right now, the youth would have wanted to laugh…

“Your adorable voice held no threatening power at all!”

“Duan… Duan Yue.” The youth donned on the look of a little white rabbit who would allow anyone to bully him, he pitifully twisted his neck with a pathetic look in his eyes as he apprehensively looked at her. “I… I am a good person.”

“You don’t look like one.”

The youth’s pretense nearly cracked on the spot…

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