My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 43 - Exceptional Good Looks Doesn’t Exempt You from a Beating

Chapter 43: Exceptional Good Looks Doesn’t Exempt You from a Beating

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“Little girl, you might be young, but your guts aren’t small,” the woman sneered. “Don’t you know? Many people end up dying because they run their mouths off.”

“Like you?” Qiao Mu crossed her arms across her chest and seemingly stood in front of the woman carelessly, but in actuality, she was completely on guard from head to toe.

The woman flew into a rage, and her sandalwood fan suddenly transformed into a sharp weapon, slapping toward Qiao Mu’s mouth with a whoosh.

From the looks of it, this woman was fairly angry at Qiao Mu’s offensively insulting mouth. Her brutal attack intended to shatter her mouth as well as knock out her tiny pearly teeth.

However, Qiao Mu was already prepared. Seeing the woman wave her hand, she nimbly dodged to the side. Her figure was very dainty, and her person was also very lithe.

The direction she dodged toward just happened to be where a burly man was standing.

The burly man fearfully watched as the sandalwood fan flew toward him and wanted to jump to the side, but he discovered that his body had uncontrollably frozen.

Furthermore, it was precisely this moment of hesitation that allowed the sandalwood fan to smack into his head, and with a clap, his head exploded like a smashed watermelon.

Qiao Mu smiled. The repetition talisman she tossed just now restricted the dummy’s actions and helped her gain a tiny fragment of time.

This was enough!

In a flash, Qiao Mu had already appeared next to the youth tied to the withered tree.

Perhaps not expecting the little girl’s actions and reaction time to be so fast, the youth’s secretly moving hands paused.

“Quick, help me untie…”

Bang! A tiny fist imbued with quintuple strength slammed into his abdomen without hesitation or a hint of protective feelings for a beauty.

And so, the child’s fierce punch sent the youth, beautiful like fine jade, heavily falling back with a bang, along with the snapped off part of the withered tree.

If the youth’s current mood had to be described in three words, then it would unquestionably be “What the f*ck”…

My goodness! The youth was extremely piqued. In the entire country, from 80-year-olds to 8-year-olds, there was not a single female who could resist his smile, yet this youth was tragically “deflowered” by a darn girl.

If it were not for the ferocious punch that knocked his organs out of their places and caused his body to still faintly ache, he would seriously have to question whether he was dreaming just now!

This darn girl really attacked so ruthlessly!!!

However, this was currently not the best time for him to seek revenge against this d*mn brat. The youth struggled to climb up from the ground. His hands were still firmly tied behind his back to the withered tree, but a black bead the size of a pigeon egg appeared between his fingers.

He turned around and suddenly flung the black bead towards the dainty woman.

At the same time, he swiftly sprinted forward with a broken tree over his head. His back silhouette was extremely comical. It was as though he was carrying a flagpole on his back, but his running speed was not hindered in the slightest.

BOOM! Half of Hulan Mountain was woken up from this gigantic commotion.

Many villagers of Qiaotou Village frightfully ran out of their houses and looked up at Hulan Mountain, clueless about the situation.

“What was that?” Qiao Mu could not resist asking.

The youth turned his head in alarm and met her stoic face.

“You???” D*mn, she didn’t faint from the turbulence just now even though she was completely unprepared? More than that, he was already running at the top of his speed, so how did this d*mn brat manage to catch up???

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