My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 42 - The Prelude to Murder

Chapter 42: The Prelude to Murder

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“What a bunch of useless nothings.” The woman’s seductive voice suddenly turned chilly. “Hurry and chase after her already! If you can’t even deal with a child, what use do I have for garbage like you all!”

Besides the burly man whose hand broke, the other three men hastened their speed and outflanked the direction that Qiao Mu escaped.

The three men each went a different direction and formed a circle, looking as if they were about to catch Qiao Mu.

To their surprise though, the little girl broke out into an even scarier speed, and her little figure nearly turned into an S-shaped lightning bolt as she fled before the men’s eyes in a flash.

The three burly men were truly stupefied! They had never expected a little girl from some remote village to overtake them in speed.

Although they were not like mystic cultivators who could easily break open mountains, cut rivers in half, and destroy cities with their supreme mystic energy, they had soaked inside special medicinal water since they were young and had reached an extraordinary level in their external martial arts.

Compared to normal people who did not even have the strength to truss a chicken, they were quite strong. Normally, their speed could reach that of a level-two mystic cultivator.

The speed of the low-level mystic cultivators might not necessarily match these external martial art experts.

However, the little country girl before them actually… had such strange speed? None of them expected this!

How could they have known that Qiao Mu had ripped two speed talismans in succession? So her current speed was an exceptional display.

All of this was to flee with her life intact…

She did not think that she would end well if she was caught by that dainty woman who spoke in an unnaturally dainty way.

“Whoosh!” Qiao Mu expressionlessly dodged the branches and flipped a few times in the air, evading the seven or eight broken branches that shot toward her. Seriousness flitting through her apathetic face.

“Kekeke.” Familiar shrill laughter rang behind her, causing goosebumps to run over her body.

Qiao Mu turned around and coldly met the woman’s upside-down features.

The woman absolutely could not be considered a beauty. She looked like she was older than 50, yet she still wore a bright pink dress with colorful head accessories and makeup. Her teenage-like attire was extremely stinging to the eyes.

Previously, Qiao Mu did not see the woman’s appearance directly, but this glimpse caused her to nearly regurgitate her dinner from the previous night.

How could an aunty-aged person like her shamelessly call a 13-year-old boy “Mister 1 Duan”?

Qiao Mu’s little face remained stoic as she looked at the woman with eyes full of disapproval.

“Won’t you run anymore, little sister?” The woman twisted her waist as she walked toward her, giggling. “My, look at this, you are truly a fair and delicate little girl!”

The woman walked up and swept the sandalwood fan in her hand toward Qiao Mu’s chin.

Qiao Mu was immediately assailed by a breeze of intense fragrance and retreated a step, her hands pausing in their kneading motion on her nose.

“Achoo!” Qiao Mu glanced at the woman, full of distaste, before backing up further. “Shoo, are you trying to stink me to death? Stay away from me.”

“Also, I’m not your little sister. With your age, you could be my grandma 10 times over! Don’t pretend to be young, it’s too fake! You aren’t young at all.”

A crack appeared on the woman’s powdered face, and her delicate expression completely shattered!

The girl’s face was stoic, but her tongue was so sharp and poisonous! What a vicious heart at such a young age!

“Pft.” The youth tied on the tree inconsiderately chuckled at this time.

This was merely adding oil to the fire, causing the woman’s expression to crumble with anger, a sinister killing intent surfacing in her eyes.

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