My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 41 - A Knight in Shining Armor Saving A Damsel in Distress (2)

Chapter 41: A Knight in Shining Armor Saving A Damsel in Distress (2)

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The person tied to the tree slowly looked up, and his disheveled hair, which concealed his face, slid to his waist.

Qiao Mu sneakily peeked out and took a cursory glance. The person had a pair of slightly upturned alluring peach-blossom eyes. Under the long eyelashes, the tips of his eyes’ outer corners slightly tilted upwards. At first glance, his eyes looked like water was rippling inside, and his pitch-black pupils were very good-looking. Another glance, and you would realize that it was clearly the cold gleam of blades sitting at the bottom of his eyes, flickering in and out of sight.

From his looks, the youth looked around 12 or 13 years old. His thin lips were gently pursed, and the corners of his mouth were a bit cracked from dehydration.

Qiao Mu shrunk back, suddenly feeling a coolness envelop her neck inexplicably.

For some reason, why did she feel like the youth was peering at her?

Absolutely impossible! She was hidden so darn well, who could discover her? Qiao Mu clung onto the back of the tree like a koala, her entire person squashed against the back of the broad tree trunk.

“Mister Duan,” the woman daintily called. “If you continue like this, you will die from thirst. Why don’t you listen to me and drink a bit?”

“Scram.” The youth’s low and dimly magnetic voice drifted to Qiao Mu’s ears and she could not help but curiously peek out to take another look.

The result was…

She abruptly pulled her head back behind the tree, astonished, and subconsciously patted her chest. When she peeked out earlier, she felt like she had been caught red-handed by that youth’s beautiful peach-blossom eyes.

It turned out she did not misconceive being captured by someone’s gaze earlier!

She had clearly hidden herself so, so, so well, and even those burly men did not notice her, so how did the youth discover her? He even used his glossy and beautiful eyes, which looked like they could start leaking tears at any second, to accuse her of “ignoring his peril.”

Heh, did she look like she was someone who would stick her nose in other people’s business? What a joke! She did not have the mood to act as a crowd pleaser all the time!

It appeared she probably would not attain any spoils today, so she should hurry, wrap up, and return home to eat while it was early so as to avoid attracting trouble for no reason.

Just when Qiao Mu was about to stealthily slip away, she suddenly heard the youth gently call in her direction. “Sister, why haven’t you left already? Run quickly! Run, run, run! You mustn’t end up in their hands…”


Qiao Mu’s escape turned into a slip, and tinges of fury slipped over her stoic face!

This punk was obviously trapping her!

Just as expected, the youth’s shout caused the four burly men and the dainty-voiced woman to simultaneously turn around and look at her hiding spot.

Qiao Mu promptly ripped a speed talisman in half, and her speed abruptly tripled. She was akin to an arrow who had left the dock and fled toward the opposite direction.

Seeing Qiao Mu’s burst of speed, the youth’s eyes twinkled.

The four burly men were taken aback for only a second or two before they swiftly chased after her like a pack of wolves.

Qiao Mu pulled a strength talisman out and ripped it in half before kicking out and severing two withered trees off their trunks. The top half of the ancient trees shot through the air with a whoosh and headed directly for the four pursuing burly men.

Seeing this, the man at the front punched toward the flying tree.

He originally thought that when they impacted, the withered tree would surely be swept away by his punch. However, the truth was shocking. The man could clearly hear the crisp sound of the bones in his hand breaking and lowly groaned in pain.

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