My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 40 - A Knight in Shining Armor Saving A Damsel in Distress (1)

Chapter 40: A Knight in Shining Armor Saving A Damsel in Distress (1)

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Hulan Mountain completely encircled Qiaotou Village, so it encompassed quite an enormous area.

Qiao Mu faintly recalled that the paradise that was discovered in her previous life was located deep in the east side of the mountain, but the exact location still required further investigation.

However, what she lacked the most right now was time. Moreover, if she wanted to search the mountain by herself, it was not too realistic.

Qiao Mu gently sighed. A treasure mystic realm depended on fate, whether she obtained it or not was at the mercy of heaven’s will.

One Hour Later:

A small, lithe figure swiftly swept over the withered forest, infrequently stopping to look behind her.

Suddenly, Qiao Mu paused and dashed behind a dead tree. She held her breath for a few seconds before carefully poking her head out and inspecting the glade in front of her.

From her angle, she could see five burly men in cyan robes sitting in a circle in the small sand-covered glade.

They all had an incredibly muscular physique, their arms equaling the width of several of Qiao Mu’s thighs, and their breathing was very slow and even. She could tell they were not ordinary people at first glance.

The Hulan Mountain had been abandoned for so many years. Living things were very rare in the mountain, and people normally would not go up the mountain. Hence, it was very strange for these people to show up here for no reason.

Qiao Mu cautiously hid behind the tree, and after observing for a while, she saw one of the strong men took a bamboo tube filled with water and got up, walking forward.

“Drink!” the strong man commanded with a low shout, handing the bamboo tube to a person tied to a tree.

The person had a slim figure with a purple robe loosely hanging from his body and a white satin belt tied around his waist. His head was hanging down askew as he leaned against the trunk of the tree. The person’s pitch-black, silk-like hair softly draped down in ripples, completely covering his face.

The strong man’s voice did not elicit any reaction from the person. He even distastefully shifted his head to the side and distanced himself from the bamboo tube completely.

A pair of red silk peony shoes gently treaded on the sandy ground, accompanied by a waft of intense fragrance.

Qiao Mu hurriedly covered her mouth and nose, the stinky fragrance nearly caused her to sneeze.

“Mister Duan…”

Qiao Mu slightly trembled. Heavens, why did this woman’s voice sound like a chick whose neck was pinched? It was so shrill that it nearly pierced her eardrums.

“Mister Duan, you haven’t drunk a single sip of water in two days. How will your body last if you continue in this manner! Come, let me feed you two sips,” the woman continued in her pinched dainty voice, strutting forward with mincing steps and her hips gently swaying back and forth. She leaned forward, about to lift that person’s chin up.

“Ptui.” The person tied to the tree suddenly lifted his chin and slightly opened his mouth while dodging the woman’s fingers. At the same time, the woman hastily grabbed one of the strong men near her and placed him in front of her.

“Hic…” The strong man released a smothered groan before crashing to the ground with a bang.

Qiao Mu stared and found a slender nail inserted into the strong man’s throat, and his whole neck was dyed red from the blood.

The woman angrily stomped her feet before daintily saying, “Mister Duan, why did you act so cruelly?”

The other four strong men who were sitting and eating dried food all curled their fingers and clutched the bag of dried food in their hands upon witnessing their companion’s death.

Inside, they rejoiced over the fact that they were thankfully not the ones who had approached him. As expected, they could not go too near this dangerous character.

Originally, they were a group of 10-20 brothers, but more than half of them had died at the hands of this person’s concealed weapons, his viciousness apparent. If, to control him, they did not have special drugs that only allowed him to act up in near range, then perhaps they would all be dead already.

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