My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 39 - Escaping in a Panic

Chapter 39: Escaping in a Panic

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This turn of events was like stabbing a hornet’s nest, and the whole classroom was filled with the children’s guffaws.

The Daoist priest stood up, his face burning. Meeting his tiny employer, Zhou Tao’s, doubtful gaze, he immediately straightened his expression and shouted while lunging toward Master Jiang, “You evil creature, where did you flee to?”

Swish, swish, swish. The Daoist priest charged to the front of Master Jiang and started waving his peach-wood sword up and down, his body dancing with it. He looked like he was putting a lot of effort into it, as though he was truly fighting some invisible evil creature.

Master Jiang’s face was flushed with anger. He moved left and right to dodge the priest’s peach-wood sword and was about the admonish the priest.

However, the priest did not keep his cool for more than three seconds and fell onto the ground face first again. This time, his head was spinning, and two tracks of blood flowed down his nostrils.

The Daoist priest was both anxious and angry, and he jumped up with a roar. His peach-wood sword clattered onto the ground, and an ill-boding feeling washed over him. His head felt like it was being pulled by a gravitational force and heavily fell down again.

Then, this turned into a cycle, and the children watched as the Daoist priest miserably got up and fell down over and over again, shock entering their system.

The past and present had frighteningly similar points!

The children all discovered, didn’t this scene of endlessly repeating an unlucky event over and over again happen to Little Fatty Zhou yesterday?

Bang! Bang! Bang! After the Daoist priest fell over and over again, his forehead was completely red from knocking his head on the ground. What added to his sorry figure was the blood dripping from his nose, flowing everywhere on his face.

A few minutes later, the tragic Daoist priest discovered that his head had finally stopped answering the call of gravity, but the last trace of his confidence had already wilted from the torture.

He shakily stood up. His bloody face with his violently protruded eyes painted him in a very terrifying light.

His originally dazed eyes slowly came into focus, and the Daoist priest released a blood-curdling screech before deliriously staggering out of the classroom, his peach-wood sword forgotten after being tossed onto the ground.

The pudgy child’s face was pale from fright. He tightly clutched the face-sized protective talisman in front of his chest and chased after the Daoist priest who was a short distance away. Heaving, he yelled, “Venerable One, Venerable One, why are you running away? Venerable One, Venerable One, come back here! Don’t forget you accepted 100 taels of silver from my dad…”

“Too ferocious, too ferocious! The demons here are truly too ferocious! Little child, you better hurry and run! This poor Daoist won’t take that 100 taels of silver!” The Daoist priest scampered away while wailing like a ghost and howling like a wolf, leaving behind a group of children looking at each other blankly.

The veins were bulging on Master Jiang’s forehead from how angry he was. For two consecutive days, Little Fatty Zhou had sent the whole classroom into a state of upheaval. How could he still have the mood to teach the lesson? He furiously flicked his sleeves and had the brats scram immediately!

Qiao Mu scratched her nose, and the wheels in her mind turned. It was currently still 7am. Since the teacher canceled the class, why doesn’t she… go up the mountain and search for the secret paradise?

Since she had planned ahead, Qiao Mu had been carrying rope, a trowel, a gourd for carrying water, and other tools for climbing up a mountain with her when she went to the school the past two days, so she did not need to make a trip home.

She dawdled around until she was the last one out of the classroom. Upon seeing that no one was around, she meandered to the shortcut overrun with dried grass behind the school and nimbly started climbing up.

This shortcut was more precipitous and deserted than the mountain path that she introduced to the people from the Heavenly Dao Sect. She had not traversed it in her previous life, so she had no idea where it led to inside Hulan Mountain.

Qiao Mu slightly looked up and narrowed her eyes as she stared at the withered forest saturated in the sun.

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