My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 38 - Evil Spirits Being a Menace

Chapter 38: Evil Spirits Being a Menace

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The next day, our dear Qiao Mu went to the classroom wearing two dark circles under her eyes, mumbling under her breath the entire trip. When she returned home yesterday, she wasted a lot of time solely on soliciting Brother Xiao Hu, Second Uncle’s son, to go to the town and help her buy talisman papers.

After snatching the talisman pen from her apparition and badgering her apparition to go cultivate mystic conscious, Qiao Mu had a sleepless night. She sneakily drew talismans inside the woodshed the whole night and had failed two-thirds of the third talisman she had attempted.

In the end, Qiao Mu drew three speed talismans, three strength talismans, and four repetition talismans, and she felt like her whole day’s worth of energy had been drained completely.

Therefore, Qiao Mu sat in the back of the classroom with one hand supporting her chin, dozing off.

Suddenly, a commotion was heard outside of the door, and two bootlicking calls of “Young Master Xiao Tao” made Qiao Mu realize that the little tyrant, Zhou Tao, had arrived.

He was tormented so miserably yesterday but still dared to come today, so his courage must be commended. Qiao Mu shifted her hand to support her forehead and slightly turned her head, peering at the little tyrant from the corner of her eyes. What she saw startled her.

The little tyrant’s appearance today…

He was wearing a broad and loose-fitting sapphire-blue robe made of silk with a pair of black boots with a broad base. What was different from yesterday was the gigantic jade tablet in the shape of a square-holed coin hanging down his chest, a strong nouveau-riche aura assaulting the onlookers’ senses.

The round jade tablet heavily hung down his neck, dangled down to his abdomen, and had large “protective talisman” characters written on it. It looked like it was a jade protective talisman that his rich dad purchased extravagantly.

Speaking of which, to be able to carve the complicated runes onto a jade stone required not only the support of mystic energy but also for the caster itself to be an advanced-level talisman practitioner. Based on her knowledge from her previous life, there was only one person in the entire Sikong Planet who could carve runes onto jade stones.

That person was a member of the talisman patrician family located far away in Guanlan City. It turned out this pudgy child’s rich dad was quite capable.

However, when Qiao Mu carefully examined it, a faint smile involuntarily rose on her lips.

She could not feel a single trace of talisman energy from this protective talisman that was as large as the child’s face. Furthermore, the messy counterfeit runes that were crookedly carved on the surface were nothing but fragmented characters that someone intentionally carved distortedly to make it incomprehensible.

In other words, the pudgy child’s dad was probably scammed into spending a large sum of money to buy a fake protective talisman. Since there was not any talisman energy embedded into the jade pendant, it was basically a mere decoration and could not even be considered the cheapest beginner-level talisman.

Pft, it caused her to be shocked for no reason. It was nothing but a joke in the end.

Qiao Mu pursed her lips with disinterest and was about to look away when her gaze suddenly paused and landed behind the pudgy child.

There was a Daoist priest holding a peach-wood sword intended to ward off evil spirits and reciting a series of words with conviction. His peach-wood sword suddenly pointed at the direction of the livid Master Jiang and shouted “Tch! I order all the evil monsters in the vicinity to disperse and the evil spirits to quickly surrender!”

“Hahahaha…” the children all broke into laughter and tumbled everywhere, rolling into a ball.

Swish swish swish swish. The Daoist priest brandished his sword and performed a sword dance, causing Qiao Mu to laugh her head off.

This mumble jumble of a “sword dance” was truly… absurd beyond belief! Zhou Tao’s portly dad was swindled again and found a fake Daoist priest from who knows where.

“Small demon, show thyself immediately!” A talisman paper was pinched between two of the Daoist priest’s fingers, and with a downward motion, the paper combusted in a bowl of clear water. This self-combustion technique immediately stunned this crowd of ignorant children from the village.

The Daoist priest swallowed a mouthful of the “talisman water” before spitting it all onto the peach-wood sword, but when he histrionically walked forward, he suddenly stepped on something and promptly slipped, face-planting onto the ground with a thump.

The Daoist priest’s eyes bulged out of his sockets, but it was too late to catch himself, and the impact nearly knocked his nose crooked.

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