My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 48 - Paradise

Chapter 48: Paradise

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When the youth leaped down earlier, he did it with the intention to trick her.

If she had not reacted fast enough and let go, then perhaps she would have already been stabbed in the back and left in the lurch by now.

Even adults would not be unaffected by a forceful yank that fast, let alone her with her tiny build. If she had not landed on the ground and instead ended up swinging in the air, then she would have ended up under the mercy of this idiotic youth.

What a joke! How could Qiao Mu allow him to take control of the situation!

“Be good.” Qiao Mu sent the youth a menacing glance before pulling on the rope around Duan Yue’s hand and dragging him forward.

There was a gushing stream beneath their feet. The stream was not wide, but it zigzagged and extended very far.

Qiao Mu did not lead Duan Yue very far before their surroundings started turning brighter.

Because Duan Yue had been hit by several giant rocks successively while he was falling, besides his left shoulder bone which was fractured and could not be lifted, there were bruises and cuts scattered all over his body.

From this, it was apparent how merciless the little girl was earlier; she did not hold back at all.

“You…” Duan Yue wanted to speak but immediately found stars filling his vision, and his throat was so dry that he nearly lost consciousness.

However, Qiao Mu did not notice his peculiar state. Instead, her eyes were completely glued to the beautiful scenery in front of her.

When she entered the paradise in her previous life, it was almost thoroughly pillaged by people, and nothing valuable remained; therefore, the entire mystic realm was near the brink of collapse from the devastation of those people.

So how could she have seen such a tranquil and beautiful landscape like now?

The paradise appeared to be a secluded valley with magnetite mines encircling it—their peaks undulating up and down and extending as far as the eye can see. The amount of magnetite inside was countless.

There was also a peach blossom forest, and a small verdant lake sat next to it, its surface placid.

When they walked down the paved pathway, they discovered that the stream under their feet had branched from this small lake. The lake water appeared extremely clear and calm, and the energetically swimming fish in the water could be seen lucidly through the jade green surface of the lake.

There was a thick sense of mystic energy all around them. With the mystic energy so abundant, it would be a pipe dream to be able to absorb everything in a few days.

Qiao Mu frowned. She could not stay here for too long. If she was unable to return by night time, her mother would be worried to death.


She turned her gaze to the youth who had his head hanging down. Qiao Mu then yanked his wrist. “Refine, how!”

To her surprise, as soon as she said this, the youth crashed onto the ground, sprawled out on his back, with a bang.

It was only then that Qiao Mu belatedly noticed the youth’s abnormality. She gently kicked him with knitted brows. “What?”

“Don’t play dead! Get up!”

What a weakling! How could he be on the verge of dying simply from being hit by a few rocks?

The youth opened his mouth feebly. He really wanted to tell this imp that he had not consumed any food or water for several days already, so this was likely his starvation and dehydration hitting him at full blast.

He needed food and water to replenish his energy! The youth strenuously dragged a finger over the plush green ground and wrote “Water.”

Qiao Mu frowned and peered down at him. “You want to drink water?”

“Men were truly a hassle!” Qiao Mu hauled the weak youth to the lakeside. “Drink then!”

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