My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 25 - Extremely Unruly!

Chapter 25: Extremely Unruly!

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Qiao Mu’s hand loosened, and a moderately-sized brick slid from her sleeve into her hand.

Then, without a single word, Qiao Mu shot up with the brick in her hand and ruthlessly bashed it against Liu Yexin’s head!

When Liu Yexin’s swine-like screech emanated from the room, a feeling of unease flooded Xu Jiao’s heart.

She was about the push the door to enter when the room’s door was pulled open from the inside. Qiao Mu withdrew the brick back inside of her sleeve and calmly walked past Xu Jiao.

“?” However, when Xu Jiao turned to look inside with a face of confusion, terror instantly flooded her face.

Inside the room, was the girl who drifted down from the bed with disheveled hair and a head covered in blood Miss Liu from the Heavenly Dao Sect?

My goodness, what sin have they committed?

Xu Jiao turned enraged in a split second and subconsciously turned around, grabbing the departing Qiao Mu. “What did you do? Qiao Mu, look at what you have done!”

Qiao Mu’s hand lightly trembled and instantly shook off Xu Jiao’s hand.

Seeing how she ambled down the stairs irresponsibly without looking back, Xu Jiao was rooted to where she stood, dumbfounded! She had seen unruly children, but she had never seen a child more unruly and bizarre than her!

Say, if you were unhappy about coming to apologize, then speak it clearly! Yet, she came here compliantly and then turned everything on its head after coming!

How could this be tolerated!

Xu Jiao had thought this was extremely unruly behavior already, but the sight that she was met with when the extraordinarily unfortunate Miss Liu looked up nearly caused her to faint from anger.

A piece of white paper was pasted onto Miss Liu’s face, and rows of flowing cursive were written on it. “I came to give a present on the order of Grandmother, no need for thanks! If you have a return gift, please prepare your own brick, and find Elderly Lady Qiao to personally receive it at the Qiao Compound at No. 6 Qiaotou Village!”

Xu Jiao was truly enraged to laughter.

Could it be that the girl beat someone up here and then also wished for Miss Liu to bring people to seek Elderly Lady Qiao out to “return the favor”!

When Senior Brother Ji and the other people of the Heavenly Dao Sect rushed out after hearing the noise, Qiao Mu had already departed from Long Gate Inn and disappeared without a trace.

Even if Xu Jiao had ten thousand guts, she did not dare to stay and endure the rage of the Heavenly Dao Sect on her own. Her organs might throb from anger, but she hastily returned home to inform Elderly Lady Qiao about the event.

After exiting the inn, Qiao Mu did not take more than two steps before she suddenly looked up and saw someone jumping from the railings of the second floor of the teahouse across the street. In a flutter of clothes, that person landed in front of her.

Qiao Mu did not bother looking up and voluntarily moved to the side, planning to walk around the blockage.

Unexpectedly, that person chuckled and took a side step, standing in front of her. “Little Qiaoqiao, why are you trying to slip away as soon as you see me? Did you do something bad again?”

Not far away, the two accompanying youths in short-lapel black clothes could not help facepalming. They felt like Their Highness the Crown Prince was becoming more and more unscrupulous.

His Highness, who was outwardly refined and gentle like a spring breeze yet inwardly conniving, nefarious, and temperamental, was currently treading down a bottomless path.

Qiao Mu looked up and glared at a certain someone.

“What’s hiding inside your sleeve?” That certain someone completely disregarded this wooden doll’s absolutely harmless gaze. Instead, he pushed his luck, took a step forward, and picked the child up in his arms, extracting the brick hidden in her sleeves.

“Why are you holding onto this filthy thing?” A certain crown prince had a face of disgust as he tossed the bloody brick onto the ground before using a clean handkerchief to wipe Qiao Mu’s hands.

Qiao Mu felt that if she had a brick in her hand right now, she would certainly strike it against his head without hesitation. “There is truly a screw loose in your head, am I familiar with you?”

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