My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 26 - Inky

Chapter 26: Inky

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“How are we unfamiliar? Look, this is already our third chance encounter.” Mo Lian blinked and his hand’s motions paused. He suddenly realized that in the three times they had met, he coincidentally just happened to witness this child committing a crime every single time…

“This is probably preordained destiny, right!” Mo Lian remarked with a chuckle. With a swish of his fingers, a black five-finger width and seven-inches long object that resembled a ferule appeared in his hand.

“From now on, use this to hit someone. It’s nimble and easy to use.” Mo Lian placed the ferule into the child’s hand before distastefully glancing at the brick on the floor. “Don’t keep something that filthy. It would fall apart with a few slams; it’s so impractical. This is better and very sturdy, so slam it however you wish. It won’t break!”

The two accompanying youths in black nearly fell onto the ground…

Such a young sprout and yet His Highness was raising her so crookedly in such a disaster-courting fashion. “Is this truly alright, Your Highness?”

The black ferule appeared very icy, but it was warm to the touch and did not have a single hint of bone-chilling coolness. After holding it in her hand for a while, she could even feel traces of warmth.

Although this crown prince was a bit cuckoo, the things that he brought out were truly fine, like the medicine from earlier and this ferule.

If she guessed correctly, this ferule was not only a mystic weapon but also a very high-level mystic weapon. At least, with her current status as a level three mystic cultivator, she could not assess the level of this mystic weapon.

Mystic weapon masters have long faded into the history of Sikong Planet. In the last hundred years, not a single mystic weapon master had appeared on Sikong Planet! There hadn’t even been a level one mystic weapon master!

Many people claimed it was because the climate of Sikong Planet was not good, so it could not birth a mystic weapon master, while other people claimed it was due to the lack of forging materials.

Anyhow, this so-and-so crown prince in front of her might not look too reliable, but the things that he brought out… were absolutely appealing!

Qiao Mu’s face remained tense, and she did not say anything, but she silently stuffed the ferule into her sleeve.

Looking at this twisted child, Mo Lian nearly laughed out loud.

“Do you know how to use it?” While holding a certain child, Mo Lian cheerfully walked forward and quietly explained how to use a mystic weapon, “This is a level 12 mystic weapon. Originally, you shouldn’t be able to use it with your current mystic energy, but I have sealed a portion of its power and temporarily suppressed it into a level three mystic weapon. As your strength grows, it will also grow with you. Infuse mystic energy inside when you use it, and you will slowly discover its unexpected function. You should name it!”

“Inky.” 1

“!” Are you sure you aren’t half-heartedly naming some mediocre mystic weapon?

Qiao Mu was silent for three seconds before tacking on an explanation. “It looks black.”

Mo Lian: …

Immediately after, the black ferule in the child’s sleeve emitted a faint black light. Mo Lian glanced down at it, a faint trace of emotions sliding through his eyes.

This child was truly intelligent, silently embedding her mystic energy into the mystic weapon and easily gaining the recognition of the mystic weapon.

“What would you call it if it looked white?”




Alright… The name Inky was quite decent already. At least it wasn’t Blacky or something.

The corner of Mo Lian’s mouth twitched as he glanced at the little squirt, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. By pointlessly chatting, it allowed this little wooden doll to temporarily forget that she was currently in a certain someone’s arms and that she was being carried the whole time.

In truth, how could Qiao Mu forget? She simply had not recovered from her shock!

A level-12 mystic weapon… This so-and-so Crown Prince managed to bring out a level-12 mystic weapon so easily, but she had not even seen a level-12 mystic weapon once while she was alive in her past life, okay?

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