My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 24 - Sending a Present!

Chapter 24: Sending a Present!

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Buffoons making fools of themselves!

Qiao Mu nonchalantly glanced at Xu Jiao, but Wei Ziqin acted as though she was facing a terrible enemy and hastily pushed her daughter behind her.

“Xu Jiao, don’t go too far!” Qiao Zhongxing angrily rebuked with a taut face.

“Second Brother, I’m not pleased by what you are implying! I came here to conduct business on the order of Elderly Lady Qiao!” Xu Jiao impatiently pursed her lips into a straight line. “If I don’t do a good job, and Elderly Lady Qiao blames me for it later, will you take responsibility, Second Brother? Or will Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-Law do it?”

Wei Ziqin was about to speak when a soft little hand pressed on the back of her own hand.

Qiao Mu walked out from behind her mother’s back and stood in front of Xu Jiao, indifferently saying, “Wait for me.”

The adults all looked at each other blankly.

Qiao Mu’s tiny figure made a loop inside the woodshed before quickly reappearing in front of Xu Jiao. “We can go now.”

Xu Jiao was stunned.

Wei Ziqin also hurriedly walked up, wanting to drag her own daughter back. “Qiaoqiao, you can’t leave with them. They are forcing you to go and apologize to Miss Liu!”

How could she allow her daughter to endanger herself again? Why must her daughter, who is so young, withstand such enormous pressure? There were so many people from the Heavenly Dao Sect gathered at Long Gate Inn, whereas her daughter was young and had only herself, so how could this do?

“Don’t worry, Mom.” Qiao Mu nodded at Wei Ziqin before turning to face Qiao Zhongxing. “Second Uncle, I will be right back.”

And then, she sent a kick to the back of the left strong man’s calf before folding her hands behind her back. She coldly stated, her chin slightly raised, “What are you blanking out for? Lead the way!”

Qiao Zhongxing instantly grew amused. This little niece of his might look like a tiny round ball but when she put up an arrogant front, it looked quite legit.

The kicked man was also shocked inside. The little girl’s kick might look light as a feather, but it sent a tingling pain radiating in his calf. When he had the opportunity to sneakily peek at it and discovered that his whole calf had turned purple, the shock in him grew bigger.

Xu Jiao followed them out the door and lightly coughed, glancing at Qiao Mu uncomfortably. “What did you do in the woodshed just now?”

Qiao Mu nonchalantly looked at her. “When I visit someone’s house, I naturally can’t go empty-handed and make your precious Qiao Clan look bad.”

Xu Jiao was amazed. “So you are saying that you even prepared a present?”

Qiao Mu disregarded her. Xu Jiao reckoned this child’s inclination to talk did not exceed three sentences. If people inquired further, she was typically unwilling to answer.

The entire Qiaotou Village had only one inn located at the entrance of the village. It was not that luxurious, but quite a lot of people lodged there.

Xu Jiao had the two strong men stay outside Long Gate Inn and led Qiao Mu inside herself. After asking for the room of Miss Liu from the Heavenly Dao Sect, she brought Qiao Mu to Elegant Room on the second floor.

There was no one in front of Liu Yexin’s room, so the other disciples of the Heavenly Dao Sect were probably resting inside their own room.

Xu Jiao pushed Qiao Mu forward. “After you enter, properly apologize to Miss Liu and repent for your earlier insolence. You must butter Miss Liu up, or else you will get it when you go back.”

Qiao Mu coldly glanced at her. For some reason, Xu Jiao felt like this child’s eyes were so pitch-black that they were terrifying. Her distinctively black and white eyes did not contain a tinge of warmth, as though it was covered by a millennium-old layer of snow. How did it resemble a child’s eyes?

After Qiao Mu entered the room, she closed the door behind her and faintly smiled at Liu Yexin, who had sat up.

When Liu Yexin saw the hoodoo, she could not resist exclaiming in panic, “Why did you come here?”

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