My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 23 - Provocation

Chapter 23: Provocation

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No matter how she thought about it, Qiao Mu could not understand why her inner world, which was supposed to be completely empty, had so much gold and silver and gems and jade stored inside it.

Qiao Mu attempted to move a gold brick from her inner world, and a tiny stab of pain appeared in her head, causing her to instantly close her eyes.

When she re-opened them, the faint thread of mystic conscious had already retreated from her inner world, and the door to her inner world had naturally closed as well. Furthermore, the apparition had also probably been locked inside the inner world, so she could do nothing but leave it alone.

Qiao Mu lightly sighed. Her mystic energy was very weak, so it naturally could not condense mystic conscious for too long. This meant that she had a treasure mountain for nothing and could not withdraw things from there.

After thinking about it, she attempted to move the little square wooden table from the corner of the room into her inner world and promptly rolled her eyes.

What use was it if she could only store but could not withdraw?

The stoic, woodcut-like face suddenly made a sweet and adorable expression. If Crown Prince Lian had witnessed it, he would have certainly exclaimed, “Interesting!”

In truth, it was not that Qiao Mu did not understand the logic that storing things inside the inner world exhausted an extremely tiny amount of mystic conscious, unless it was mass storing. In this case, the amount of mystic conscious required was an entirely different matter. If it was merely storing one or two items, then the mystic conscious that was consumed was essentially negligible.

On the other hand, withdrawing items from the inner world required the consumption of quite a bit of mystic conscious. It was not based on the item’s value, but the larger and the heavier the item, the more mystic conscious that was consumed. If there was an insufficient amount of mystic conscious available, then the inner world’s door would naturally close, and, in theory, you would be unable to withdraw items from it.

Although the size of that gold brick just now was not too big, it was quite heavy, so it was unable to be taken out with her current mystic conscious. Qiao Mu did not forcibly try anymore and planned to rest for a while before trying to see if she could withdraw something at night.

“Sister, the table, the table!” Little Qiao Lin childishly called, her chubby finger directly pointing at the corner of the room.

The small wooden table had vanished all of a sudden in front of her just now!

Qiao Mu ignored the little guy and tugged on her hand. Then, the sisters casually washed up before leaving the room.

As soon as they walked outside, they saw Second Uncle, Qiao Zhongxing, sitting at the dining table near the entrance of the courtyard. He waved at them with a grin. “Qiaoqiao, Xiao Lin’er, come and eat some congee.”

Qiao Mu was expressionless on the outside, but inside, she did a little happy dance, thinking about how she needed to find a way to converse with Second Uncle one-on-one later.

However, the peace did not last. Before the sisters drank more than a few mouthfuls of the congee, the serene morning was disturbed by a loud bang.

Wei Ziqin hurriedly rushed out of the house and caught sight of Xu Jiao leading two strong men through the door after kicking it open.

“Sister-in-Law.” Qiao Zhongbang stood up from the table with embarrassment on his face as he looked at the two strong men behind Xu Jiao, hesitating to speak.

However, Second Uncle Qiao Zhongxing slapped the table loudly and angrily asked, “Xu Jiao, what are you doing? You enter your eldest brother’s house in broad daylight, and this breaking and entering without invitation is your attitude?”

“Eldest Brother, Second Brother, I’m really sorry. But well, it’s not like I wanted to come myself, but Elderly Lady Qiao charged me with the responsibility of escorting Qiao Mu to Long Gate Inn to apologize to Miss Liu and make amends!” Xu Jiao pursed her brilliantly red lips and glanced at the two strong men from the corner of her eyes. “What are you waiting for? Act!”

“Xu Jiao, you are purposefully visiting and provoking us!” Second Uncle Qiao Zhongxing shot up instantly. Watching how one of the strong men walked up to snatch Qiao Mu, Qiao Zhongxing did not speak further and swung a fist at the strong man’s face.

The strong man clutched his face in pain and took a step back. Wei Ziqin charged forward with a pale face and pulled Qiao Mu into her arms.

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