My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1954 - Trust to Luck...     

Chapter 1954: Trust to Luck…

“Eh? Qiaoqiao’s face is red!” Before Ma Ta could finish commenting, he got so frightened by the daggers Crown Prince Mo was shooting from his eyes that he swallowed the rest of what he had to say.

/How preposterous. Only he could see his wife’s red face!/

The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal was very down to earth as he cracked melon seeds next to Crown Prince Mo. He said, “Sigh, there should be a nice drama to watch this time.”

Qiao Mu trotted to the battle stage and bounded up the stairs with the rest of the crowd.

With Crown Prince Mo and company’s eyesight, they were naturally able to see the little lady standing at the edge of the battle stage. She was bored to death as she watched the other people squeeze inside with all their might, as if they would be able to draw lots earlier if they succeeded.

This large battle stage was several hundred feet wide, so it wasn’t crowded even with several hundred people congregating there. However, the fact that everybody was fervidly squeezing toward the middle made the people standing outside the crowd extremely eye-catching.

“Alright, alright. Line up to draw lots one by one!!” The number of academies participating in the second round greatly exceeded the organizers’ expectations.

It would probably take 15 minutes for so many people to finish drawing lots one by one.

“Okay, line up properly and draw lots one by one. Do not hesitate or stop walking. If this old man discovers that you used your spiritual conscious to look at the contents of the lots, this will be viewed as cheating and be subject to disqualification.”

Everyone wanted to protest, but the old man’s warning caused the noisy clamor to go down. They quickly formed a line and walked toward the table with the lots.

It was actually rather quick for everybody to draw lots. If anybody purposely halted along the way, they would be sure to receive the elder’s warning gaze.

Only after the people who finished drawing lots lined up apprehensively on the other side did stragglers like Qiao Mu walk forward.

One young man said to Qiao Mu with a nod, “Miss can go first.”

Qiao Mu shook her petite hand, gesturing for him to go first. Only after waiting for everybody to leave did she then absentmindedly line up at the very end.

/Ha, didn’t Mentor Zhou say that her luck was good./

Well, she wasn’t going to go along with what he wanted. Since she would be the last one, they would put trust to luck and let the heavens arrange whichever team as their opponent.

Seeing her passive attitude, Mentor Zhou decided that he wouldn’t let her draw lots again tomorrow!

As everybody finished drawing lots one by one, that young man also drew his lot. He turned to nod to her before walking to the side.

Qiao Mu only then pursed her lips and walked up, pleased with herself. She stuck her petite hand in and fumbled about for a long time.

“Cough.” It wasn’t until she heard the elder’s light cough that she looked up and stared at that grandpa. “Where’s the lot?”

The elder twitched his mouth and said in amusement, “Little lady, you don’t need to draw one! This old man said earlier that there are 677 academies competing this round, which naturally means one academy will get a bye! Congratulations, little lady, your academy gets a free pass to the next match.”

Everyone: “…”

Qiao Mu: “…”

The elder: “?”

/Why did this little lady have such an indescribable expression?/

“Classmate Yu, what’s wrong?” In the seating area, Godsend Academy’s Xu Xinran scrutinized Yu Gui, who was sitting beside her.

She had been feeling that this classmate had a strange relationship with Jiang Qi and them.

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