My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1955 - Luck Has Come

Chapter 1955: Luck Has Come

Xu Xinran eyed Yu Gui and the other few people with suspicion.

She still felt that there was something off about Yu Gui, Jiang Qi, Lu Ling, and them.

If you said that they had nothing to do with each other, the familiar gazes they inadvertently revealed made Xu Xinran believe that it was impossible for them not to know each other, but it you said that they were familiar, Yu Gui, Jiang Qi, and them spoke less than five sentences total in one day.

That’s why if they did know each other, they were too able to restrain themselves.

Xu Xinran sized up Yu Gui once again and interrogated persistently, “What’s wrong, Classmate Yu. Your complexion looks a bit awful. Is your body fine? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Yu Gui forcefully suppressed her ecstasy. She didn’t need to turn her head to know what her junior sisters sitting behind her were feeling.

Their eyes were shining as they struggled to peel their gazes from the stage, inch by inch. They suppressed their desire to rush back to the sect and tell everyone that “their little junior sister has returned.”

Yu Gui gave Xu Xinran an indifferent look and said coldly, “Oh, I’m quite alright. Thank you Classmate Xu for worrying.”

Xu Xinran’s expression sank.

/D*mn it, it was this lukewarm attitude again./ She got snubbed despite showing good intentions.

She was a daughter of the Shen Clan, so her birthright dictated that she was superior to other people. If she didn’t see that Yu Gui and them were of decent talent, she would have loathed to rope them into her clan by any means necessary.

/These cowards from the Lower Star Domain were too shameless!/

She was willing to hold out an olive branch to them, yet these fellows didn’t know what was good for them. Even though she didn’t expect them to be carrying that olive branch everywhere like dogs, they were going against her now and hiding everything from her, their captain!

/Utterly preposterous!/

Xu Xinran swept Yu Gui and company a cold glance before secretly contemplating: /Only when people get caught up in desperate straits do they realize had important a stroke of luck is./

Yu Gui’s group were destined to be dogs that she, Xu Xinran, could order about as she liked. Just they wait.

A cold glint flitted across Xu Xinran’s eyes.

Meanwhile, on the battle stage.

Elder Hong, the head judge in charge of drawing lots, looked up in surprise at this little lady who was wearing a complicated expression.

/Could it be that she wasn’t happy or excited?/

/This was getting a bye in the first match of the second round!/

At least, this would allow their entire team to save one to two days of combat power.

On the other hand, the other academies might get dog-tired today and tomorrow. The second match of the competition would continue, but they…

/Wasn’t this good?/

/However, the little lady’s expression clearly showed that something was off./

“Little lady, which academy do you belong to. Let this old man register this for you!” Hong Chi coughed lightly.

“Apex Academy!” Mentor Zhou jumped up and shouted at the top of his lungs from far away.

The elder: “…”

Zhou Danjin delightfully waved his paw toward the little one in the center of the battle stage. He nodded in gratification. “As expected of our Classmate Qiao who overflows with luck!”

Crown Prince Mo and the Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal beside them couldn’t resist laughing.

From their understanding of the little fellow, this child had probably wanted to secretly dupe Mentor Zhou. Yet… the result turned out contrary to her wishes!

Miss Qiao expressionlessly watched the elder finish her registration. He nodded at her and said, “Once again, congratulations on helping your academy pull a bye for the first match.”

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