My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1953 - A Gang Fight?   

Chapter 1953: A Gang Fight?


Zhou Danjin was gratified as he looked at his students.

/The dean was right. They are indeed a group of spirited young’uns!/

“Okay then students. Your mentor’s meteoric rise and the academy’s standing in the Six Prefectures Continent all depends on you!” Zhou Danjin said with a smile before turning to Qiao Mu. “Classmate Qiao, we came to an agreement, right. It’s almost your turn to draw lots!”

“Qiaoqiao, help up draw a lot!”

Everybody ardently grabbed her petite hands.

Qiao Mu looked at them expressionlessly. She thought her classmates would say something inspiring.


The little fatty shouted, “The weakest team!”

“Pfft.” Qi Xuanxuan burst out laughing and pushed the little fatty’s hands away. She scolded jokingly, “Shoo, shoo, shoo.”

“Mentor, then what you’re saying is that after we finish drawing lots, the two academies are going to have a gang fight?” Qiao Mu blinked.

Everybody inexplicably discovered that the little fellow’s eyes were sparkling.

Her expression got particularly amusing at the mention of gang fights.

Beside them, Mentor Hu waved his hand and explained with a smile, “Of course it won’t be as simple as a group fight. Oh of course, it is possible if both academies agree to it.”

“Normally, the two academies compete in a one-on-one battle. Of course, it can also be a one agaisnt many battle.”

“We understand.” Everybody nodded simultaneously and shifted their gaze to Duanmu Qing.

Then they just had to let Duanmu go on later.

Duanmu Qing felt that the little fatty and the others were giving him questionable gazes and couldn’t help but shudder. “What are you guys looking at?”

Everybody shook their heads with goodnatured smiles.

Meanwhile, the battle arena’s boy servant led several more teams in their direction.

They nodded in acknowledgement as they passed by.

The academies sitting in their area were normally those without much reputation.

On the other hand, large academies like Sunlight Academy, Moonlight Academy, and Jiaqing Academy sat in the front rows.

There were forty to fifty academies between their tiny corner and the first rows…

Qiao Mu took out a bag of melon seeds and pastries. Yet before she could eat any of it, the people around her had already snatched it all…

Miss Qiao looked down at her empty bag and turned to see Crown Prince Mo’s smiling gaze. She put away the empty bag in a huff and took out an apple to munch on.

After waiting for almost an hour, the entire circular seating area was basically full.

A spirited elder getting on in years strode up to the battle stage in the center. He announced to the audience, “Alright, will the 677 academies that passed the preliminaries each send up a student representative to draw lots.”

The elder did not speak loudly, but each of his words penetrated the people’s eardrums, so they heard him very clearly.

“Classmate Qiao, we’re counting on you!” Ma Ta and the others shouted excitedly.

When Qiao Mu stood up, she heard explosive roars from the front. “Certain victory for Jiaqing Academy’s Classmate So-and-So!”

“A perfect lot for Sunlight Academy’s Such-and Such!” and the like…

These shouts shook the heaven and earth.

The little fatty suggested enthusiastically, “Qiaoqiao, how about we also cheer for you?”

“Right, right, right, we’ll chant Apex Academy…”

“Shut up!” Qiao Mu glared at them while sweating bullets. Her petite face flushed pink.

/Her face was burning from the embarassment…/

/Chant my *ss. It would look so stupid!/

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