My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 12 - I Want Nothing but Gold!

Chapter 12: I Want Nothing but Gold!

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Senior Brother Ji swept his hand in the air, pulled out a rectangular treasure chest with 10-20 rubies embedded on it, and handed it over to our dear Qiao Mu with a grin.

When the treasure chest was opened, the gleam from the jewels and jades inside nearly blinded everyone.

When have the villagers of Qiaotou Village ever seen so many jewels and jewelry in their life? The women of Qiaotou Village typically only use a fishbone hairpin or a normal shoddy wooden hairpin to secure their hair, and they rarely used jade hairpins. When have they ever used such precious jewelry and hair ornaments? Admiration leaked out of everyone’s eyes, and their gazes toward the treasure chest turned more fervent.

Wasn’t every girl the same? Who wouldn’t like jewelry full of gems and jades? Senior Brother Ji was brimming with confidence, but who knew he would encounter an oddball!

Qiao Mu merely took one glance at the chest before looking away, obviously disinterested. More than that, this child even emphatically patted the gold embroidered pouch in her chest.

Other people did not understand her meaning, but how could Senior Brother Ji and the members of the Heavenly Dao Sect not?

This little guy was clearly saying: “I want gold! I only want gold!!! I don’t like it! I don’t want it!”

The Heavenly Dao Sect members’ mouths twitched, and Senior Brother Ji had no choice but to take the treasure chest back and exchange it with a chest of gold ingots before handing it to Qiao Mu.

He opened the chest and showed her its contents, and the flash of dazzling golden light once again blinded all the villagers.

“Here is 300 taels of gold as compensation to you, Little Miss,” Senior Brother Ji stated with laughter. “That dead hyena is the true culprit for scratching you, Little Miss, so he has no one but himself to blame for his death! Our Heavenly Dao Sect is compensating you with tremendous sincerity and requests you to release our Junior Sister Liu.”

Qiao Mu glanced at it before forcefully pushing Liu Yexin forward, uncaring as to whether she would stagger and fall.

Thankfully, Senior Brother Ji swiftly extended his arm to catch her, and Qiao Mu took that chance to take the gold chest into her hand. She closed the lid with a bang and turned around to walk away without a backward glance.

Although Senior Brother Ji was already used to the little miss’s manner of taking the money and leaving without a sound, his eyebrows could not help but vigorously twitch, and he hurriedly called out, “Please hold on! Little Miss, on the 15th of October every year, all the sects, factions, and affluent families will gather in the royal capital, Guanlan City, to recruit talented mystic cultivators from all over the kingdom. If you are interested, you can come to our Heavenly Dao Sect on that day and sign up for the mystic energy test.”

“At that time, there will be specialized teachers who teach you how to accurately use mystic conscious to access an inner world that is exclusive to us mystic cultivators.” Senior Brother Ji intently watched the girl’s paused figure with a grin, anticipating her looking back.

The villagers around them all stared at the paused Qiao Mu with admiration in their eyes as they thought: “Old Qiao’s family has truly stunned the world in one fell swoop this time! What a great glory it is to have a mystic cultivator emerge from their family!”

Inner world? It was a rare treasure that normal people did not dare to even contemplate. Supposedly, mystic cultivators who gained access to an inner world could immediately possess a three to five cubic meter personal storage space. Subsequently, they could carry quite a lot of personal items with them, especially the valuable treasures that they feared storing elsewhere.

In comparison to the lockers produced by engineers that were placed in all the major cities, an inner world was evidently more convenient and faster, as well as more private, so it provoked envy in thousands of normal people.

Qiao Mu’s steps merely paused briefly before she walked to her parents’ side without looking back.

Senior Brother Ji’s expression turned dumbfounded while a disciple next to him indignantly bellowed, “What’s with that attitude of yours? Don’t think that you can go about with your nose in the air just because you have become a mystic cultivator! The path of a mystic cultivator is very long, and without the earnest instructions of seniors and teachers, you won’t be able to bring out 1/10000th of the effectiveness in your mystic energy! Senior Brother Ji is generously inviting you to join our Heavenly Dao Sect, so don’t be so blindly arrogant and conceited…”

“I’m not interested.” Qiao Mu finally turned her head and graciously glanced at the people from the Heavenly Dao Sect. Her voice was coolly heartless, but also frighteningly clear, as she uttered those words in front of the petrified audience.

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