My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 13 - Your Whole Family Is Mute

Chapter 13: Your Whole Family Is Mute

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“W-wh-what?” that Heavenly Dao Sect disciple stammered, instantly stunned speechless and thrown off.

This girl actually said she was uninterested? Uninterested? She said she was uninterested???

It was not merely this stupefied Heavenly Dao Sect disciple who thought his ears had malfunctioned and misheard. All the villagers of Qiaotou Village who were around them also thought they had hallucinated!

Impossible, right?! How could this little girl reject the Heavenly Dao Sect’s invitation so briskly?!

“Eh? So you are not a mute after all?” Crown Prince Lian suddenly appeared in front of Qiao Mu, his speed so fast that it dizzied Qiao Mu’s parents.

Before Qiao Zhongbang could react, he realized his daughter had been pulled into the arms of the capricious Crown Prince Lian and taken to the side of the crowd.

Qiao Mu had just returned to her parents’ side and did not even have time to speak a word with them. Hence, she instantly turned incredibly displeased and glared at Crown Prince Lian, a cold and deterring aura automatically emanating from her figure.

However, this man completely ignored it. Not only was he immune to the frostbite from her cold air, but he also grandiosely distanced himself from the crowd with the child in his arms.

The youths in black all dazedly looked at each other before a query appeared in their eyes: “They just realized, the order of not allowing unimportant people being near him… doesn’t seem to apply to this little girl!”

As she sat on an arms-thick withered tree branch, the dead trees overrunning Hulan Mountain filled her eyes. This scene of decay was similar to this chaotic world, not revealing a single hint of hope to the people.

However, what the world did not know was that there existed a paradise hidden deep inside Hulan Mountain under this gray and withered cover where resources were abundant. The couple of baskets of magnetite that they excavated today? They were nothing. There were several mountains of magnetite mines inside this paradise with a seemingly never-ending supply of magnetite.

In her previous life, this paradise was excavated when she was 10 years old and shook all of the different power factions. Human greed usurped, and a ruthless fight erupted between the great factions, ending in countless deaths and injuries.

At that time, the zombie outbreak had erupted in its full glory, and both the world and human survival were arduous. This secret realm rich in resources became the holy land in nearly everyone’s hearts.

Unfortunately though, after the continuous plundering from excavations and the endless ravaging from war, this secret paradise was completely destroyed and collapsed in less than three months.

“So you aren’t a mute.” The touch of fingers squeezing her cheeks pulled her thoughts back to the present.

She angrily glared at the grinning handsome face in front of her, and Qiao Mu could not help but shout in her mind: “You foolish child, you are the mute! Your whole family is mute!”

“My whole family isn’t mute,” Crown Prince Lian instantly understood the little girl’s gaze and abruptly said, eliciting Qiao Mu to roll her eyes several times.

The youth was not enraged and remained smiling. He tugged Qiao Mu’s little hand, relaxed her curled-up hand, and flipped it over, his sight landing on the three red scratches.

Qiao Mu tried to pull her hand back without success, resentfully glaring at him without a word. “I am very displeased!”

“Alright, don’t make a fuss. Let me help you wrap your wound. If the wound isn’t properly tended to, your hand will turn ugly!” The youth pulled a cup of clean water from mid-air and carefully washed Qiao Mu’s left hand with it before using a clean, white handkerchief to wipe it clean.

Then, a vial of secretly concocted ointment appeared out of thin air, and a faint fragrance drifted to her nose as soon as it was opened. Qiao Mu’s placid gaze suddenly shifted, and her dark eyes rolled.

“You like it? I will give it to you after applying it,” the youth said with a smile, not looking up or pausing his motion of smearing the ointment on her hand.

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