My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 11 - The Appearance of a Xuan Master

Chapter 11: The Appearance of a Xuan Master

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Without waiting for Senior Brother Ji and his group to fly into a rage, Qiao Mu had already gripped Miss Liu by her messy hair and pulled the girl to her side like a marionette. A gleaming dagger dropped across Miss Liu’s neck in the next second, successfully halting Senior Brother Ji and the others as alarm and anger elicited in their eyes.

“Release Junior Sister Liu! And perhaps I would spare your life!” Two of the disciples furiously glared at Qiao Mu with killing intent in their eyes.

Qiao Mu apathetically glanced at the two of them and totally disregarded them, pulling her hand back and aiming up. With a slash of her dagger, a cut opened on Miss Liu’s snowy-white forehead.

As though she had just woken up from being knocked unconscious, the stinging pain on her forehead and the terrifying feeling of sticky blood dripping down caused Miss Liu to involuntarily tremble and shriek at the top of her lungs, “Ah!!!”

However, an icy feeling on her neck quickly muted her completely and left her ceaselessly quivering.

The disciples of the Heavenly Dao Sect were angry and were about to charge forward, punches packed, when they unexpectedly heard Crown Prince Lian’s sardonic voice. “I suggest you better look carefully before acting.”

Senior Brother Ji had also subconsciously extended his arm to block the rash disciple and was startled when he heard Crown Prince Lian. He turned to meticulously examine Qiao Mu.

One single glance, and his gaze slightly changed. His gaze immediately focused on the hand holding the dagger.

The hand might look soft and weak, but there was a faint white light covering it that also illuminated the dagger.

“Mystic energy!” Astonishment materialized on Senior Brother Ji’s expression before it was replaced with joy.

He truly did not expect a precious mystic cultivator to appear in such an insignificant rundown village. Based on the girl’s appearance, it seemed like her mystic meridian had just awoken. It was a mystery how she managed to fortuitously trigger her mystic meridians and catalyze her mystic energy.

Although everyone could supposedly attempt to trigger their mystic meridians at the age of seven, people could usually only trigger it under the guidance of seniors and teachers who use their own mystic energy as a lead. Moreover, most people could not trigger their meridians on their first try. There is only one mystic cultivator for every ten thousand people in Sikong Planet’s population.

In other words, normal people without mystic meridians were the majority in Sikong Planet.

This showed just how valuable mystic cultivators were.

Every emergence of a mystic cultivator was a grand and sensational event.

From how her mystic energy faded in and out, he could see that it was still very weak and that she did not have good control over it. However, the fact that she was able to successfully trigger her mystic meridians without the guidance of a teacher illustrated how undoubtably shocking her talent was.

Senior Brother Ji had yet to realize that his Junior Sister Liu was at least a level two mystic cultivator, yet she could not fend off a single attack from this vicious little girl and even had no room for retaliation.

Senior Brother Ji’s expression visibly softened. “Little Miss, you are a mystic cultivator, and we are also mystic cultivators. The Heavenly Dao Sect has always welcomed every mystic cultivator to join with the utmost passion. After all, every mystic cultivator in the world are kindred spirits! Let’s discuss any problems you have cordially. Release Junior Sister Liu first.”

Qiao Mu turned her left hand over, revealing the three obviously bleeding cuts on the back and placidly looked at him with chilly eyes.

The hand that Senior Brother Ji had extended suddenly trembled and for some reason, his mind muddled, and he actually shouted on the spot, “Compensation, compensation! We are willing to compensate!”

Everyone: “…”

“Senior Brother Ji!” The disciples next to him all blushed simultaneously.

Didn’t Senior Brother Ji become a turncoat way too fast? This rollercoaster-like scene simply threw everyone off balance!

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