My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1054 - Growing Suspicions

Chapter 1054: Growing Suspicions

That person’s mouth curled up into a faint smile underneath their head shawl. Afterwards, the person flipped out of the window without turning their head back.

“Don’t run!” Sixth Zheng hollered, chasing after the person.

At this time, the door was pushed open once again.

Qin Susu was stunned when she saw Mo Lian’s faint projection slowly fading away before her eyes.

Afterwards, the black ferule returned to Qiao Mu’s conscious once again.

At the same time, Qiao Mu’s eyes opened wide, and she forcefully threw off her blanket while suddenly sitting upright.

Qin Susu, who was carrying a basin of water, paused, and her gaze changed as she swept the corners of the room. “Who had come?”

Qiao Mu swiftly got up, draping on a robe that she had dragged over in passing.

When she stood up, however, her body wobbled, and she instantly felt her head, which had been haunted by nightmares the entire night, throb with pain. She involuntarily reached out to press her temples.

The people inside the small courtyard had all been roused suddenly from sleep from Sixth Zheng’s shout. At this time, they all randomly draped on a robe before walking out of their rooms.

They all looked at each other with slightly pale complexions, and their eyes were filled with a faint horror.

What was going on? They actually all slept so soundly and were haunted by nightmares until dawn?

They wouldn’t believe it if someone wasn’t behind it!

“Are you okay?” Qin Susu quickly threw down the basin and strode over to Qiao Mu.

“Crown Prince Consort!” Lightning’s soon anxious voice came from beyond the window, as well.

“I’m fine.” Only then had Qiao Mu realized that her voice was a bit hoarse upon speaking, and she couldn’t resist coughing twice lightly.

It really was an incredible nightmare demonic flute, actually able to trap her inside her dream, nearly unable to get out?

Qiao Mu pressed her hands on her knees, feeling dizzy. She quickly rushed over to a copper pot and retched several times, but she was unable to vomit up anything.

“Miss Qiao?” Qin Susu also followed over anxiously.

“What is going on!” Dou Fengchi ran into the room in a bluster. When she saw that Qin Susu’s complexion was normal, she promptly interrogated with a pointing finger, “Qin Susu, why are you fine? Everyone else was haunted by nightmares and they’re all pale-faced, yet you look totally fine! Were you the one who did this?”

“What nightmare?” Looking at Dou Fengchi in astonishment, Qin Susu explained, “For some reason, I don’t know whether it was because of excitement or something, I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Afraid that I might affect Miss Qiao’s sleep, I secretly left the courtyard. I went to cultivate inside the grove at the entrance to the base, and it wasn’t until daybreak that I returned. I simply don’t know what you are saying!”

“Save it! Everyone was caught up in nightmares the entire night until dawn. All of us are feeling so queasy right now, yet only you are fine. Would other people even believe you?”

“I really don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Stop arguing!” Qiao Mu, who felt like a big hammer was pounding at her brain repeatedly, ordered this coldly.

It was only then that the two people stopped bickering and turned to look at her.

“It isn’t Susu.”

“It indeed isn’t Miss Qin.” Walking inside, Little Sixth Zheng glanced at Qiao Mu worriedly. “That person was wearing an oversized black robe so I couldn’t make out their figure, and even their voice sounded androgynous.”

“Then how can you prove that Qin Susu wasn’t the one playing tricks?” Dou Fengchi was adamant in not letting go of Qin Susu.

“Are you sick in the head.” Qin Susu exclaimed irritably, “If I were that person responsible for the nightmares, you would be the first one I kill with it! So that you won’t plague the team with trouble all day long like a sh*t stirrer!”

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