My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1055 - Peeping at their Dreams

Chapter 1055: Peeping at their Dreams

“Who are you calling a sh*t stirrer!!” Dou Fengchi glared at Qin Susu, her lungs about to burst from rage.

“Stop arguing!” Qiao Mu hollered, only feeling her headache getting worse. “Toss her outside!”

Appearing beside Dou Fengchi with a flash, Lightning promptly picked her up by the collar and chucked her outside the doorway.

“Ah!!” Dou Fengchi normally wasn’t such a noob, but her body was fatigued from the nightmare haunting her the entire night, so she only reacted after Lightning tossed her outside without warning.

Bam! Qiao Mu directly slammed the doors shut in Dou Fengchi’s face.

This was to avoid having to hear this woman jabbering away raucously like a crow.

“The sound of this flute will injure a person’s conscious. Fortunately, we didn’t listen to it for too long, not more than an hour.” Little Sixth Zheng analyzed grimly.

“Sixth Young Sir, you were the first to discover the sound of this flute?” Qin Susu inquired.

Sixth Zheng nodded. “At the beginning, I was also haunted by a nightmare, but used a method to extricate myself afterwards. It was then that I discovered that the sound of this flute caused everyone in our courtyard to be haunted by nightmares.”

Even those hidden guards who had remained under cover beside the crown prince consort had also fallen for it.

Therefore, he immediately ran over with great urgency to check in on Qiao Mu. It was then that he discovered that the sound of the flute was in fact coming from Miss Qiao’s room.

“Little Sixth.” While massaging her excruciatingly painful temples, Qiao Mu walked up to Sixth Zheng. “Lift your hand up.”

Sixth Zheng subconsciously wanted to hide his arm behind his back.

However, when his gaze met Miss Qiao’s fixed gaze, he couldn’t help but obediently bring out his arm from behind his back.

Two very deep cuts showed up distinctly beneath his rolled-up sleeve, the blood not yet completely dry.

“Are you a pig. You were so ruthless to yourself.” Qiao Mu rolled her eyes at him.

He said that he used a method to extricate himself, but it was just this dumb method: cutting his own arm to wake up from pain.

“Come over here to get treated.” Qiao Mu yanked at him gruffly.

“It’s only a flesh wound, it’s not a big… deal.” Little Sixth Zheng’s voice got softer when she turned around to glare at him, and he obediently went over to sit on the stool.

After rapidly treating and bandaging his wound, Qiao Mu then contemplated with knitted brows, “Who did this to us?”

“I feel that it should be someone who is also headed to the same destination as us. It’s more likely for someone from the other kingdoms to be the culprit.”

Yet Qiao Mu was puzzled.

If this person was targeting her, then why didn’t they simply kill her?

What exactly was their purpose in going around in such a big circle to make her enter a nightmare?

“Miss Qiao, we must be more careful in this journey.”

Qiao Mu nodded and said, “Let’s go, it’s about time.”

When the three people pushed open the doors and came out, Dou Fengchi, Duan Siren, Hong Bawei, and Fan Qiuming had also finished their preparations.

However, they looked at Qin Susu with slightly complicated gazes. Dou Fengchi had most probably wagged her tongue before them just now.

Nevertheless, Qin Susu shrugged her shoulders without minding it at all. “If you all persist, it doesn’t matter to me if I’m by myself.”

“Can everyone be more united?” Duan Siren pleaded, “Before this matter gets cleared up, don’t just accuse other people, okay?”

“With a formidable enemy lying in wait among us now, we should be even more united and of one mind.” Duan Siren continued, “After all, that person is probably trying all they can to make things difficult for us by peeping at our dreams.”

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