My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1053 - Nightmare Demonic Flute

Chapter 1053: Nightmare Demonic Flute

The sky was breaking, and the rosy clouds of dawn washed out the glimmering light that shone on the small courtyard’s windows.

Qiao Mu, who had encased herself into a small cocoon with her head tucked inside her blanket, tossed about restlessly with sweat beading down her forehead.

The nightmare was like a giant beast that willfully yearned to tear her apart and swallow her into its belly. It deprived her of peace the entire night, causing her to make all kinds of messed-up nightmares.

When she abruptly opened her eyes, she heaved a weak sigh of relief with her head drenched in sweat.

However, when she struggled to get up, she suddenly discovered that her limbs seemed to be paralyzed, completely unable to move.

Why was it like this? She tried to move her body with great apprehension.

Not right!

There was no sensation in her arms and legs!

As she lay there stiffly, she glared at the canopy above her head, thinking long and hard about what was going on.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps, and a slender, pale-colored figure turned to observe her with gleaming, dark green eyes.

The cold sweat on Qiao Mu’s forehead gushed down at once.

Why was Qin Xin here? Why was he here??

The second young sir stretched out his hand to take the blue and white porcelain bowl from the maidservant. He then sat beside her and said while smiling at her, “Has this young sir’s little slave girl thought things through now after going hungry for these few days?”

Qiao Mu calmed down instantly.

A dream!

She was dreaming!

She still hadn’t extricated herself from the dream!

This life, she was already no longer that little slave girl that he could play with however he wanted!

Why did this dream that she hadn’t recalled in a long time surface so clearly before her? She didn’t want to remember, ah!!

“Why aren’t you speaking?” Second Young Sir Qin’s voice clearly dampened.

After being kept by him for two years, she was already very aware that this was a clear sign of the young sir’s impending anger.

Clang! The sound of the spoon knocking against the bowl rang out.

This peerlessly handsome young sir suddenly bent down and tightly squeezed her frail chin with two fingers. “You really are quite stubborn? You think I really don’t dare to kill you?”

“Then kill me!”

Smash! That young sir fiercely smashed the porcelain bowl onto the ground, shattering into pieces. His green eyes turned a deeper shade, and the icy words he uttered were also heartless. “You don’t know what’s good for you! Then I’ll have you experience the taste of starving to death!”

As he stood up to leave with a flick of his sleeves, she watched his icy and heartless figure disappear from her sight.

Qiao Mu was dumbstruck, her brain frigid.

What was the situation? Why was she so clear headed, but it seemed as if she was possessed by the her from her previous life, uttering out a parched voice that was not her own.

A dream, she was dreaming! She couldn’t panic, couldn’t panic, she must try her best to wake up!

But why did she sense a hair-raising terror?

It couldn’t be that she couldn’t wake up right? It couldn’t be that she had to relive the horrors of her previous life again…

Qiao Mu’s entire face had scrunched up, and she wriggled on the bed in unease.

Mo Lian… Mo Lian, where are you, wahhh, Mo Lian!! Mo Lian…

The black ferule inside her conscious abruptly jumped out by itself.

In the dim daylight, Mo Lian’s slender, bluish white projection surfaced, grabbing at the area near the window.

Just at this moment, Sixth Zheng’s slender figure appeared at the door after kicking it open. He promptly pointed his sword at a shadow in the corner. “Who are you?”

The person holding the flute paused, and then the demonic sound of the flute vanished.

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