My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1052 - Refined into a Human Puppet

Chapter 1052: Refined into a Human Puppet

“Ah!” Far away in a foreign land, there was a middle-aged man inside the Shuntian Prefecture who had originally been in closed-door cultivation within a secret room.

Even so, he suddenly shouted, spewing out a mouthful of blood, before rolling about on the ground while clutching his head.

When the two disciples keeping watch outside the stone room heard the commotion, they hastily pounded the stone door and called out in alarm, “Prefecture Lord! What’s wrong, Prefecture Lord? Prefecture Lord?”

“Puh—” However, the middle-aged man’s complexion was dark as he vomited bloody saliva.

After finally pushing open the stone door, the two disciples ran over with drastically-changed expressions to help up Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord, who had toppled to the side. “Prefecture Lord? Prefecture Lord!”

“Hurry, hurry and retrieve the spirit-governing pill for me to consume!” After bracing himself to instruct this, Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord instantly fell into a coma.

He had originally extracted a thread of Liu Yizhi’s spiritual conscious, storing it in his own conscious, so that he could control this person conveniently.

Yet he didn’t expect that this time, someone would make use of Liu Yizhi’s thread of spiritual conscious to track him down, causing a backlash to his own body!

So abominable! However, at this time, he was already powerless to ponder what exactly happened on Liu Yizhi’s end.

His conscious was being ripped apart by a fierce strength, and bone-piercing pain spread all over his body. It was impossible for him to heal completely in no less than half a year.

While Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord fell into a coma, all the disciples scurried about in extreme panic.

“Your Highness!” Huifeng looked on worriedly as he hastily reached out to support the wobbling crown prince.

As soul-searching was originally in defiance of the natural order, the user would be under much of Heavenly Law’s pressure.

What’s more, the crown prince used his divine conscious to seriously injure the other party’s conscious, so he himself would also suffer from a bit of aftershock.

Crown Prince Mo raised his hand slightly to stop Huifeng from speaking. “It’s no matter. Bring people with you to search their rooms and see if there are any other discoveries.”

If they could find out the whereabouts of Anyi Prefecture and Luotian Prefecture’s people in passing, then he would just eradicate them together as well.

“Yes.” Huifeng immediately picked a team to search through Liu Yizhi’s room with him.

Mo Lian’s icy eyes landed on Qiu San.

The latter gave a start. How could he have any thoughts of resistance after witnessing Liu Yizhi’s tragic state? He hastily prostrated, kowtowing repeatedly as he begged for mercy. “Your Highness, spare this lowly one’s life, please spare this lowly one’s life. This lowly one was also merely obeying orders, this lowly one…”

Swish. Raven Moon’s gleaming ink-colored blade accurately pierced through Qiu San’s glabella.

The crown prince pulled out Raven Moon with chilly eyes.

The blood on the blade dripped down from the sword tip, not leaving behind the slightest bloodstain.

Qiu San fell backwards onto the ground with wide-open eyes, seemingly unable to believe that the crown prince would execute him without a word.

When the crown prince’s apathetic gaze swept over the idotic Liu Yizhi who was sitting on the side, a wintry smile spread across his lips: Liu Yizhi, when you received this mission and came down to the Lower Star Domain in high spirits, you probably didn’t expect this.

That you would one day become someone else’s golem puppet after losing your mind and consciousness, reduced to being a slave for the rest of your life…

A cluster of flames promptly engulfed Liu Yizhi, burning his flesh and soul alive to refine it. Afterwards, he threw the mass of flames into a small bronze cauldron that he abruptly summoned.

Boom! The lid fit snugly, isolating all sound.

A frostiness swept past the crown prince’s lips: Wait until We go up to Shuntian Prefecture. The next one will be you!

Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord—Geng! Peng! Cheng!

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