My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 94: How to Defeat the Vixen

Chapter 94: How to Defeat the Vixen

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It was 9pm, and night had fallen.

Qingfeng brought the washing board back to the Noble Palace.

When he walked past the entrance of the neighborhood, he was once again met with the disdain from the security guards.

For these security guards, only men who were afraid of their wives would buy washing boards.

I swear I’m never buying a washing board again. Qingfeng fiercely thought in his mind when he saw the strange gazes of the security guards.

"Honey, I’m back."

Qingfeng pushed the door and said to Xue Lin who was sitting in the living room.

Xue Lin was wearing a white mesh nightwear dress. She had silky white skin and her eyes glimmered like bright stars. She was truly gorgeous.

The nightwear covered her sexy body. Under her buxom was her skinny waist and lifted butt. Her long beautiful legs were white like deluxe milk and attracted one’s gaze.

Wait, what did I see? Nightwear?

Qingfeng was stunned. This was the first time that his honey had worn nightwear at home.

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief. But everything ahead looked so real. This was not a dream, Xue Lin was wearing …night wear.

A flash of panic crossed Xue Lin’s face when she saw Qingfeng. She quickly hid the book she was reading under the sofa. She didn’t want Qingfeng to see the book.

"Oh my gosh, he almost found out."

Xue Lin patted her chest with her small hand. Her face was filled with panic.

She was reading a book called . It was a book describing strategies to defeat seductive home wreckers.

The author of the book was a wife whose husband was seduced by a vixen. To get back her husband, the wife used all kinds of strategies and eventually defeated the vixen. The book described all kinds of ways to defeat a vixen.

Xue Lin especially went to the bookstore to buy the book. She wanted to learn how to defeat the woman Ruyan Liu.

She did not expect Qingfeng to come back when she was engrossed in the book. It gave her a huge scare.

One must know, she was wearing nightwear! Xue Lin was wearing a set of nightwear because the women in the book said that to defeat a vixen, a woman first had to attract her husband and make him like her.

This was the first time that Xue Lin wore nightwear in front of her husband. She was very flustered and shy in her heart.

If anyone knew that the Ice Queen could also be shy, their jaws would drop.

But to be honest, Xue Lin was also beautiful when she was shy.

"You bought the washing board?"

To hide the shyness in her heart, Xue Lin quickly changed the subject and asked about the washing board.

The book said that if a man makes a mistake, he had to kneel on the washing board. She had decided to punish her husband.

But Xue Lin became shyer when she saw the gaze of Qingfeng.

Qingfeng’s gaze was heated. He had a fire in his eyes and he was eager to jump on her.

Xue Lin knew that she would attract Qingfeng by wearing a mesh nightwear. But she did not expect the attraction to be so big.

She felt that Qingfeng was like a hungry wolf who could jump on her any moment.

"Dear, let me see your washing board?

Xue Lin repressed the shyness in her heart and asked.

"Honey, look this is the ‘Listen to your wife’ washing board. Look, it’s very pretty."

Qingfeng said with a heated gaze. He took the washing board and quickly walked in front of Xue Lin.

No matter how pretty the washing board was, it was not as beautiful as his honey.

At that moment, he felt that Xue Lin was so gorgeous. Her cherry lips, cute nose, charming gaze, sexy body and large bosom made his blood boil.

Qingfeng focused his gaze and saw Xue Lin’s lace bra. She was at least a 36D. It would be so nice if he could grope it.

"Dear, what are you looking at?"

Xue Lin had clearly seen Qingfeng’s gaze. Her gorgeous face was flustered.

Qingfeng’s gaze was slightly scary. It made her feel like her breasts were being groped by his eyes.

"Honey, I didn’t know you like black lace."

Qingfeng said heatedly with smiles in his eyes.

White represented purity, pink represented cuteness while black represented seduction. He did not expect Xue Lin to have a burning heart under her icy cold exterior.

What to do, what to do. Qingfeng saw my lace bra, it’s so embarrassing. Xue Lin’s face became flustered and shy.

"Ah, dear. I’m tired, I’m going to sleep."

Xue Lin could not withstand Qingfeng’s gaze and scurried to her bedroom on the second floor.


Xue Lin shut the door. Her face was flustered and red as if she had drank red wine.

Little Xuexue, this is so embarrassing. That fellow has seen your black lace. Xue Lin hid her head under the blankets in embarrassment.

She originally wanted to punish Qingfeng and make him kneel on the washing board. But she had completely forgotten her plans after this encounter.

"You escaped fast this time."

Qingfeng muttered as he watched Xue Lin hurriedly ran away.

He brought up the sofa cushion and found a book under it. It was the book that Xue Lin was reading. The title was .

Qingfeng opened the book and browsed through it. He finally understood why Xue Lin would wear a nightwear today. It was described in the book that a woman should wear nightwear to attract her husband.

"I like this book."

Qingfeng liked the contents of the book. He knew that it was a book that taught women how to seduce their husbands.

Qingfeng knew that Xue Lin was shy so he did not go upstairs to the second floor to find her. Instead, he went to sleep in his bedroom on the first floor.

The next day, the sun was bright. It was another good day.

Qingfeng woke up and after cleaning up, he realized that Xue Lin had left for work. Xue Lin was still shy from yesterday and was afraid to see her husband so she could only hide.

"Time to go to work."

Qingfeng ate two pieces of fried dough and drank a cup of soy milk. Then he walked towards the Ice Snow Corporation.

Half an hour later, he arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation. He heard a flurry of discussions just as he walked into the first floor of the company.

"Did you hear? Last night, the Finance Department was robbed."

"Really? Did they figure out who stole the money?"

"Not yet. But the money is our salary for the month. If it’s stolen, we won’t get our paycheck this month."

"Damn it. They better not let me find out who stole the company’s money. I will not let him go easily."

The hundreds of employees from different departments stood together and discussed. Their voices were filled with anger.

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