My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 93: The Man that Bought a Washboard

Chapter 93: The Man that Bought a Washboard

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"Xiao Hong, I want to ask you, do you truthfully like Hao Luo?"

Qingfeng Li asked as he furrowed his brows.

He knew that ever since the fatty broke up, he had become emotionally weak. Now that he found somebody, Qingfeng Li didn't want the fatty to be lied to again.

As men, it is acceptable to be betrayed by women only once. Not a second time.

To have fallen from a mistake once is carelessness but to have fallen twice is stupidity.

"I really do like Hao Luo. When I got trafficked to the spa, I was still a virgin. Soon after, you saved me. Luckily, I didn't lose my virginity. Please don't tell anybody about my past."

Her freckles moved with her scared facial expression as she spoke.

She really did like him. Ever since she got trafficked to Eastern Sea City, she had experienced being beaten up, being yelled at, and being starved. Hao Luo was the one who saved her from all that.

Her current position as a salesperson at the mall was also a result of the help from Hao Luo. She not only felt grateful to him but also felt a sense of reliance on him and thus a feeling of love.

She was truly scared. She was terrified that when her past history gets exposed to Hao Luo, he would despise her and leave her. Being trafficked to a "spa" was not the most glorious history after all.

"Don't worry. I won't tell it to anybody."

Qingfeng Li nodded his head as he promised her.

Qingfeng Li was a very perceptive person. Naturally, it was easy for him to tell that Xiao Hong spoke the truth. She was a pitiful girl. Since she really does like Hao Luo, and she is still a virgin, he was very supportive of them.

"Thanks, brother."

She said excitedly, her eyes filled with gratitude.

"Big Brother Li, I bought ice cream."

Just as they finished their conversion, Hao Luo came running with an ice cream in hand.

"Thanks, fatty."

Qingfeng Li thanked him as he took the ice cream.

"Servicin Big Brother Li is a must."

Hao Luo rubbed his head and laughed out.

Towards his Big Brother Li, he had a sense of admiration. A person who was able to make the Flying Car Party willingly surrender was no doubt a superhero. Even though he was slow, he was not stupid. He knew that he could have a peace of mind just from being Qingfeng Li's minion.

"Big Brother Li, what else do you want. I'll help you pick and buy, I'm familiar with this area."

Xiao Hong eagerly offered.

She saw Hao Luo call Qingfeng Li "Big Brother Li" so their relationship must be good. And as Hao Luo's girlfriend, she should call him "Big Brother Li" too. Big Brother Li had helped her out a lot, she ought to help him out too.

"I want to buy a washboard, do you know what brand is good?"

Qingfeng Li smiled at Xiao Hong and asked.

What? Washboard?

Both Xiao Hong and Hao Luo are surprised at the request, their eyes oddly stared at Qingfeng Li.

Washboard. That word brings out much imagination. It was mostly bought by women.

Women buy washboard in order to wash clothes. As for men, they only buy washboard when they did something wrong. Their wife would ask them to kneel on the washboard as a way of punishment.

Perhaps Big Brother Li was married. But it didn't look like it, nor had he heard of news of it. Hao Luo was very confused and curious.

"Hey, what's with those stares. I asked you to buy a washboard, why are you guys so shocked. So do you know what a good brand is?"

He was very displeased with their odd looks.

He knew that they must have thought he was scared of his wife, he was annoyed by it.

"Big Brother Li, the best brand is 'Listen to Your Wife.'"

Xiao Hong tried not to laugh as she spoke out. She was also familiar with the area and knew the most commonly known brand.

The heck 'Listen to Your Wife' washboard. There's actually such a name. How come I have never heard of it? Qingfeng Li was very surprised, also a little suspicious of what Xiao Hong said.

After having seen Qingfeng Li's face of disbelief, Xiao Hong understood what he was thinking. She started explaining "Big Brother Li, 'Listen to Your Wife' washboard was the best name on the market for the best washboard. It was invented by a pretty girl and came out not too long ago.

Wow, so there really is such brand, and it just came out. No wonder I've never heard before.

Wait, Xiao Hong just mentioned that it was invented by a girl. Now I finally understand, that husband of hers must not have listened to her and argued with her all the time thus she made such a brand name.

It must be said, women's imagination and creativity are incredible.

"Okay, Xiao Hong, go buy me a 'Listen to Your Wife.'"

Qingfeng Li said annoyingly. He was unhappy.

What can he do, he made a mistake. In order to please his wife, he must buy her a washboard.

"Okay Big Brother Li, I'll get it for you immediately."

Xiao Hong again tried to not laugh out loud as she reached out onto the rack and found him the best washboard.

The dark red washboard was half a meter long, with very organized patterns. It looked pretty and its quality was very good. But its name was very uncomfortable sounding.

People around him who saw him buy the washboard gave him an odd look which made Qingfeng Li very gloomy.

He knew, in those people's eyes, he was a husband who was very scared of his wife.

"Fatty, Xiao Hong, I'm going to leave first. See you guys later."

Qingfeng Li couldn't stand all the stares, they were too intense.

He took the "Listen to Your Wife", paid, and dashed out the mall.

"Now that I've bought the washboard, I can report to my wife."

Qingfeng Li mumbled as he walked towards Noble Palace with his washboard, ready to hand it to his wife.

At the exact moment, the security department at Ice Snow Corporation had a conspiracy going on.

In the department were 3 people. The security chief Qiang Hu, the treasury chief Dequan Hu, and a sales employee Ping Wang.

"Brother Qiang, our target it to fire Qingfeng Li. How do you think we should do it?"

Wang Ping lifted his eyebrows as he spoke.

He hated Qingfeng Li, their relationship was incredibly bad. So when Qiang Hu found him to frame Qingfeng Li he immediately agreed.

"Very easy, I'll let Dequan get all the files from the treasury. You're the salesperson and also familiar with Qingfeng Li. You can put all the company files into his drawers. And then tomorrow, when the treasury department reports that they lost files, you can report to them that Qingfeng Li stole it. He'll get fired for sure."

Qiang Hu had a dark expression on his face as he coldly spoke of his plan.

"Brother Qiang, how many company files in total?"

"Dequan, give the company deposit to Ping Wang."

Qiang Hu lightly smiled and spoke to the middle-aged guy with glasses beside him.

The middle-aged guy with glasses was the treasury head and also Qiang Hu's uncle who happened to be a capable man working under his father. The plan was bound to frame Qingfeng Li.


The middle-aged man gave the company deposit to Ping Wang.

"Woah, this is ... this is 10 million. Isn't this too much?"

Ping Wang's hands shook when he saw the deposit in hand, so much so that he almost dropped it.

"Not much, not much. We just have to frame that Qingfeng Li stole this ten million. Not only would he be fired but he would also have to go to jail. I want to make him lose all standing and reputation."

Qiang Hu said with a malicious undertone, his facial expression gloomy and his voice filled with hatred.

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