My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 92: Xiao Hong from that Massage Place

Chapter 92: Xiao Hong from that Massage Place

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"Hold on, you killed these bank robbers and contributed greatly. The police will reward you. The reward for the One-Eyed Dragon alone is 50 thousand Yuan." Mengyao Xue’s face changed when she saw Qingfeng leaving.

Qingfeng had helped her a lot today. He not only saved her life but also killed 5 criminals. This contribution belonged to Qingfeng.

"Little YaoYao, I saved your life. In return, do me a favor."

Qingfeng lightly smiled and said.

"What favor, tell me. I will help you if I can."

"It’s very simple. Tell them that you killed these guys. Don’t let them know I did it."

"But why? You will receive rewards and awards."

"I’m not interested in the reward. I don’t want to expose my identity."

Qingfeng said calmly. He had 10 million Yuan so naturally, he did not care about the 50 thousand.

"Alright, I’ll keep your secret."

Mengyao Xue nodded and promised Qingfeng.

Even though she did not understand why Qingfeng did not want the reward, since the other had spoken, she could only agree.

But, the credit should belong to Qingfeng. She was slightly uncomfortable with taking the glory.

Killing criminals and retaking the stolen bank money was a big contribution, and will be heavily praised by higher-ups.

"Little Yaoyao, I’m leaving. If there’s anything, remember to contact me."

Qingfeng smiled slightly and walked away.

He walked away aloofly, with no strings attached.

"Thank you."

Mengyao Xue thanked in her heart as she watched Qingfeng leave.

Even though she called him a bastard, she still deeply appreciated him in her heart. If it was not for this fellow, she would be dead.

She could only place the gratitude towards Qingfeng in her heart and repay him if the opportunity arised.

"Oh no, I forgot to buy the washing board my wife told me to buy."

Qingfeng walked on the streets and suddenly smacked his forehead. His face was filled with despair.

This afternoon, Xue Lin had given him the day off to buy a washing board. But he went to retrieve cash from the bank and encountered Mengyao Xue and the thieves. He had completely forgotten about the washing board.

He looked at his phone and saw that it was already 7 pm. The people of the Ice Snow Corporation had already gotten off work and the bank was already closed.

Qingfeng smiled bitterly and walked to the ATM outside of the bank. He withdrew 1000 Yuan and walked towards the mall.

"Brother Li, you’re here to buy stuff?"

Qingfeng heard a surprise voice behind him right after he walked into Carrefour.

He turned and saw a fatty looking at him with a face of surprise.

The fatty was none other than Hao Luo from the Security Department who was also one of his little brothers.

"Fatty, you’re here to buy things too?"

Qingfeng asked with a smile and patted Fatty on the shoulder.

"No, I have some matters here. Brother Li, what are you doing these days. How come I never see you at the company?"

Hao Luo touched his head and asked with a smile.

"I’m kind of busy these days. Why? Are there people in the company who talk about me behind my back?"

"Brother Li, a lot of people in the companies gossip about you. Especially people in the Security Department."

"Fatty, you must be talking about the Security Head Zhang Hu."

"Yes, Brother Li. The Security Head kept talking smack about you. He is such a bad guy."

Hao Luo clenched his teeth in anger at the thought of the Head of Security.

Even though the Head of Security was his direct supervisor, but the fellow dared to insult Qingfeng. Naturally, Hao Luo did not like him.

But Hao Luo was only a small security guard at the Security Department. Even though he was mad at Qiang Hu, there was nothing he could do other than insult him in his heart.

"Fatty, rest assured. He’s just a clown, don’t worry about him."

Qingfeng smiled slightly and calmly said.

Qingfeng strongly disliked Qiang Hu and his dad too. But they were the higher-ups within the company. He could not deal with them by simply beating them up, he needed evidence.

Even the slyest fox would show its tail. When that happens, it would be the time for their death.

"Brother Li, what are you buying from the mall. I know a sales associate, she can buy it for you."

Hao Luo volunteered with a slightly red face.

"Wow Fatty, you’ve already met a beauty? Introduce me to her."

Qingfeng laughed and joked.

All the salespersons in the mall were women. There was no doubt that that salesperson that Fatty knew was a girl. Perhaps he was courting her.

Ever since Fatty broke up last time, he had been depressed. Qingfeng was happy to see that he had started a new relationship. He cared quite a lot about this younger brother.

"Brother Li, I’ll bring you over now."

Hao Luo brought Qingfeng to the home section. There was a girl in her twenties standing there. The girl was pretty and had freckles on her face. Her face was chubby and her figure was average. She looked quite compatible with Hao Luo.

"Xiao Hong, this is Qingfeng Li. Call him Big Brother Li."

Hao Luo held onto a pretty girl and introduced her to Qingfeng.

A flash of gratitude appeared in the girl’s eyes when she heard Qingfeng’s name. She also seemed panicked.

"This girl knows me?"

Qingfeng was dazed when he saw the panicked and grateful expression of the girl.

He was certain that he had never seen this girl. But why would this girl panic when she sees him?

Wait, Fatty called this girl "Xiao Hong". Qingfeng suddenly remembered that he had saved a girl named Xiao Hong from the foot spa a while ago.

Qingfeng was later arrested by the police and did not meet the girl named "Xiao Hong". But before he got on the police car, he had seen the figure of a girl who looked like this girl in front of him.

"Fatty, I want to eat an ice-cream. Go get me one."

Qingfeng smiled slightly and asked Hao Luo to buy him an ice-cream.

He wanted to talk with the girl alone.

"Okay, Brother Li. I’ll buy you one now."

Luo Hao listened to every word of Qingfeng. Since Brother Li wanted to eat an ice-cream, he quickly went to buy one.

"You know me?"

After Fatty had left, Qingfeng smiled lightly and asked the girl.

"Yes. I’ve seen you at the police station and I know your name. Thank you for saving me at the foot spa last time."

The pretty girl seemed grateful but was also panicked and scared.

"You’re scared of me?"

Qingfeng frowned slightly and did not understand why the girl in front of him was scared of him.

"Yes. I’m scared that if you tell Hao Luo my identity, he will leave me. Both of my parents are dead, I was trafficked into Eastern Sea City. Hao Luo saved me when I was about to die. I am his current girlfriend. I don’t want him to know about my past."

The pretty girl looked panicked and said with fear.

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