My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 91: Little Yaoyao's Amorous Feelings

Chapter 91: Little Yaoyao's Amorous Feelings

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"Little Yaoyao, this is the first time you've thanked me. Don't tell me you are falling in love with me now?"

Qingfeng Li jokingly spoke out.

When Mengyao Xu used to see him, she would always be in a bad mood. She would always call him a thug or a rogue. To take the initiative and thank him, this was indeed the very first time.

It must be because of his looks that Little Yao was having amorous feelings, he sarcastically thought.

"Bastard, you're the one that is starting to have amorous feelings!"

She had only started having good feelings for him and he just made it all disappear.

She was being nice in thanking him but he had to say she was infatuated with him. What an asshole!

"Little Yaoyao. Fighting is petting. Nagging is loving. The more you curse at me, the deeper your love for me is."

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly as he continued to flirt with the violent police girl.

He knew that when Mengyao Xu became a hostage, she was really frightened. He continued to flirt with her as a way of distraction. He didn't want her to continue to be scared as it was not healthy after all.

"Asshole, if you continue to take liberties with me, I'll hit you."

Mengyao Xu flared around her cute little fists as she threatened out.

She finally understood, this guy was only there to make her angry. He knew she started having good feelings around him but he continued to play with her.

She threw down the ropes that were wrapped around her. But as she tried to get up, she tripped and fell to the floor.


She furrowed her eyebrows and her face turned pale white. Her hands clutched around her foot, trying to smooth the pain.

Her body, after being wrapped for such a long time, lacked blood circulation and getting up so suddenly caused her to injure her ankles.

"Little Yaoyao, let me help you rub it."

Qingfeng Li smiled gently.

He saw the injury around her ankles.

The injury was not that bad.

"No, I'll rub it myself."

She shook her head and quickly rejected him.

She knew that he did not have the purest intentions, wanting to rub her pretty feet.

She gently squeezed her foot. Her feet were tiny and beautiful, with a healthy glow on it. Anybody with a foot fetish would be driven crazy by her set of feet.

But at this moment, those beautiful feet had a bruised spot on it.

It hurt a lot. She furrowed her brows more as she continued to rub her foot. She had never studied medicine before and does not even know where she had injured herself exactly.

"Little Yaoyao, your bone is displaced a little. Let me help you rub it."

Qingfeng Li smiled and kindly offered again.

"How do you know it is displaced?"

"Because I am a world class doctor."

"Bullshit. All the world-class doctors are 50-60-year-olds. You're too young to be a world-class doctor."

She shook her beautiful head, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Her impression of world-class doctors were those who were very senior, having seen a lot of patients and accumulated a lot of experience over the years.

But Qingfeng Li, at most, was only 25. How could such a person claim to be world class? Nobody would believe such a lie.

"Little Yaoyao, just let me rub it for 2 minutes for you. If it still doesn't become better then I'll stop."

Qingfeng Li continued to smile as he confidently spoke.

He was quite confident in his skills.

"Fine, I'll trust you this once."

After a look at his confident face, she lifted her brows and decided to trust him just once.

The more she rubbed her own ankle, the more it started to hurt. And since there were only two people, she decided to trust Qingfeng Li.

"Don't worry, just two minutes."

He smiled and pulled over her foot and placed it on top of his leg. His actions made her blush and her little heart started fluttering.

This guy had the audacity to take advantage of her. She tightened her teeth and thought out.

What a beautiful little foot.

Qingfeng Li gazed at her tiny little foot.

He was enjoying it very much. Her little feet, smooth and glowing, he didn't want to let go of it at all.

He thought that she was not only beautiful but also had a nice body. Even her little feet were the best. Her weaknesses were her violent personality and her lack of a chest.

"Asshole, what you looking at. Hurry up and help me rub."

She unhappily spoke out after seeing him crazily staring at her feet. Her face turned red a little.

This guy! I was originally really grateful to you. But you, in turn, decided to not be a good guy but take advantage of me?

"Oh sorry, got sidetracked. I'll help you immediately."

He grabbed her foot and started rubbing it.

The spots that he rubbed are acupuncture spots. Good for helping blood circulation. And with a twist, he moved the bones back to their rightful places.

All of a sudden her ankle started feeling better. Blood started flowing and the bruised disappeared. It no longer hurt anymore.

She got a little confused though. Her ankle no longer hurts but why is the guy still rubbing her ankle.

What an asshole, taking advantage of me again. She angrily thought out.

"My foot is already better. Can you let go now?"

Her eyelashes fluttered as she angrily glared at him and loudly asked.

"Little Yaoyao. Even though it no longer hurts, it's better to rub it some more. It's to aid the healing process."

Qingfeng Li righteously spoke. His hands were still rubbing against her foot.

In truth, her feet had already recovered. He just did not want to let go.

Such beautiful little feet, too rare to pass on the chance to rub it some more.

"Humph, asshole."

She grumbled and lifted her right foot out. Since her ankle no longer hurt, naturally she did not want him to take advantage of her. Even though her ankle felt good, her heart did not.

She stood up, moved around, and realized her ankle recovered completely. Indeed his skills were incredible.

Mengyao Xi was a police officer so she often got injured. She knew injuries like those would normally take days to recover in the hospital.

But in the hands of Qingfeng Li, it only took a few minutes. It looks like he might not have been boasting of being a godly doctor.

Ring Ring Ring...

Mengyao Xu took out her phone and dialed to the police department. "I'm Captain Mengyao Xu. The criminals are in the abandoned building here. Please send people now."

"Little Yaoyao, you called the police."

"Of course. There are tens of millions of Yuan here. Of course these have to be returned to the bank. Even though the criminals are dead but their identities still have to be verified."

"Oh, since the police are coming, I'm going to leave now."

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and got ready to leave. He did not want to expose his identity.

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