My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 90: Gratitude from the Beauty

Chapter 90: Gratitude from the Beauty

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"What the f*ck, who are you? You dare insult me? You want to die?"

The one-eyed man responded coldly after having heard Qingfeng Li insult his looks.

As the saying goes, hit but not to thy face, ridicule but not to thy weakness.

Being ridiculed for his one-eye was the man's biggest taboo. Qingfeng Li exposing him like this in front of everybody, to have called him ugly for his missing eye, made him very angry.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Qingfeng Li, Mengyao Xu's friend. I'm here today to save her. I'll give you guys a chance. Let her go right now, break your own hands and I'll let you go alive."

With his hands behind his back, Qingfeng Li confidently spoke out.

Hearing that Qingfeng Li wanted to save Mengyao Xu and that he even wanted the man to break his own hands, the one-eyed man mockingly laughed.

The man felt as if it was not his day, to have met such an pretentious guy. Who did he think he was? Spiderman? Batman?

"Kid, I'll give you full points for your pretentiousness. But there are five of us here, and only one of you. You really think you can save her?"

The one-eyed man laughed out loud with a face of mockery. He thought of Qingfeng Li as one who did not have a good gauge of own his own skills.

There were idiots everywhere, especially so this year. The man decided to teach this obnoxious guy a harsh lesson.

"Qingfeng Li, leave now. Don't try to save me, save yourself first. They have guns, you're no match for them."

Mengyao Xu's beautiful face had a panicky expression as she shouted out at Qingfeng Li.

When Qingfeng Li wasn't here, she wanted Qingfeng Li to appear. But when he did appear, all she wanted was for him to leave.

She knew clearly that not only did the kidnappers have guns, but they also had explosives. Qingfeng Li was definitely no match for those evil thugs.

"Qingfeng Li, you're so stupid. You should've found somebody to come save me and not just recklessly show up here."

Her beautiful face revealed a look of despair. She knew both her and Qingfeng Li were going to die.

These gangsters, in no way, would let them go alive.

"Little Yao Yao, don't worry. This one-eyed trash is nowhere close to my level."

Qingfeng Li winked at Mengyao Xu as he spoke with a smile.

He already wanted to get rid of them when they were at the bank but decided to hide his true skills. Now that there were no outsiders, he did not have any additional considerations in getting rid of these people.

For the Wolf King, even fifty people were no match for him.

"You dare call me one-eyed trash? You have a death wish."

The man turned ferocious, his eyes shined with the urge to kill.

Qingfeng Li hit his bottom line, ridiculing his one-eye. He swore he would break every limb on Qingfeng Li's body and make him regret everything he just said.


The man moved like a cougar and, with rapid speed, dashed towards Qingfeng Li.


He roared deeply as he raised his right fist and aimed it at Qingfeng Li. The movement was accompanied by a piercingly loud noise.

The punch had such power that it sounded like a sonic boom. The man did have quite the skills. You could tell just from that one punch.


Qingfeng Li, with lightning speed, kicked out and hit the man right on his stomach. His speed was faster than the one-eyed man's.


The man's body, like a bullet flying out of the barrel, flew backward. He crashed into the wall and slid down. Just from one shot, the man lost!

The room became quiet.

Everybody stared at Qingfeng Li unbelievingly.

"Such a powerful kick."

Mengyao Xu's face was filled with astonishment. Her gaze towards Qingfeng Li had a flash of admiration.

The one-eyed man was no normal thug. He was the biggest wanted criminal in Eastern Sea City. The strongest one with the most power. Even the armed forces were no match for him.

But just now, the one who couldn't even be defeated by 4 or 5 armed policemen just got defeated from Qingfeng Li's one kick.

Kugh! Kugh!

The man coughed out a mouthful of blood as he struggled to get up. He had a horrified face.

He knew he had a picked the wrong fight. The guy in front of him was too strong, and he was no match.

"Kid, so what if you are strong. I'm the one with a gun."

He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Qingfeng Li with the intent to kill.

"You think just because you have a gun I'll be scared?"

He sneered as he glanced at the gun in the man's hand and walked towards it.

"Punk, since you have a death wish, I'll grant it."

He pulled the trigger and the copper bullet within flew right at Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li, watch out."

When she saw that the man really pulled the trigger, Mengyao Xu screamed. She was horrified. Qingfeng came to save her. If something were to happen to him, she would spend the rest of her life feeling awful even if she could get out of this alive.


Qingfeng Li tilted his body leftwards in a flash and instantly dodged the bullet.

"What, how can he dodge a bullet?"

The man was truly shocked.

Is he even human? To be able to dodge a bullet. At that moment, everybody was shocked.

Qingfeng Li moved like a whirlwind and in an instant, moved in front of the one-eyed man.

The man raised his gun again, wanting to shoot but Qingfeng Li quickly grabbed onto the gun, and with a twist, crushed it into a useless piece of metal.


Qingfeng Li grabbed the throat of the man, and with a snap, ended his evil life. His eye still had hatred in it. He did not want to die like this. He would never have thought that after having dominated Eastern Sea City for so long, he would die at the hands of such a youngster.

"Big Brother is dead. We have to avenge him. Kill this guy!"

The other three thugs took out their guns and shot at Qingfeng Li.

The bullets, though fast, were not as fast as Qingfeng Li.

As if teleporting, Qingfeng Li appeared in front of the three thugs, took out his knife, and slashed three times.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The three thugs clutched their necks as they fell towards the ground. Blood gushed out of their necks and flowed into a puddle on the ground.

Demon. This was for sure a demon.

This is when the scarred guy suddenly remembered Qingfeng Li. He was the one who broke his testicles at the bar. The guy who destroyed dozens of his men.

"S-S-Stand right there. If you move any closer-rr, I'm going to detonate the bomb and we'll all die."

The scarred man took out his lighter and lifted his shirt. He stuttered as he threatened Qingfeng.

When she saw the explosives on the man's body, Mengyao Xu's expression changed. When the guys came, everybody took off everything they were carrying. All except that man, the one who became the biggest threat.

But clearly, Qingfeng Li was not scared of the man's threat as he coldly smiled.

To want to play with explosives in front of Wolf King was basically trying to die.


Qingfeng Li's knife suddenly flew out, and in a flash, struck the scarred-faced man's throat.


Blood flowed out of the throat. He collapsed to the ground, his face still contorted in a horrified expression.

Right before he died, he had only one thought, that the youngster was a demon. It was too terrifying. The knife's speed was even faster than a bullet's.

It wasn't too long before all 5 of the thugs were killed by Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li took out his knife, wiped away the blood on it and helped cut the ropes off of Mengyao Xu.

"Thank you."

Mengyao Xu thankfully said to him, her eyes filled with complicated thoughts.

She once hated the man in front of her. She thought that he was a bad guy, a thug with no shame. Only now had she realize how incredible he is.

She knew clearly that if not for him, she would have been raped, had pictures taken of her, and then killed. This guy not only saved her life but also protected her dignity. That was why she was so thankful to him.

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