My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 89: Saving Mengyao Xu

Chapter 89: Saving Mengyao Xu

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At this time, in an abandoned building next to the Yangtze River, Mengyao Xu’s body was tied, lying on the ground. Her beautiful face was pale.

"Do you know who I am. Let go of me quickly."

Mengyao Xu’s beautiful eyes blinked, suppressing the fear in her heart and said loudly.

"That guy called you his captain just now. There is only one female captain in the entire Eastern Sea City. So you are the violent policewoman Mengyao Xu."

The one-eyed big guy sneered. His eye looked even more ferocious because of that smile.

He was a criminal that had offended the law several times in Eastern Sea City and knew the police forces of the city inside out.

"Ah, I remember. You are the one-eyed dragon, the most wanted criminal in Eastern Sea City. "

Mengyao Xu suddenly remembered that in the last one month, there was a criminal in Eastern Sea City who specializes in the robbery of gold stores, shopping malls and banks.

This one-eyed guy was ruthless and had clear goals. Every time he finished the robbery, there would be someone to meet him and he could escape successfully.

Mengyao Xu’s gaze slightly fixed and found that a middle-aged man with a scar was standing in the empty room. This guy would be the one who met the one-eyed dragon and others.

"Biao Hu, is that you?"

Mengyao Xu recognized this middle-aged man with the scar. He was the boss of the Zero degree Bar, Biao Hu.

The Zero-degree Bar engaged in illegal activities in the name of doing business.

Some time ago, Mengyao Xu investigated the bar, but was drugged by people there, and almost lost her virginity. It was Qingfeng Li who saved her in the bar.

Then Mengyao Xu took the police to close down the bar for investigation, but the boss Biao Hu escaped.

"Hahaha, dear captain Xu. I didn’t expect to be tying you up this time."

Biao Hu looked at Mengyao Xu in an unfriendly way, his face full of maliciousness.

Biao Hu was furious towards this policewoman in front of him. It was because he wanted to handle this policewoman last time that his balls were kicked by that mysterious young man.

Being kicked below the belt, his anger was strong. He had to take revenge, and vent on this policewoman.

"One-eyed brother, this chick is so beautiful. What a shame to kill her. We can just play with her."

The man with a scar smiled and said to the one-eyed guy.

"Yea right, bro. This girl is too beautiful. We can f**k her and take photos. So we can savor the taste in the future too."

The second guy of the four thieves showed an obscene smile and said.

He was really the strategist of the four, having such a vicious strategy to not just touch Mengyao Xu but keep photos.

"Biao Hu, Number 2, you are right. It’s a pity to kill such a beautiful chick. F*k her and take photos."

The one-eyed guy smiled coldly and said with an obscene smile.

These bad guys didn’t care about the rules and did bad things. They liked doing this kind of thing the best.

Hearing the one-eyed guy’s words, Mengyao Xu turned pale. Her eyes flashed with a touch of terror.

She wasn’t scared of anything but being raped by these assholes one by one. These disgusting people also wanted to take photos of her. She probably couldn’t rest assured even if she was dead.

Mengyao Xu had a special identity. She normally doesn’t want to say it. But to save herself, and to frighten the robbers, she thought she should say it.

"Listen, my dad is the Chief in Command of Eastern Sea City's criminal police force. If you dare to touch me, he won’t forgive you."

Seeing the obscene smile of the one-eyed guy and

the others, Mengyao Xu finally spoke out her identity and hoped to frighten them with it.

After all, the Chief of the Criminal Police was a deep deterrent to criminals.

"What, the daughter of the Chief?"

The one-eyed guy changed his facial expression, and his eyes flashed a touch of heaviness.

If the woman in front of her was a normal person, he wouldn’t mind killing her. But the opposing party was the daughter of the police director. This was such a big identity. If they didn’t handle it well, it would cause serious consequences.

Not only the one-eyed guy, even the guy with the scar and a few others had shock all over the face.

Obviously, Mengyao Xu’s identity made them worried.

"Bro, things have been done. Do you think the director will forgive us even we set this chick free?"

Number two ‘s face darkened and said to the one-eyed guy.

"Bro, we’ve done so many cases. It doesn’t matter if we do one more. Once we’re done, we will leave Eastern Sea City. No one can catch us."

Biao Hu smiled faintly and said to the one-eyed guy.

Biao Hu hated Mengyao Xu very much and really wanted to kill her. This damn woman ruined his willy, and his bar was shut down. He himself was wanted by the police and was living like a dog.

He wanted to get revenge.

"Well, I’ll listen to you."

The one-eyed guy smiled coldly and listened to Number 2 and Biao Hu’s suggestion.

He was criminal that had done countless bad things. He felt itchy after not doing something bad in a day.

"Hehe, the daughter of the police director. I haven’t played with her before. I have to try it today. Number 2, get the camera, I’m taking nude photos of her."

The one-eyed guy showed an obscene smiled and walked towards Mengyao Xu.

"Ah, stop. My father is director Tianming Xu."

Mengyao Xu’s face was pale, her eyes were full of terror. She wanted to escape, but her body was tied and couldn’t move at all.

To be sure, Tianming Xu was the director of police forces in Eastern Sea City and had great power and fame. He had caught countless criminals and was even known as the bane of the criminals.

Those assholes would show some respect and give in a little hearing Tianming Xu’s name.

Mengyao Xu wanted to frighten these thieves with his big name. but she didn’t know that these thieves didn’t care about Tianming Xu at all.

These thieves were not gangsters. They are the vicious criminals that only cared about money and women.

"Mengyao Xu, though your dad is powerful, we’ll go when we’re done. The world is huge. He won’t be able to catch us."

The one-eyed guy smiled coldly and said, his face ferocious.

Then, the one-eyed guy began to take off his clothes. He was the leader, so naturally, he would touch Mengyao Xu first.

Biao Hu took the camera and got ready to take photos. His penis was ruined and could not have sex, but he wanted to take photos and take revenge on this women. He wanted to destroy her reputation.

The other three thieves with masks smiled obscenely and started to take off the clothes, walking towards Mengyao Xu.

"Who can help me?"

Mengyao Xu's beautiful face was pale, and her eyes were full of despair.

She seemed to have seen her miserable fate. She was unwilling, angry, but helpless.

Somehow, in this dangerous moment, a person crossed Mengyao Xu’s mind – none other than Qingfeng Li.

She hoped Qingfeng Li would show up and save her, but thought it was impossible. Because these thieves changed cars halfway, and there were people coordinating with them. Average people couldn’t find out at all.

She was suddenly a bit regretful that she was still a virgin. If she knew it earlier she would have found a boyfriend and gave it to him. But now it would be destroyed by these assholes. She was in extreme despair.

"You son of a bitch. How dare you rape such a beautiful woman."

Suddenly, a faint voice came from outside the window.

"Who, who’s there?"

One-eyed guy’s facial expression changed and he said loudly.

Someone came to his back but he didn’t realize it, which surprised him.

"Aye, see, you are ugly and only have one eye. Don’t frighten people. Didn’t your mom tell you that ugly people shouldn’t walk around?"

Qingfeng Li’s body moved and jumped in from the window, criticizing the one-eyed guy.

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