My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 88: You Are One Stupid Woman

Chapter 88: You Are One Stupid Woman

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"Who are you, let go of my brother."

Seeing that his brother was caught by Mengyao Xu and had a gun pointed at his head, the single-eyed guy’s face changed and he said in a cold voice.

"I am a police officer. You are surrounded. Put down your weapons and you have a way to live. If you resist then you will die."

Mengyao Xu sneered, her eyes were cold too.

To deal with criminals, her first approach was to convince them to surrender. This would ensure the safety of victims and minimize loss.

"You are one stupid woman."

Qingfeng Li squatted on the ground and swore. He was speechless towards what Mengyao Xu had done.

These guys were clearly ruthless. They all had explosives on them. To them, your gun is like an egg hitting a rock.

As expected, the single-eyed guy let out a twisted smile and lifted his shirt to expose the explosives inside. With a cold voice, he said, "Let my brother go, or I will light this on fire and then we will all die."

"You have that on you?"

Mengyao Xu’s face changed and a sense of fear appeared in her eyes.

She knew that once the guy sets the explosives off, the whole lobby would be blown to the ground. Not only would she die, but the hundreds of civilians here would die too.

The day when Mengyao Xu became a policewoman, she was ready to sacrifice herself for civilians. It’d be okay if it was just her, but there were so many people here so she didn’t dare to shoot her gun.


The single-eyed guy hit her right hand while she was still shocked, causing her to drop her gun. Then he pointed the gun at her head and was ready to pull the trigger.

"Brother, wait."

Suddenly, the guy at the door said.

"Brother, this is a policewoman. I am going to kill her first, why are you stopping me?"

The single-eyed guy glanced at the guy at the door coldly. He was dissatisfied.

"Brother, we are already surrounded by the police. If we want to leave we need a hostage, and this female policewoman is the best option."

This guy was clearly very good at strategic thinking. He thought of leveraging a hostage to leave.

"Number 2, you are worthy of being our strategic advisor. You have a quick brain, okay, we will use this female police as a hostage. Let’s go outside."

The single-eyed guy praised the other guy, then he took out ropes and tied Mengyao Xu up. He pointed the gun at her head and walked outside.

"You dumb b*tch, who is laughing now."

Seeing that the guys took Mengyao Xu outside, Qingfeng Li raised his head slightly wanting to save her.

Even though he and Mengyao Xu often fought, he knew that this girl was a righteous person. He didn’t want to watch this girl get dragged to her death.

Right when Qingfeng Li was ready to get up, he squatted down again. Because he noticed that the four robbers were already outside the door. If he goes to save Mengyao Xu now, then he would expose his true abilities, and there was a chance that they would detonate the explosives.

He was the Wolf King. He didn’t want to expose his abilities in front of the police or there would be trouble in the future.

"Whatever, I will wait a while before saving Mengyao Xu."

Qingfeng Li locked his eyebrows, he decided that he will go save her after the robbers leave with Mengyao Xu.

"Ah, oh no, our captain was caught by the robber?"

Seeing that the single-eyed guy walk out with Mengyao Xu, the buzz-cut policeman outside’s face changed. He lost all the color in his face.

"Robbers listen, let go of our captain immediately, or you guys will die for sure."

The buzz-cut police took the megaphone and said loudly to the single-eyed guy.

His voice was big. Everyone around him heard.

"This dumb*ss."

Qingfeng Li frowned and swore.

These robbers only knew Mengyao Xu was a policewoman before but didn’t know her identity as the captain. Now that these people knew that she was captain, they would never let her go.

This was an important hostage that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. As long as they were not dumb, then they wouldn’t let her go.

The reality was exactly as Qingfeng Li had thought. After hearing what the buzz-cut police officer had said, the four robbers were very happy.

"Big bro, we win. This is a captain, we can definitely go out with her as our hostage." The second guy said excitedly.

"Exactly, we are safe now."

The big brother was also excited, he didn’t think that he had such a big fish in his hand.

Mengyao Xu looked at the buzz-cut police without any words. She was so angry, she wanted to go shove her foot up his as*. He was so successful at being a failure.

"Buzz-cut, listen to me. Go prepare a car for us now, or I will kill her."

The single-eyed guy pointed the gun at Mengyao Xu’s head and threatened.

"Don’t hurt our captain, I will go find you a car immediately."

Seeing the murderous look on the single-eyed guy’s face, the buzz-cut police was surprised. He knew that if he didn’t do what they wanted then the captain might actually be killed.

It wasn’t long before a van was found.

The four robbers took Mengyao Xu and a bag of money into the van and drove away under everyone’s eyes.

"Attention all units, the robbers are on a white van on Sky River Road. Everyone watch for them and flag them down, but don’t surprise them. Our captain is on their hands."

The buzz-cut police took out his walky-talky and said to every unit.

Immediately, every unit that received that message started to track the location of the white van.

Qingfeng Li walked out from the bank quietly, and then he jumped on a motorcycle and chased after the van.

He came out pretty late so he only knew that the van went to Sky River Road, so he drove that way.

But when he got to Sky River Road, he found an empty van that was surrounded by many police officers.

After asking, Qingfeng Li learned that the four robbers were extremely careful and had someone come to meet them. Halfway through their journey, they escaped on another vehicle and left behind this empty van.

There were four roads at Sky River intersection, in four different directions. Some were to the city center, some were to the countryside, and then there was one to the outskirts of the city.

After the police had analyzed the situation, they all thought that they four robbers went to the countryside. So they all drove towards the countryside.

And on the road to the countryside, there were clear tire marks, it was obvious that they were marks from a car.

"No, they didn’t go to the countryside. They should have gone back to the city."

Qingfeng Li stood around the van, smelled the air and said to himself.

His nose was extremely sensitive. When Mengyao Xu was taken as a hostage, he spread some special powder on her body.

Through the smell of the special powder, Qingfeng Li could differentiate between the directions. And that smell was the most prominent on the road back into the city.

A wise man had once said, the most dangerous place was sometimes the safest place. Not only were these robbers ruthless, but they were also sly. This empty van and the car tracks to the countryside were all a cover-up. It was fake.

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and turned around to run back into the city.

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