My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 87: Running into Bad Guys Again

Chapter 87: Running into Bad Guys Again

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"Bast*rd, have a taste of my Ancestry-Ending Kick."

A wave of anger appeared on Mengyao Xu’s pretty face. Her right foot suddenly kicked out like a hurricane towards Qingfeng Li’s crotch.

The speed of this kick was extremely fast and it was designed especially for kicking men in their balls. One kick could shatter the family jewels.

The Ancestry-Ending Kick was famous in the police station as it was the worst nightmare of a lot of criminals. Mengyao Xu had used this kick to break the balls of three criminals already. That was why she was known for her violence.

"Little Yaoyao, you are so cruel. If my balls break, how are we going to make our little monkeys in the future?"

Qingfeng Li smiled teasingly and caught her kick with his legs. Regardless of how hard she tried, she couldn’t free her leg from his.

Mengyao Xu had learned martial arts before. Even though she could take on three to five thugs easily, but when she met Qingfeng Li, she was hopeless. This made her very angry.

"Bast*rd, let me go."

Mengyao Xu’s pretty face changed and she said angrily.


Qingfeng Li laughed and didn’t have any intentions of letting go.

This chick wanted to break his balls, that was so cruel. He must punish her and let her know why flowers were this red.

He extended his palms and caught Mengyao Xu’s calf, it was smooth and slippery, like touching silk.

This female police officer’s leg was slim and long. It was comparable to Wan-Qiu Xia’s legs, they were both the best of the best.

"You bast*rd, let my leg go."

Seeing that her leg was caught by this bast*rd, her nose tilted. She was really angry.

Not only was this guy a bast*rd, but he was also a pervert. How could he tease her like this under broad daylight?

The people around them saw that such a pretty lady was being teased by Qingfeng Li. They all looked this way, green lights flashing from their eyes. This made Mengyao Xu very embarrassed. She wanted to find a crack in the ground and hide in it.

The only fortunate thing was that she came to take out money on her break today so she didn’t wear her police uniform and only wore a set of regular clothes. Thus the people around her didn’t recognize her identity.


A gunshot broke the bank’s peace and even scared Qingfeng Li and Mengyao Xue.

Four men with their heads covered in black leggings, only showing their eyes, came into the bank with guns.

"The money belongs to the country, but your lives are yours. We only want money, not your lives! If you want to live then kneel down."

The leading one-eyed guy said loudly, his voice was full of threats.

Hearing the phrase wanting money, everyone inside the bank’s face changed. There were screams everywhere.

"Ah, robbers, everyone run."

A woman in a blue dress screamed and ran towards the outside.

"The f*ck, you dare to run?"

The single-eyed guy swore and suddenly shot out a bullet from his handgun, the bullet hit the leg of the blue-clothed woman, making her kneel on the ground, no longer able to get up.

The woman in blue shrieked as blood was flowing out of her leg and reddened a huge area of the ground. The ground was covered in blood and it looked very scary.

"Keep on screaming. f you keep on screaming, I am going to shoot you dead."

The single-eyed man pointed his gun at the woman in blue’s head. She lost all color from her face from fear and no longer dared to say anything. She was scared that if she said anymore, then she would lose her life here.

Even though her leg was still in pain, but compared to her life, the leg pain was tolerable.

"Whoever runs next will be killed by me."

The single-eyed guy radiated a murderous air and threatened everyone around him.

Seeing the weapon in the four guys’ hands as well as their cold-heartedness, everyone shivered in fear. Nobody dared to say another sentence. They all squatted down and held their head.

"Take out the money."

The single-eyed guy took out a bag and said coldly at the desk.

The other three robbers stood at the door and watched everyone in the hall.

All four people had guns in their hands. Everyone was shaking with fear and didn’t know what to do.

"Big brother, this is the money."

The middle-aged woman at the desk took out all the money shakily. Under the threat of the gun, she had to take it out. If she didn’t, then she would die. It was the only way for her to live.

The four robbers were all welly trained. It was clear that they had scouted the place out beforehand. They all had assigned tasks and had great speed. Within a while, they had a huge bag of money. It was at least tens of millions of dollars.

Seeing that the four robbers were gonna take the money and run, Mengyao Xu’s face changed and she was ready to stand up. But the next moment, she was held down by Qingfeng Li.

"Bast*rd, I have to capture these robbers. Why are you holding me back?"

Being pushed down by Qingfeng Li, Mengyao Xu had anger written all over her face.

This bast*rd is so stupid, how could he stop her from catching the robbers.

"Let me ask you, they have four people and they all have guns. Can you really take them down by yourself?"

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and said in a low voice.

He felt like this female police was all over her head, she didn’t look at the difference in power. These four looked like seasoned robbers, they were well trained. If they weren’t soldiers before then they had been hired guns.

People like that were always cruel. If Mengyao Xu dared to rush towards them, then she would get shot on sight and die.

"Bast*rd, I am a policewoman. Can I watch them escape?"

Mengyao Xu’s pretty face was holding in anger. She had a lot of dissatisfaction in her voice.

She was a policewoman and could naturally see that these four robbers were not average people. Looking at their skilled actions, anyone would know that they were recidivists.

But Mengyao Xu was a righteous policewoman. Even though she knew there was danger, she couldn’t just sit and watch. That wasn’t her style.

"Stupid girl, you think they only have guns on them?"

Qingfeng Li said in a low voice. He was careful with his tone.

If the four robbers only had guns on them then Qingfeng Li would’ve taken them down a long time ago. The only reason he hasn’t was because he noticed that there were detonator explosives on them.

Those were explosives. If one person sets it off, then everyone who was in the bank would turn into dust.

Di-wu, di-wu, di-wu….

Suddenly sirens sounded. Someone called the police and all the police cars around the area came over.

"To the robbers who are inside, listen! You are surrounded, put down your weapons and surrender yourselves."

A buzz-cut police yelled to inside the bank through a megaphone.

Beside the buzz-cut police, there were a dozen police with guns aimed at inside the bank.

Hearing that there were police outside, Mengyao Xu’s face lit up. She knew that her friends were here. Since her friends were here then she didn’t need to be scared of these robbers.

She thought that herself in addition to the dozen of police officers outside would be enough to take care of the four robbers inside.


Mengyao Xu suddenly jumped up from the ground like a cougar, and jumped towards the man that was the closest to her.

The man didn’t expect this so he was nailed to the ground by her.

Mengyao Xu took out her gun and pointed it at the guy’s head. She said loudly, "Don’t move, or else I will shoot!"

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