My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 86: Wife Told Me to Buy A Washing Board

Chapter 86: Wife Told Me to Buy A Washing Board

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"Honey, I am back."

Qingfeng Li returned to the CEO’s office and said with a smile.

"Hmph, so you know how to come back?"

Dissatisfaction appeared on Xue Lin’s glamorous face, and her body was radiating a murderous intent.

Under the building just now, she saw Ruyan Liu kiss her husband with her own eyes. This made her very unhappy.

As Qingfeng Li’s wife, Xue Lin had never even kissed him before, but that b*tch kissed her husband. So unforgivable!

"Honey, this is my true home. I am always happy every time I see you."

Qingfeng Li used his methods of coaxing women and did everything in his power to coax Xue Lin. But Xue Lin was very angry and it was useless regardless of what he did.

"Let me ask you, why did that b*tch kiss you just now?"

"Honey, that was not my fault, that stupid b*tch dirtied me, she ruined my innocence. But in my heart, you are always the most beautiful."

To get Xue Lin’s forgiveness, Qingfeng Li tossed Ruyan Liu under the bus immediately.

To be honest, when Ruyan Liu kissed Qingfeng Li, it f*cking felt great! But he couldn’t admit that in front of his own wife.

"Then let me ask you, why did you call her gan sister. When did you guys have such an intimate relationship?"

Xue Lin smiled coldly and said dissatisfied.

Even though she was the company’s CEO and took care of thousands of issues every day, she also knew about social norms.

Xue Lin had heard that a lot of gan fathers, gan sisters, gan daughters, gan brothers, they would all end up in bed with each other.

"Honey, Ruyan Liu that b*tch said if I don’t call her my gan sister then she wouldn’t partner with our company. I sacrificed my reputation and chastity for the company! Honey, I gave up so much for the company, how can you still suspect me?"

Qingfeng Li forced some tears out and said pitifully.

"What you said is all true?"

Xue Lin raised her eyebrows, her face was still suspicious.

"Honey, I swear to God. Let me be struck by lightning if I lied. I lost my chastity for the company, I am suffering."

Qingfeng Li pretended like he couldn’t love again. He was so good at pretending that anyone who heard his story would be sad and whoever could see him would cry.

To receive the forgiveness of his wife, he was definitely spending a lot of effort. Since his way of coaxing women didn’t work, then he could only try to play the pity card.

"Hmph, fine I will believe you this time. Don’t be too close with that b*tch next time."

Xue Lin pouted her red lips and snorted, but her eyes still looked like they could kill.

"Understood honey. I will save my innocence for you, and won’t give it to that stupid b*tch."

Qingfeng Li patted himself on the chest and promised loudly.

"Pcht, what saving your innocence for me. Thay's disgusting."

Xue Lin was an extreme germaphobe. Her heart didn’t feel comfortable talking about another person’s innocence.

There was no solution. Being germaphobic and frigid, she hated men.

"Honey, do you forgive me now?" Qingfeng Li asked pitifully.

"No, go buy a washboard for me from the mall."

Xue Lin raised her eyebrows, her red lips curved up while she said glamorously.

She heard from other women that if the husband makes a mistake, the best punishment was for them to kneel on the washboard. As long as they do it once, then they wouldn’t make the same mistake next time.

To avoid her husband continuing to be intimate with b*tches, she felt it was necessary to punish her husband as a warning.

"Honey, let’s not buy that washboard."

Qingfeng Li was sad and said a little bit depressed.

What he worried about the most had happened, this wife wanted him to buy a washboard.

Too bad, whenever a man makes a mistake, women always liked to use washboards as a punishment to the men.

"I am going to let you take the afternoon off work, so you can go buy a good washboard and bring it home at night."

Xue Lin did not react to Qingfeng Li’s whole pity act. She insisted that he should buy a washboard.

"Honey, do we really have to buy it?"

"Yes, as long as you buy the washboard, I will forgive you."

"Okay honey, I will go buy it right now."

Qingfeng Li stopped with his pity act, and went to buy a washboard.

His wife had said just now that as long as he buys a washboard then she would forgive him.

Even though he hated washboards, in order to get the forgiveness of his wife he could only go buy a washboard. Who would expect that Xue Lin would see Ruyan Liu kiss him? If a man makes a mistake, then he had to suffer the consequences.

Not needing to work in the afternoon was great too.

Qingfeng Li walked out of the office and went towards the bank.

Why he had to go to the bank was because he needed to take out money so he could buy the washboard.

10 minutes later, Qingfeng Li came to the Construction Bank of China.

There were a lot of people in line at the bank. He took a number and lined up.

The person standing in front of Qingfeng Li was a pretty girl, from the back, she was tall and she had a perky butt, straight legs, and her curves were beautiful.

But because there were too many people in line, the people behind him pushed forward and pushed Qingfeng Li onto the beautiful girl.


Qingfeng Li and that girl's body came into contact intimately. He reached his hands forward and touched that girl’s butt. It was soft and smooth, it felt pretty good.

Since her butt got touched, the girl’s face changed and turned around to look at the person who touched her butt angrily.

"Bast*rd, it's you?"

The beautiful woman turned around and noticed that the person who touched her butt was someone she knew, and it was someone that she hated. Suddenly she became very angry.

"Hey beautiful, we are bonded by fate and we meet again."

Qingfeng Li was also kind of surprised, he didn’t think that he would meet this girl here.

The girl was no one else but the police woman Mengyao Xu. They were basically enemies.

"Bast*rd, why did you touch my butt?"

Mengyao Xu’s pretty face was basically on fire, she was super angry that her nose was tilted.

She felt like she was really unlucky today. She probably forgot to read the calendar before she left home. She originally wanted to come to the bank to take out some money but she didn’t think she would meet the bast*rd Qingfeng Li.

For this bast*rd, Mengyao Xu hated him to the bones. Whenever she met him, she would feel like it was an unfortunate event. The last time she lost her first kiss, and this time her butt got touched.

Maybe this guy was destined to be her mortal enemy. That made Mengyao Xue kind of angry.

"Little Yaoyao, I didn’t do that on purpose, the people behind me pushed me so I touched your butt by accident. But to be honest, your butt felt pretty good."

Qingfeng Li smiled teasingly and glanced at her butt, to savor that touch.

For this female police officer who liked to find trouble for him, Qingfeng Li would tease her whenever he saw her.

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