My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 85: The Vixen's Ultimate Skill

Chapter 85: The Vixen's Ultimate Skill

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"Gan brother, I’m leaving. Can you see me out?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and said to Qingfeng Li. She realized that for some reason, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t leave the Ice Snow Corporation. So she had to give in.

Of course, building her relationship with Qingfeng Li and making Xue Lin angry was also a wonderful thing.

There were two kinds of relationship between women: besties and enemies. Obviously, Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin were not besties, so they were naturally enemies.

Moreover, the two had completely different characters. One was cold and the other was enchanting. They were mutually exclusive and didn’t like each other.

Hearing Ruyan Liu wanted him to walk him out, Qingfeng Li’s facial expression slightly changed.

He felt that Xue Lin had been quite dissatisfied with him because of the gan sister and gan brother relationship. If he sent Ruyan Liu back and went back home tonight, will Xue Lin ask him to kneel on a washing board? (TL: it’s a joke in China, those men that pissed off their wife enough then they must kneel on a keyboard or a washing board in order to be forgiven.)

Sending another woman back in front of his wife was a little strange after all.

Seeing Qingfeng Li didn’t say anything, Ruyan Liu knew that he was the employee of the Ice Snow Corporation and had to listen to the president, which made her a bit unhappy.

"President Lin, I had agreed to the billion yuan project with your company and giving you 50% of the profits. I’m asking Qingfeng Li to send me back. You won’t refuse, will you?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and said faintly.

"Qingfeng Li, since Miss Liu said it. You’ll send her back."

Xue Lin glanced at Qingfeng Li slightly and said coldly.

After all, Ruyan Liu’s cooperation with the Ice Snow Corporation had helped her a lot. Though this vixen wanted to seduce her husband, which made her very angry, it was reasonable to send her back.

As the president of the Ice Snow Corporation, Xue Lin still had to consider the company.

"Gan sister, let's go."

Qingfeng Li smiled unwillingly and walked out with Ruyan Liu in the cold gaze of Xue Lin.

"Gan brother, you don't seem to want to see me out."

Ruyan Liu glanced at Qingfeng Li and said, dissatisfied.

She was a genius with a 180 IQ. Naturally, she could see that Qingfeng Li was a bit reluctant to send her back. As for why, she hadn’t guessed it.

"No! Of course, I'm willing to send my sister!" Qingfeng Li quickly said. He wouldn’t want to admit that.

In fact, if Xue Lin was not watching, he’d like to send Ruyan Liu, and even eat and drink with her. But Xue Lin had already shown some dissatisfaction about the identity of gan sister.

If Qingfeng Li continued to send Ruyan Liu, he was really afraid that Xue Lin would punish him by making him kneel on the washing board at night.

"Gan brother, what is your relationship with Xue Lin?"

"We have a boss and employee relationship. She is the president, I’m the employee. It’s that simple."

"You lied to your sister. If it’s only the subordinate relationship, she wouldn’t offend the vice president because of you."

"Sister, I didn't lie to you. We really have that kind of relationship."

Qingfeng Li touched his nose and said. He would not dare say they were husband and wife. This was a little secret between Xue Lin and him.

They walked and chatted. Soon they came to the side of the car under the building.

"Xue Lin is actually peeking at me."

Ruyan Liu took a glance and found that Xue Lin was watching Qingfeng Li and her quietly through the window on the third floor.

Xue Lin was extremely vigilant against Ruyan Liu. Naturally, she couldn’t trust Ruyan when she was with her husband.

"Gan brother, I’ll tell you a secret."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. A touch of slyness flashed in her eyes. Her beautiful figure leaned forwards slightly and suddenly laid on Qingfeng Li. Her red lips also touched his ear.

From the distance, the two looked very intimate as if they were a couple snuggling together.

"Smells awesome."

Qingfeng Li suddenly caught a whiff of a beautiful fragrance. That was a perfume by Chanel with a lavender fragrance. It smelt extremely good.

His eyes looked at Ruyan Liu.

He found that she was so charming and attractive at this moment. Her beautiful eyes blinked, like the stars in the sky, releasing a charming lure. Her bright red lips were like a cherry that one couldn’t help biting.

Charming, enchanting, sexy. This was the best interpretation of her.

She was in a red dress, her breasts bulged out in her shirt. At least 36D, Qingfeng noted. Her snow-white cleavage was eye-catching. Qingfeng Li even thought that it would be great if he could grab it.

From his observation, her body was the same as Xue Lin. Both had the golden ratio, and were the best.

He felt his blood boiling, and that he was pitching a tent, which made him a bit embarrassed. The woman in front of him was too enchanting.

"Gan sister, what secret did you want to tell me."

Qingfeng Li’s face was slightly red. His breathing became a bit hasty. He quickly changed the topic.

He was afraid that if he couldn’t control himself, he would have given in to this extremely charming woman the next moment.

He swore if they were in the hotel, not under the building, he would go all out with this woman that seduced him. This vixen was too attractive. He almost couldn’t bear it.

"Gan Brother, I wanted to tell you, Xue Lin was actually looking at us from the third floor. I did it on purpose. hehe"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. Her eyes flashed a touch of slyness and her body quickly left Qingfeng Li.

Of course, because she left Qingfeng Li’s body, her lips gently touched his cheek.

"Did my sister kiss me?"

Qingfeng Li had confusion all over his face, touching the faint warmth on the cheek. It was hard to believe.

Though he was narcissistic and knew that he was handsome, Ruyan Liu was the president of a company worth more than ten billion. The first beauty in Eastern Sea City kissed him. It felt somewhat weird.

Yes, it’s not right. He suddenly realized what Ruyan Liu said. She said Xue Lin was watching from the third floor.

"Crap, my wife saw my gan sister kiss me."

Qingfeng Li’s facial expression drastically changed, embarrassed. The excitement of being kissed was completely gone.

This damn bitch. I was tricked.

The ultimate skill of the bitch was really powerful. At this moment, he both hated and liked Ruyan Liu.

He loved Ruyan Liu’s charm and beauty. He hated her because she was a sly bitch. Asking him to see her out was a strategy against Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li turned around right away and saw Xue Lin was standing behind the window of the third floor, looking at him coldly. Her eyes were full of fierceness.

"Crap. My wife found out."

Qingfeng Li screamed and was very depressed in his heart.

He knew this matter was very serious. If he couldn’t handle it well, his relationship with Xue Lin would have a rift.

Xue Lin was a neat freak before and hated men. Now she finally got better and treated him well. She went against Young Master Chen and Vice President for him. He was a bit touched in his heart.

How can I explain to my wife? He was secretly thinking about strategies in his heart.

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