My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 95: Company Money Got Stolen

Chapter 95: Company Money Got Stolen

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"Little sister Xiao Yue, what happened?"

Qingfeng asked as he walked into the hall of the first floor and patted the shoulder of the pretty girl in front of him.

Xiaoyue Zhang wore a green dress today. She was very pretty with her big eyes and snow white skin. She looked young and energetic.

"Big Brother Li, I heard that the money of the Finance Department had been stolen. The money is supposed to go towards the paychecks of the employees. They are investigating right now."

Xiaoyue Zhang wrinkled her cute nose and said gloomily.

She was waiting for this month’s salary to treat her hospitalized mother. Now that the money was stolen, she was naturally upset.

"Xiaoyue, have they figured it out who was the thief yet?"

Qingfeng frowned and asked.

He felt that there was something strange about this happening. The Finance Department was the most secure department of the company. The money should be kept in a safe surrounded by security cameras. How could it be stolen?

"Big Brother Li, all the employees have gathered in the hall of the first floor. The Director of Security is searching each department."

Xiaoyue Zhang frowned and said.

An ominous premonition rose in Qingfeng’s heart when he heard that the Head of Security was searching each department.

His instinct was always very accurate. He could feel that the theft of the Finance Department was a conspiracy.

After 30 minutes, Qiang Hu excitedly arrived at the first floor with the other security guards.

Inside the hall, hundreds of eyes looked intently at Qiang Hu.

"Director Hu, have you found the stolen money?"

Ping Wang of the Sales Department loudly asked. He was the first to speak.

"My fellow colleagues, I have found the missing deposit of the Finance Department."

Qiang Hu glanced darkly at Qingfeng and said to the hundreds of people.

"Director Hu, where did you find it? Was it stolen by someone?"

Ping Wang lifted a brow and asked. He was once again, the first to speak up.

He had already planned this with Qiang Hu. They were framing Qingfeng together.

They had two goals. One was to set up Qingfeng and cause him to be fired. The second goal was to send him to prison.

"I found the missing deposit of the Finance Department in the drawer of Qingfeng Li of the Sales Department. He stole the money of the company."

Qiang Hu pointed at Qingfeng Li and loudly said.

His voice was loud because he wanted everyone in the company to hear his words. The stolen money was the paycheck of all the employees. If the employees were angered, they would demand the CEO to fire Qingfeng.

No matter how strong and protective Xue Lin was, she would have to consider the feelings of the hundreds of employees.

Qiang Hu’s plan was ruthless. He wanted to send Qingfeng to his doom.

What? I knew nothing good was going on. How dare you say I stole the company’s money. Qingfeng was so extremely angered.

He already knew that Qiang Hu was a villain and would seek revenge. He did expect the other to be so low and would frame him in front of the hundreds of employees.

"Director Hu, you need evidence for your accusations. I did not steal the company’s money. You can’t blindly accuse me."

Qingfeng frowned and coldly said.

If it was outdoors, Qingfeng would have sent Qiang Hu flying with a single kick. But they were now surrounded by a few hundred people. He could not solely rely on violent measures.

If he beat up Qiang Hu, the others would say that he acted because he was guilty. It would be impossible for him to prove his innocence. Thus, he would only use his wits, not his fists.

"Qingfeng Li, do you dare to go to the Sales Department with everyone?"

Qiang Hu asked loudly with a cold smile.

"Why not?"

Qingfeng nodded and calmly said.

As the saying goes "An innocent man had nothing to fear". He did not steal the money; naturally, he was not afraid of any investigations.

After a while, Qing Feng and the others had arrived at the Sales Department.

"Qingfeng Li, tell me. Where do you sit?"

Qiang Hu loudly asked with a dark smile.

"Number 19 is my office desk."

Qingfeng pointed to desk number 19 and said.

"Ping Wang, go and open the drawer under desk number 19 for everyone to see."

Qiang Hu gestured at Wang Ping and asked him to open Qingfeng ’s desk.

"Yes, Director Hu."

Ping Wang lightly smiled and rushed to desk number 19.


Ping Wang pulled open Qingfeng ’s drawer with his left hand. The 10 million deposit of the Finance Department laid in his drawer.

The money was glaring to the eyes of everyone.

"I could never imagine that Qingfeng Li really stole 10 million from the company."

"Hmph, he looks so handsome. I didn’t expect him to be a thief."

"The 10 million Yuan is our paycheck. Qingfeng Li dared to steal this money. He needs to be fired."

"Yes, fire Qingfeng Li."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. They all wanted Qingfeng to be fired and started to insult him.

At this moment, Qingfeng had become a public enemy which everyone hated.

"The CEO is here."

Someone suddenly shouted and everyone became quiet. They all stared intently at Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s face was icily beautiful. Her skin was snow white. There was not a single flaw on her face. Her face was like the work of God.

She wore a blue suit which covered her beautiful body. She was busty with long legs and looked like a white fairy who attracted the eyes of everyone.

She had already heard about the theft of the Finance Department. She was here to check out the results.

"Director Hu, you are the Head of Security and responsible for the security of the company. Did you find out who stole the company’s money?"

Xue Lin asked lightly.

"CEO, yes I have figured it out. It is Qingfeng Li who stole the company’s money."

Qiang Hu looked coldly at Qingfeng and said in a loud voice.

He spoke with a loud voice every time he talked so that everyone could hear him.

"What? Qingfeng stole the company’s money?"

Xue Lin was confused and speechless.

She felt that Qiang Hu was going crazy. How could her husband steal money from the company? That’s complete bullshit.

"What evidence do you have?"

Xue Lin’s face became cold. She was unhappy because of Qiang Hu’s accusations.

The poor Qiang Hu thought that Xue Lin was unhappy because of Qingfeng and was secretly happy.

"CEO, we found the Finance Department’s 10 million deposit in Qing Feng Li’s drawer. Everyone witnessed it. You can ask them if you don’t believe me."

Qiang Hu smiled faintly and said while pointing at the surrounding people.

He knew that it would be impossible for him to fire Qingfeng by himself.

But if the hundred employees of the company called for Qingfeng’s resignation, no matter how protective Xue Lin was towards Qingfeng, she would not be able to resist the demands of hundreds of people.

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