My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 79: Ruyan Liu Wants to Be My Sister

Chapter 79: Ruyan Liu Wants to Be My Sister

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"Miss Liu, you are really beautiful today! You almost made me faint."

Qingfeng smiled gently and became an ass-kisser.

As the saying goes, complimenting can never go wrong. Women liked to hear that they were beautiful. However smart they were.

Qingfeng came here to negotiate the partnership with Ruyan Liu. But making some friendly contact before that will help him get some more advantages.

"Your mouth is really sweet. Did you eat honey this morning?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, feeling extremely comfortable and flattered by Qingfeng. She was in a great mood.

"Miss Liu, look at you. White and rosy skin, beautiful smile, limpid eyes ... you are such a natural beauty. My heart is beating fast just from seeing you."

Qingfeng complimented her again, making Ruyan Liu extremely satisfied.

"You are very sweet indeed."

Ruyan Liu looked at her charmingly and said with amorous feelings.

"Miss Liu, I am here to discuss the cooperation with you today. This is the contract. Take a look."

Qingfeng caught the chance, taking out the prepared contract when Ruyan Liu was happy.

Qingfeng smiled charmingly, took the contract and started to read.

"This contract does not work. Our corporation wants 90% of the revenue and the rest is yours."

When it came to business, Ruyan Liu went back to her iron woman identity, directly asking for the majority of the profits.

Damn, this is too avaricious.

Hearing Ruyan Liu’s words, Qingfeng frowned and curled his lips, feeling unsatisfied.

Because Qingfeng came, the CEO told him to ask for an equal share of profits when partnering with Ruyan Liu. Now Ruyan Liu wanted 90%. That naturally couldn’t work.

It was the first time he was doing something for his wife. He couldn’t screw up.

Moreover, the group of people in the sales department always laughed at him. He had to negotiate the cooperation with Ruyan Liu this time, and bring more profits to the company, proving himself to the people in the sales department.

"Miss Liu, pardon me for my frankness, but the profit you asked was too much. I could give you 50% at most."

Qingfeng shook his head, rejecting Ruyan Liu’s greedy demand.

He thought making friendly contact with Ruyan Liu and saying she was beautiful would bring more profit to the company. He didn’t expect that Ruyan Liu would be so ambitious.

No wonder Ruyan Liu could be the president of the corporation worth over 10 billion. With her bit appetite, it was hard to not succeed.

"I want 90% of the profit, otherwise, I will refuse to cooperate with you."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and said, unconcerned.

"Miss Liu, you’re hitting a man that fell into a well. You disappointed me."

Qingfeng slightly frowned and showed a touch of disappointment in his eyes.

He thought he and Ruyan Liu were friends, and the opposing party would agree on a cooperation of equal benefits. It didn’t occur to him that the opposing party wanted 90%. If he agreed, not only the would the Ice Snow Corporation not make a profit, but also could lose money.

Qingfeng knew that the Ice Snow Corporation had encountered a fracture in capital. If he couldn’t handle it properly, it would face bankruptcy. Young Master Chen and the other three family corporations also besieged the Ice Snow Corporation. It was reaching a critical point now.

What Ruyan Liu did would undoubtedly push the Ice Snow Corporation into great danger and cause it to never be able to recover.

"It’s fine if you want 50% of the profits. But you have to promise me something."

Ruyan Liu smiled slyly, and said.

The reason why she wanted an ambitious 90% profits was to get Qingfeng to fulfil more of her demands.

"Miss Liu, go ahead. How can I get you to agree on the 50/50 split?"

Qingfeng said faintly and showed some dissatisfaction in his tone.

"Very simple, as long as you be my gan brother (TL: in China, there are gan brother, sister, daddy, mommy, etc. almost like adopted brother, sister, daddy, mommy on facebook, but then sometimes there’s sexual favors). Then as a sister I will take care of you, giving you 50% of the profit."

Ruyan Liu smiled enchantingly and spoke out her thoughts.

In fact, all Ruyan Liu wanted was to be Qingfeng’s sister and have a connection with him.

"What? Be my gan older sister?"

Qingfeng was very confused and speechless. After all the fuss, Ruyan Liu didn’t want 90% of the profit, but to be his older sister.

He knew that a gan daddy, gan daughter, gan sister and brother sometimes had a special meaning. Especially gan daddy because that was basically a sugar daddy.

Ruyan Liu wanted to be my gan sister. Does she like me and want to seduce me. Qingfeng thought, a bit full of himself.

"Miss Liu, is it "F**k" sister or gan sister? (TL: Gan is also an informal way of saying f*ck in Chinese) These are two different meanings. Gan sister, you want to seduce me? You pervert. "

Qingfeng’s mouth slightly warped and came to understanding suddenly. The cunning vampire finally showed her intention.

"What, I want to seduce you?"

Ruyan Liu looked puzzled. Her eyelashes moved up and down. She really wanted to kick this guy. Don’t be so narcissistic.

I wanted to be your gan sister to team up with you. I didn’t expect you to think it the wrong way. "F**k" sister? I’m a virgin okay? Your mind is so dirty.

Now Ruyan Liu had tagged Qingfeng with "narcissistic".

"Don't be so narcissistic. I just want to be your sister, and I don't mean to seduce you."

Ruyan Liu rolled her eyes and was speechless. She was dumbfounded by Qingfeng’s narcissism.

"Ohh, gan sister. Now I agree. Can you give 50% of the profits to the Ice Snow Corporation?"

Qingfeng could only agree to Ruyan Liu becoming his gan sister for the good of the company.

Wife, it’s my fault. It was all for the company’s good. If I don’t agree to be her gan brother, she would take the profit away.

For the benefit of the company, I sacrificed my own moral integrity. I believe that my wife will praise me for how considerate and selfless I am, Qingfeng thought secretly.

"Well, since I am your sister, naturally I will take care of you. The contract goes according to what you said."

Hearing Qingfeng calling her his gan sister, Ruyan Liu’s beautiful face showed a touch of happiness.

She knew that she had established a close relationship with the guy in front of her, which made her a bit shy and surprised. Because this guy flirted with her just now.

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. Suppressing the shyness in her heart, she took the contract and sighed, then stamped it with the company’s seal. The contract officially came into force.

"Thank you, gan sister."

Qingfeng took over the contract, thanked her and was ready to leave.

"Hold on, gan brother."

"What’s up?"

"This is my first day as your gan sister. As a gan brother, shouldn’t you do something."

"What do you want me to do?"

Qingfeng had confusion all over the face, not sure what Ruyan Liu wanted.

He just finished the negotiation with Ruyan Liu. Naturally, he wanted to go back early and report to the president, not wasting time.

"I did you a big favor. You should at least buy me dinner."

Ruyan Liu looked at Qingfeng. Her charming eyes blinked and were extremely enchanting.

"Gan sister, you indeed want to seduce me."

Qingfeng glanced at Ruyan Liu gently and said narcissistically.

"The beauty wants me to treat her. She must want to sleep with me." He thought.

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