My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 78: The Little Beauty is Very Scared

Chapter 78: The Little Beauty is Very Scared

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"Qingfeng, you have been in the sales department for so long, but have not sold even one piece of jewelry. It is really shameful." Ping Wang smiled coldly. His eyes were smeared with contempt.

He was one of the top three in the sales department. Looking down on people who earned money without working was second nature for him. Of course, his opinion towards Qingfeng was also due to some personal reasons besides the fact that he didn’t sell any jewelry.

Ping Wang was Bo Wang’s cousin. The two had a very good relationship. When Bo Wang was the sales team leader, Ping Wang enjoyed an extravagant life, getting some grey income sometimes. In short, life was great.

But ever since Bo Wang was fired by CEO, Ping Wang didn’t lead an easy life. His extravagant life with his cousin was gone and so was the grey income.

It was because of the conflict with Qingfeng that Bo Wang was fired. So naturally, Ping Wang disliked Qingfeng.

When Qingfeng and Xiaoyue Zhang went to the KTV last time, it was Ping Wang who told his cousin Bo Wang about Qingfeng’s whereabouts. This guy was pretty bad.

"Do I know you well? What does it have to do with you whether I sold jewelry or not? Are you just too bored, or angry that your wife cheated on you so you are nitpicking me?"

Qingfeng smiled coldly and scolded Ping Wang mercilessly.

Hearing Qingfeng’s scolding, Ping-Wang’s face turned livid. This guy had such a sharp tongue.

"Qingfeng, our sales department looks at the work performance. You didn’t sell anything. This is a disgrace to our department. I, as a member of the sales department, have the responsibility to speak it out. Everybody, am I right?"

Ping Wang’s face was gloomy and said to the crowd around.

He wanted to occupy the moral high ground and get the people around to support him to attack Qingfeng.

Hearing Ping Wang’s words, the people around nodded, believing that he was right. Because Qingfeng really didn’t sell a piece of jewelry since he had been here for so long.

The Sales Department's main role was to sell jewelry. If you couldn't sell things, people naturally despised you.

"Ping Wang, I think your head was caught in the door. The Sales department is managed by the managers and department director. They didn’t even criticize me, but you are. Who do you think you are?"

Qingfeng’s words made Ping Wang furious. In terms of verbal warfare, Ping Wang was still far inferior to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng was like be Zhuge Liang from the three kingdoms, using his words to overrun the world and kill people through conversations.

"Go away, dumbass, go take a rest. Don’t interfere with my work. "

Qingfeng waved, not minding him and walking to his seat.

He had a lot of things to do today. The cooperation between the Ice Snow Corporation and Liu Corporation was in Qingfeng's charge completely. He had to review the content and materials of the cooperation between the two companies. He was too busy to respond to Ping Wang.

"Qingfeng, you dared to undermine me. I won’t forgive you."

Seeing Qingfeng concentrated on work, Ping Wang was furious in the heart.

It was work hours, so he could only scold in his heart. Then he turned back to his seat, getting back to work.

However, Ping Wang couldn’t concentrate the entire day and had been thinking how he could get revenge on Qingfeng.

A mean guy like him was very petty. If you scolded him, he would hold a grudge within. But it didn’t occur to him that it was he himself that first looked for trouble from Qingfeng. He asked for the insults.

"Big Brother Li, the president wants me to inform you to go to the Liu Corporation and negotiate the cooperation."

When Qingfeng just finished the materials of two companies, Xiaoyue Zhang’s slim figure walked in.

"Sister Xiaoyue, the Liu Corporation asked me to go now?"

"Yes, the president has agreed. Hurry up. The president said you must finish this task. You will get a reward completing the task. But if you fail, you are not allowed to eat."

"Sister Xiaoyue, tell the CEO, she has my word."

Qingfeng smiled gently, putting the materials into his handbag and walked out of the sales department.

"Wife, I will certainly finish the task for your reward."


Qingfeng smiled, walking out of the building. He stopped a taxi and drove to the Liu Corporation.

Half an hour later.

Qingfeng arrived at the Liu Corporation.

"Beauty, long time no see. Did you miss me?"

Qingfeng went to the receptionist and said, smiling.

The girl behind the reception desk wore a light blue professional skirt today, which matched her comely face, and looked very beautiful.

Qingfeng remembered it was this girl who received him last time he came for Ruyan Liu. When Li Wang wanted to give him a hard time, it was also this girl who told him to leave. She was a kind and beautiful little beauty.

"Ah, it’s you."

Seeing it was Qingfeng from last time, the receptionist’s beautiful face changed, feeling scared in her heart.

She clearly remembered that it was this man last time who defeated Li Wang and a dozen security. He was a violent guy so she was a bit scared.

"Beauty, are you afraid of me?"

Seeing that the comely pretty girl looked scared, Qingfeng was a bit speechless.

I’m a good-looking guy. What is there to be scared of?

"I, I, I am not afraid of you."

Although the little girl said she was not afraid, her nervous little face said otherwise.

She was really afraid of this handsome guy in front of her, but had to pretend she was not. That nervous and scared look was extremely cute.

"Little beauty, I came here for Ruyan Liu. Is she here?"

Qingfeng shook his head, not flirting with this little beauty. He was afraid that this little beauty would be frightened to tears if he spoke more.

"The president is waiting for you in the office. "

Little beauty looked nervous and said.

"Alright. Bye."

Qingfeng waved and left chicly.

When he turned around, he happened to meet the head of security department Li Wang. Seeing Qingfeng, Li Wang’s facial expression changed and he was so frightened that he turned around and escaped, like he was a mouse seeing a cat. He was afraid Qingfeng would beat him up again.

"Damn. Am I really that terrifying?"

Seeing Li Wang escaping right away, Qingfeng said awkwardly.

The little beauty nearby kept nodding, seeming to want to say "Yes, you are scary".

"Finally the violent maniac is gone."

Seeing Qingfeng walk into the building, the little beauty of the receptionist patted on her little chest and said in relief.

Actually, that guy looked quite handsome. If he wasn’t so violent and didn't beat up the dozen security guards, it would be great. The little beauty thought secretly.

Qingfeng came to Ruyan’s Liu’s office, knocked on the door three times before pushing the door open and walking in.

"Nice design."

Looking at the design of the office, Qingfeng praised it.

The office walls were all made of crystal and so were the chandeliers. Even the office desk was silver white.

"You’re here."

Seeing Qingfeng walked into the office, Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and stretched her body, showing her graceful curves.

"Miss Liu, you look very beautiful today." Qingfeng praised sincerely.

He felt that Ruyan Liu was extraordinarily beautiful today. Ger face was delicate, her lips were red, her eyes were like water, her skin smooth, and her figure graceful. She was charming with a hint of sexiness and very eye-catching.

She wore a long red dress, which accentuated her graceful figure. Under the dress was her snow-white calves. A pair of red high heels was on her exquisite feet. Charming and enchanting red.

Although the receptionist girl was beautiful, she was far off from Ruyan Liu.

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