My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 77: Wife's Intuition is Terrifying

Chapter 77: Wife's Intuition is Terrifying

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"Oh yeah, dear, I want to ask you something. I received a letter of complaint today. Huqiang Zhang of the security Department said that you assualted him. What happened?" Xue Lin frowned slightly and asked. She suddenly thought of the complaint letter she received today.

"That fellow was very arrogant and insulted me, so I beat him up." Qingfeng smiled lightly and seemed unaffected.

"Dear, he is the Head of the Security Department and his father is the Vice-President of the Company. Please don’t be so reckless in the future."

"Okay, I’ll listen to wife’s words. If he doesn’t come and bother me, I won't touch him again. Oh yeah, you didn’t agree to his demands to fire me right?"

"You’re my husband, how could I agree? If I fire anyone, it would be him." Xue Lin said with coldly.

She was very protective and would retaliate against those who dared to find trouble with her husband. If Huqiang’s father was not the Vice-President of the company, she would have told the guy to write a self-criticism letter.

"Dear, why can I smell a scent on your body."

Xue Lin inhaled and a flash of confusion appeared in her eyes.

"Wife, it’s the smell from the eggs and sesame oil." Qingfeng wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said guiltily.

The intuition of his wife was so scary; it made him nervous.

"Dear, why do I feel like it smells like a woman's perfume? Also, why are you sweating?" Xue Lin’s pretty face was filled with confusion. The scent was very similar to a woman’s perfume.

"Wife, you’re wrong. This is the scent of eggs and sesame oil. I’m kind of tired today, I’m going to rest now."

Qingfeng pretended to be tired and walked towards his bedroom.

It was such a close call. He almost got discovered. He patted his chest and felt his heart was racing from fear.

It was said that women had a sharp sense of smell. This statement was indeed true. Xue Lin could smell the perfume scent on his body.

Of course, the scent on his body was from Xiaoman Lu’s massage.

"Is it really the scent of sesame oil and egg?"

Xue Lin’s face was confused and her eyes were filled with suspicion.


Jade Finger Emperor Spa

"Oh my god, it’s 10 thousand Yuan?"

Xiaoman Lu took out her phone and looked at the transaction history. Her innocent face was stunned.

She had just received the text message for the transaction. She thought that Li would give her a few hundred Yuan in tips. To her surprise, the message said that she had received 10 thousand Yuan.

"Big Brother Li, thank you." Xiaoman Lu’s face was filled with gratitude.

She knew that with the 10 thousand Yuan, her mother could undergo the operation tomorrow. She could even find the best doctors to perform the operation for her mother.

Her mother could be saved! Naturally, she was thankful towards Qingfeng. The second day, the day was sunny. It was different from the moody weather yesterday. The ground was warm from the heat from the sun.

Qingfeng woke up very late because he was exhausted yesterday. He had used the "Penis-Empowering Nine Needles" to treat Young Master Zhang and used up a lot of his energy.

But, after a night of rest, his energy was replenished and he was once again filled with energy. His recovery power was always very strong. After cleaning up, Qingfeng did not have the time to eat breakfast. He immediately headed towards the company.

Even though his speed was very fast, he was still late for work since he woke up late.

"Big Brother Li, you’re late again. Xiaoyue is sad." Xiaoyue looked at Qingfeng with a slightly angry face, and she was a little upset.

She wore a set of pale yellow clothes today. Her breasts were very big and almost escaped from her shirt, it made her seemed more feminine. She wore a pair of silver heels and showed off a portion of her pale white calves which everyone had noticed.

She was a beauty so she looked good no matter what she wore.

Xiaoyue Zhang was a good and responsible employee. Furthermore, she was the team leader of the Sales Department and responsible for the attendance of the employees.

Qingfeng had already been late for many times. This placed her in a difficult spot. According to the companies’ rules, employees who were late would get their full-attendance bonus taken away. But she was close with Li and did not want to deduct his bonus.

"Sister Xiaoyue, I promise I will not be late again." Qingfeng smiled faintly and promised Xiaoyue.

"Big Brother Li, you’ve said this to me many times. But you are still always late."

"Sister Xiaoyue, give me another chance. I promise this is the last time." Qingfeng used his techniques to charm women. He held onto Xiaoyue Zhang’s hands and said pitifully.

"Big Brother Li, we are at work. Don’t be like this." Xiaoyue Zhang’s face flushed and she was flustered. How could Big Brother Li hold onto her hand during work? It would be bad if anyone saw them. Ah, so embarrassing.

"Sister Xiaoyue, your hand is so soft." Qingfeng held onto her soft hand and did not want to let go.

"Big Brother Li, go to work. Don’t be late next time." Xiaoyue Zhang’s face was flustered and she rushed Qingfeng to work. Even though it felt nice for Qingfeng to hold her hand, she was scared that others would see them.

"Okay, Sister Xiaoyue, I’m going." Qingfeng stroked Xiaoyue Zhang’s palm and happily went off to work.

His daily morning flirting with this pretty girl made his life more interesting.

"Hmm, it’s been a day. Why is Qingfeng still not fired?"

"That’s right. I heard yesterday that the Head of Security Department, Qianghu Zhang, filed a complaint against Qingfeng to get him fired."

"Maybe his dismissal has not been announced. He angered the director of the Security Department. It must be over for him." Everyone was surprised and curious when they saw Qingfeng enter the Sales Department. They started to discuss animatedly.

"Hey, fellow colleagues, you all seem to want to see me fired."

Qingfeng frowned with displeasure and said.

This bunch of wicked fellows disliked him from his first day. They seemed afraid that he would steal their clients and did not even welcome him properly. Now that he had met some trouble, they started gossiping nonstop.

"Hmph, Qingfeng, you angered the director of the Security Department. You will be fired soon." Suddenly, a young man with cropped hair stood up and said with disdain.

"What’s your name? Do I know you?" Qingfeng smiled coldly and retorted.

"You…" When he heard that Qingfeng did not know his name, the cropped hair young man was angry and loudly said, "Let me tell you. My name is Ping Wang, I am one of the top three salespersons of the Sales Department."

There were 9 employees within the Sales Department. Every month, there would be an evaluation to see their individual performances. Those who sold more jewelry would receive rewards. If Ping Wang could be one of the top three salespersons, he had some skills.

But Qingfeng could tell that Ping Wang seemed to dislike him. This made him confused. I don’t even know you, why would you hate me?

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